Union vs Unions

VW to go to U.S. court to keep 160 Tennessee plant workers from UAW

This is a fascinating story as it is not the typical corporation vs union story. It is more European union vs American union as the European unions that have organized VW have 9 of 20 seats on the VW Board and the company does nothing without that support.

Previously, the VW Board had approved of UAW organizing the company, as a whole along the lines of how it is done in Europe with a “works council” comprised of employees, management and union representatives.


Why Volkswagen is helping a union organize its own plant

Of course the UAW is putting the best spin on it they can, that the UAW is actively pushing the idea, but, as always, it’s a people thing to get their foot in the door and then change things to suit the UAW’s needs, i.e. money and power

But the UAW wants to have it both ways, a Works Council and handle all collective bargaining like an American union because just being part of the Works Council cuts into the union power and ability to impose the union’s will.

The VW Board even greased the skids for the UAW to organize, saying to just go ahead, you don’t need a vote. The UAW wanted a vote and was rejected by the employee. The next UAW attempt at organizing (the skilled trades) was rebuffed by the Board (the euro unions) as, “not in the company’s best interests at this time” (must be a plant wide works council or nothing without UAW collective organizing).

UAW wins legal battle to hold union vote at Chattanooga VW plant

The NLRB ruled in the UAW’s favor and the skilled trades voted in favor of UAW representation, but VW said “no”, they wouldn’t negotiate. The UAW said, “aw, c’mon, you have to negotiate” and that is where that stands . . . . till now, with the UAW stymied.

The UAW doesn’t have enough leverage to strike and make it meaningful and risks losing the skilled trades and alienating the Euro union VW Board members. VW is going to court to invalidate the UAW effort and the union is sitting there saying, to the VW Board, “aww, c’mon, give us this little piece so we can get our dues money and look relevant again”.

VW to go to U.S. court to keep 160 Tennessee plant workers from UAW

I would imagine the union members of the VW Board are sitting there shaking their heads wondering how the UAW stays in business since they greased the skids and the UAW blew it. Then the UAW didn’t listen when the VW Board said organizing the skilled trades was a bad idea and went against the company interests.

The UAW thought it could get it’s own way on it’s terms and turned a bird in hand into crow that they are eating. I think the UAW would better trying to organize the union representation on the VW Board. Even if the UAW wins the skilled trades battle, it will lose the war with the Euro unions. The Euro unions want to extend their influence into the US at the UAW’s . . . . and all US unions . . . . expense. 

Union vs Unions, it’s like the comic, “Spy vs Spy”, except it is 9 vs 1.



Unions and greenmail

First there was this article . . . . “Union demands driving railcar jobs out of California, Japanese firm says”

Where a Japanese company providing well paying jobs and providing for their people with good benefits was strong-armed by the union protection racket, “play ball with us or we will put you out of business”. The union leverage? Violations of state environmental law.

Then comes this follow-up article . . . .” Japanese firm plans to build light-rail cars in L.A. area after all”

The company gave in and allowed union activities. The violations of state environmental law, well that is “moot”. The union only cared about people’s welfare to get what they wanted. Once accomplished, to hell with those people.

Blackmail, extortion, greenmail? It’s becoming a common labor tactic

There is this article . . . . “Why did this teacher’s union ban Coca-Cola?”

The union blames human rights violations, but the more likely cause is subcontracting instead of hiring permanent employees. Want to bet if Coke plays ball the human rights complaints allegations will be “moot”. The union will have it’s money and that’s where the caring starts and ends.

Unions use to be about the common man and making their life better. Now unions are about themselves. They feel no matter how well you’re doing, you need a union. But do unions really care about you? How soon will you become “moot”.

Unions are at the core of the disappearing middle class. Unions can’t grasp basic economics or people. Wages go up, prices go up. But people want cheap prices which means automation and/or finding cheap labor in other countries. That means the jobs that the middle class filled are gone. 

Unions blame government and big business but the truth is in the mirror for unions and all unions are left with is strong-arming companies for scraps and dreams of the old days when unions rode across the sky. Now they ride as the Four Horsemen