The End of Modern Politics

If Hillary had been elected, the same digging for dirt and impeachment sentiment would be happening. So the pursuit of dirt on Trump; grin and bear it. Call it a witch-hunt or modern politics, but we are stuck with it to its natural conclusion, which could be the end of modern politics.

Robert Mueller, as Special Counsel, has sweeping powers to investigate, which would include both political parties and their principals along with the intel community apparent undermining of Trump. Come is known for taking copious notes, so what does he have about Obama, Holder & Lynch that WILL come out? Mueller use to be Comey’s boss and will know his habits and be able to play him like . . . . a recording device.

No one could be above being investigated – Trump, Clinton, Sanders, the RNC & DNC and the entire ilk we love to hate. It may be drain the swamp after all and we will see a lot of people with brooms and rugs and a sudden end to opposing Trump – or a lot of people indicted for abuse of power and obstruction of justice. There will be a bi-partisan cry of “witch-hunt” by Labor Day 🙂

Think of it, the only viable political parties could wind up being the Libertarians and the Greens – and I would hope a party of independents would form.


The Presidency No One Can Get Behind

In 2012, the Tea Party said Romney was not “their type of candidate”, didn’t vote for him, and got Obama re-elected.

For 2016, the people that the Tea Party crossed, sometimes referred to as “RINO’s”, are saying Trump is not their kind of candidate and won’t vote for him.

The Tea Party members and those that think along the same lines are saying, “this is not fair”.

To them “fair” means not getting their way and sound no better then a Dem whining like a spoiled 13 yr old trying to get their way without earning it.

Just as Obama’s arrogance created the Tea Party, the Tea Party has created a backlash with the arrogance of the Tea Party failing to support Romney and living up to their promise of getting rid of Obama.

Trump keeps running a bluff of running as an independent and the RINO’s are calling that bluff and saying better anyone but Trump, even Hillary, and it’s not a bluff and Trump knows it and you can sense his desperation, his cry of, “this is not fair”.

The ironic part is how many Dems don’t want Hillary and they will have a choice of supporting Hillary or Trump. The devil must be laughing his ass off. God is on God’s side and God decides what part we play in God’s plan and no one is immune.

It is all people dealing with people and what goes around comes around . . . . and that is fair. 

Unions belong to the 1%

““While we come from different unions and backgrounds, our goal is a government that carries out the will of the people, not prop up the profits of the 1 percent at the expense of the rest of us,” reads a letter on the group’s website that already has 1,109 signatures.”

Unions are not about the “will of the people”, but the will of the unions. Unions are part of the 1% just as corporations are and want the same things driven by self-interest and greed and use the same, if not worse, heavy handed tactics. And like the ultimate goal of a corporation, unions want monopoly control to enrich a few at the expense of the many.

Union members make good money, live in nice houses in pirate neighborhoods. They constantly look for ways to use other groups to leverage more money for unions, like the burger flippers. 

To the homeless, the impoverished and those living in projects, the lives of union members looks damn good and those people, the homeless, the impoverished and those living in projects, ask the union members, “where is your fair share? All you do is take and not give.”

Where are unions when it comes to training people and helping them get jobs. The unions wait till you’ve spent yourself into debt, then unionize you and take more money from you. Is it any wonder unions are obsolete? They are looking out for themselves all the while protesting the represent the common man; they represent, they ARE the middle class while forgetting the role of business being part of the middle class.

Unions have become elitist and are no different from corporations – just as greedy, corrupt and hypocrites