The tyranny of the education system

Teachers are people and start, just like anyone else, as kids. They remember their lives as kids and say to themselves, “when we grow up it will be different” and then when grown they implement those changes . . . .

That kids are just miniature adults and if you treat them as adults they will act like adults

That kids don’t need punished

Kids are special, each and every one rather then showing how they are special

America has now spent 40 years of letting the teachers prove they are right and have only proven how wrong they are. It is time to take back control from the inmates who say, “it’s for the children” and hold them hostage to get more money rather insist on money for the children to have smaller classes, more teachers and schools closer to where the kids live.

At a minimum, the school superintendent cannot be a former teacher and perpetuate the boy network and has to be broken up. They has to be genuine oversight rather then rubber stamp school boards that get hoodwinked by school administrators taking care of debts to teachers. There should be an investigative arm of the school board that looks into the validity of proposals for the best value and best effect.

Teachers resemble their kids to a great deal and want all the latest toys and if one teacher gets something then they all want it. Quit spoiling teachers and turning them into brats, it’s time they grew up, became adults and really did it for the kids. Teachers are not there to be liked; they are there to turn kids into adults

There are good teachers who are dedicated to their profession and then there are careerists there for the check first. And regardless of the reason for being there it’s time that teachers didn’t have to work ungodly ours and get a schedule that gives them time with their family.

It’s time to really fix the education system, not with ideology, but common, unbiased sense. It’s time to look up instead of down; time to look beyond just the next day. More teachers, smaller classes, more schools, outside control and get back to basis and rebuild from the ground up.

I have seen the textbook for English class used in the 40’s that English teachers couldn’t pass nowadays and what passed for an 8th grade education then would easily be a 2 year degree today. But each generation would say, “that was too hard, it needs to be easier so kids can understand” and each successive generation has dumbed down the school textbooks to their level of understanding – and dumbed down America

It has become that schools are educating kids to work for America Inc and make it’s rulers powerful. What ever happened to educating kids and letting them find their place?


Higher Ed and Employment

Having read this article  makes me realize why I dropped out of college. I spent two years of doing what the university told me I had to do and what was best for me and it wasn’t. The requirements to get into the classes you wanted are just employment for teachers – teachers that aren’t needed but guarantee university budgets.

Much as been made of the military-industrial complex but no one talks about the education complex and it’s self-interest and self-perpetuating practices that cause people to drop out because the university insists you take classes where you just spin your wheels, like English 101 or lectures that offer nothing but rote instruction and lose interest. 

Public universities whine about budget cuts when they should be eliminating useless classes and redundant teachers. 

My great regret about the great recession is it was the last chance for 50 years to reform the education system and all people did was hunker down and doge rather then comforting the problem. Teachers say, “it’s for the kids” when it’s all about the teachers and their careers. It is not education that is scared, it’s the jobs.And it’s not like teachers can’t find other teaching jobs – there are plenty available. It’s about giving up a cushy job.

And ask a teacher about budget cuts and they will say cut someone else’s budget. Budgets for the poor, the homeless, the hungry? Teachers don’t care as long as they don’t suffer. NIMBY has become NIMBI (not in my best interest)

This is a fast paced world and universities need to pick up the pace.

Immigration and Citizenship

“Clinton To Call For ‘Full And Equal Path To Citizenship'”

It should be remembered that Hillary Clinton was in the Senate when George Bush tried to push through a comprehensive immigration reform in 2005 and she didn’t support it. The only Dem senator that did support it was Harry Reid. That legislation was rebuffed because it meant the GOP would score points with potential immigrant voters and the Dems wouldn’t.

So when Hillary Rodham Clinton intends to draw an early distinction with Republicans on illegal immigration, it should be remembered she was one of those who blocked it ten years ago only out of self-interest.

It is time the hypocrisy and self-serving goals end and the pursuing the common good start again


Immigration Reform

Not to be forgotten is that President Bush attempted immigration reform during his years in office and it was the democrats in Congress that blocked and killed the attempt.

And when Pres. Bush was going to use executive orders to implement what changes he could, it was, again, the Dems that said “no”, it’s unconstitutional, you have to work with Congress” Pres. Bush agreed and backed off in hopes of working with the Dems. We all know how that ended.

And now this . . . .

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And this . . . .

“So, it was ok for the last 4 Republican Presidents, but it is not okay for Obama? Is it because he is a Dem? Or because he is black? Or because American people have become so cold and callous? Or is it because people have become so full of hated of anything good? It ain’t because of the vets because the vets aren’t gonna go pick fruits and vegetables in the fields, or cut your grass or do other DDD jobs for minimum wage.”

First off, it’s about service and putting, literally, life and limb on the line so that America can have ungrateful leaders like Obama

To answer the questions of the quote:

It Was Ok For The Last 4 Republican Presidents, But It Is Not Okay For Obama?

So it’s ok the last two Dem presidents didn’t do anything about immigration?

Is It Because Obama Is A Dem?

Could be, but Obama is one of those that opposed Bush’s attempt at immigration reform. Did he do it because Bush is a Republican? More like karma – what goes around, comes around.

Is It Because Obama Is Black?

Only the liberals seem to be concerned with skin color. Perhaps they are closet Klan members. The rest of the nation judges people on merit and ability, which is suppose to be the American way.

Did Obama oppose Bush because Bush is white?

Or Because American People Have Become So Cold And Callous?

No, it’s because Americans have become cynical of political opportunism

Or Is It Because People Have Become So Full Of Hated Of Anything Good?

No, they still support things that are good . . . . of the common good. Not self-serving, one-sided “good”.

It Ain’t Because Of The Vets . . . . – Vets aren’t going to provide cheap labor for the liberals. They won’t mow their lawns, trim the hedges, be their housekeepers. Those vets have spent time learning to be skilled labor. They have worked their way up from nothing to something. They are something more then unskilled labor and they should have first shot at the jobs Obama wants to fill with illegal immigrants. The people that argue for immigration reform, all they see is cheap labor.

Do the liberals see people? No, they see color of skin or gender, not ABILITY

Do the liberals see people? No, they see ways to enslave people to their views

Do the liberals see people? No, they see votes

Do the liberals see people? No, they see cheap labor to keep them comfortable in their big, expensive house.

Can the liberals open their mouth and appeal to the better side of human nature rather then engage in base acts of bigotry, hatred and guilt?

It should be noted that people see in others what they are themselves. So when you see or hear someone spewing the ugly vitriol that Dems so commonly use (or anyone), you should ask yourself, “is this what I want to be part of, is that what I want to support? And, most importantly, do you want to be that type of person or something better?