The Hypocrisy of the Nanny State

1969There seems to be an ongoing refrain from the left that people don’t know what is good for them and need the left to tell them what that is and how to live. All the while, those same people on the left want to be able to live their lives as they see fit and not have anyone tell them what to do or how to live.


The left needs to be wanted because they are filled with guilt and insecurity. Not all; not a lot of us, are that way. We are adults fully capable of leading responsible lives. We paid attention in class. 

Now, with the election of 2014 over, these same liberals are explaining away the results, as people don’t know what’s right and need the left all the more. This, to me, means that the left will by hook or crook or coup make sure they can everyone else how bad off they are to justify what the left has done. There is no integrity, no honor, no nothing except the ends justify the means to their motives.

Call them fascists or communists . . . . either is true because what they, the liberals, believe in is totalitarian government with them in charge. They are the intellectual elite with a god given right to rule over the lesser.

If this was the French Revolution, the liberals would be ones the wrong side of the barricades and waiting in line for the guillotine

President Obama has shown this to a finite degree – arrogance, indifference, pettiness and lack of accountability. Pres. Obama would’ve made a great stand-in for Louis XVI and Michelle Obama a stand-in for Marie Antoinette, but instead of cake, it’d be something healthy.

The liberal answer is to decimate any moral authority and replace it with their own authority. This explains why the attack on Christianity. It’s an easy target that has compromised itself and is corrupt. Moral authority must be moral to begin with . . . . and the liberal ideology does not meet that standard either let alone ethical behavior.

But Christians are no better insisting on decreeing how people live their lives. You can’t force morality and ethics, people have to come to it own their own. Same for religion, people will find their own way and don’t need a Jesus or a Mohammed. All people need is a bit of learning about the values espoused by NUMEROUS prophets. As Judaism points out, there is no one source of learning and that the sources are never ending, which Christianity would like to squash.

What it comes down to is no one wants to be told what to do by anyone and that is the force of darkness we all combat.

We are God’s Children and like children we grow up with lessons from our elders and we learn our own lessons and convert education into experience; knowledge into realization.

What God expects of us is to grow up and take our place in the community. To share what we know without imposing it on others, to live a responsible life and to use common sense.

As liberals would do to religion, so must they do with themselves. To BACK OFF and run your their own life and not try to run anyone else’s. It’s what you (liberals) want for yourself and to get it you must be willing to give it. Or else expect the same heavy-handed ways you use to be used on you.

I for one am tired of this bubble wrap life that the left insists on. People were meant to take risks, to go out and explore and to lead humanity to a better existence. Not to cower in the corner like cowards afraid of their own shadow.

Share with me and I will share with you.

Try to tell me how to run my life; question my morals and ethics, and I would just as soon stuff you in the trash can of history to be forgotten and ignominious in the pages of humanity’s existence.


I cry FREEDOM!, not slavery to the left. Long live the revolution, the revolution the left sold out for greed and becoming part of the 1%