Who is God?

Have you ever considered who God is? Not what, but is, as a being, as an entity, because God is not now, nor ever was a person.

Supposedly we were made in God’s image, so that should give us a clue, but it is a mask, like the curtain the wizard hides behind except what is behind this curtain is more, not less, then the image we see.

Everything about a human being is driven by hormones and body chemistry. The way we judge, the way we love, the way we hate, the way we do everything is influenced by the chemistry of our body. But God has none of that.

To say that God makes choices based on cold, hard logic is true but inaccurate. Extend the idea of “angelic compassion” to God, but in larger terms, and you have some idea of who God is. Out of love for the whole, great wrongs can be done to the individual.

Think of all the badd – and good things – that can happen to a human being and how we rail against what we perceive as injustice those wrongs. But if God came to you and told you that your suffering could help your children, their children and so on, would it seem such an injustice?

To illustrate, think of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) and the spin-offs. How many, many kids had to die before one mother took up the cause and rallied other mothers to take up the cause to save more lives then were ever lost. Were those deaths senseless and needless? They were certainly tragic, but they were necessary to find that one person, to motivate that one person, to do something.

And how many, many other times has the death of someone been that final motivator to stop some action that was cruel, wanton or vicious? A baby dies at birth sends out ripples of change. A friend dies and your world changes. Sure you’re mad and angry and you take it out on the world, but you settle down and vow that their faith and trust in you will be honored and never forsaken.

We are all just one part of a greater whole, and regardless of God’s plan, we can be there for one another