Chicago, The Real Fake City

46588507 chicago october 10 2015 welcome to chicago sign at the exit from o hare international airport in ch


Unions and greenmail

First there was this article . . . . “Union demands driving railcar jobs out of California, Japanese firm says”

Where a Japanese company providing well paying jobs and providing for their people with good benefits was strong-armed by the union protection racket, “play ball with us or we will put you out of business”. The union leverage? Violations of state environmental law.

Then comes this follow-up article . . . .” Japanese firm plans to build light-rail cars in L.A. area after all”

The company gave in and allowed union activities. The violations of state environmental law, well that is “moot”. The union only cared about people’s welfare to get what they wanted. Once accomplished, to hell with those people.

Blackmail, extortion, greenmail? It’s becoming a common labor tactic

There is this article . . . . “Why did this teacher’s union ban Coca-Cola?”

The union blames human rights violations, but the more likely cause is subcontracting instead of hiring permanent employees. Want to bet if Coke plays ball the human rights complaints allegations will be “moot”. The union will have it’s money and that’s where the caring starts and ends.

Unions use to be about the common man and making their life better. Now unions are about themselves. They feel no matter how well you’re doing, you need a union. But do unions really care about you? How soon will you become “moot”.

Unions are at the core of the disappearing middle class. Unions can’t grasp basic economics or people. Wages go up, prices go up. But people want cheap prices which means automation and/or finding cheap labor in other countries. That means the jobs that the middle class filled are gone. 

Unions blame government and big business but the truth is in the mirror for unions and all unions are left with is strong-arming companies for scraps and dreams of the old days when unions rode across the sky. Now they ride as the Four Horsemen