Guns, ethics, morals and the left

as·sault and bat·ter·y
the crime of threatening a person together with the act of making physical contact with them.


1) verb
make a physical attack on.

2) noun:
a physical attack.
“his imprisonment for an assault on the film director”
synonyms: battery, violence; More

as·sault ri·fle
a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use.

Assault weapon

The origin of the term has been attributed to legislators, gun control groups, the media, and the firearms industry itself. It is sometimes conflated with the term “assault rifle”, which refers to selective-fire military rifles that can fire in automatic and / or burst mode.

The legal term, “assault and battery”, is the legal basis for the term, “assault”, which essentially means to provoke someone and “battery” is the actual contact. But the legal concept seems wrong and people have “adjusted” the original noun for a different noun supplemented by a verb.

The same thing happened with “assault rifle”. And assault rifle is used in combat and is fully automatic unlike civilian “assault rifles” which are single shot; one shot, one pull of the trigger.

In the “adjusted” version of the noun, “. . . . the term assault weapon refers primarily to semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns that are able to accept detachable magazines and possess one or more other features.”

That is a political term, not a legal one though written into law. There are many political agendas written into law which may be why so many people are disgusted with the law and the way it seeks to entrap people.

“If a reasonable person finds something wrong, then it is wrong and to be corrected in concert with others through statute or trial in the simplest manner possible with awareness of the spirit of the law.”

But I diverge . . . . what are termed “assault rifles” in the civilian world, can only be termed such because they can assault another person. But that opens a can of worms as any rifle is an assault rifle. The term can be extended any weapon that can inflict harm on another whether it is deadly or not. A pistol, a knife, and umbrella . . . . and as with the original term, badmouthing someone, which is becoming an increasing issue of college campuses with students insisting on no bad language that diminishes them, like calling someone a dork.

The term assault rifle was started my soldier wannabes and picked up by the gun industry because it sounds “sexy” and sold rifles to people. Then anti-gun people picked up on it because it made those rifles sound more menacing and suited their agenda. But in all this the real problem is ignored – people.

Since the end of WWII, every generation has tried to make life easier for the next so that the next generation wouldn’t have to suffer as their parents did, and it has worked – too well. It has gotten to the point where the most recent generation feels entitled to whatever they want and not subject to punishment; free to do as they wish.

That could be handled if it was just one generation, but the attitude is contagious. It becomes, “if they can do it, so can I”. In providing a better life for our kids, a lot of parents failed their kids and forgot to teach them reasonable behavior based on ethics and morality. But ethics and morality are so boring and limiting, so why should our kids be stuck with outdated rules like we were?

And teachers, being parents and of the same mind, spread that throughout the education system and now we have thin-skinned kids wanting special treatment they don’t deserve and haven’t earned.

To paraphrase Bill Clinton, “it’s the people, stupid”. Teach ethics and morality and enforce it equally and gun violence will be much less a problem though it won’t go away because psychopaths will still exist.

And for those that want to twist my points and say it’s just religion, remember this, the teaching of ethics and morals pre-dated religion and are the basis of philosophy since ancient times. Religion hijacked the concepts to enhance their power as the final arbitrators of responsible behavior. The attack on religion nowadays by liberals is not about improving the lives of people. It is about assuming the mantle of final moral authority to dictate people’s lives . . . . and they do that by ignoring cause (people) and concentrating on effect (guns).


Bernie Sanders and Redemption

There are a lot of people that support Bernie Sanders for president, but why? Various reasons but at the core, I believe, one reason – redemption.

The hippie generation got what it wanted – power. They had come to the conclusion the only way to change the system was from inside, and they did change the system and at the same time the system changed them because they forgot one thing in their idealistic, self-righteous zeal – that they are people with all the same needs as other people and subject to corruption.

Of course the hippies rationalized and justified that such would not happen to them. To quote and earlier age, “God is on our side and our strength is the strength of a hundred because our heart is pure”.

But as time went by they got comfortable with well paying jobs, nice homes and families to support. Their ideals went from the common good to whatever was good for everyone as long as they profited. They temporized that they were being pragmatic to include everyone in their grand schemes. They were being realistic in their goals and that it would take time to change the system forever.

And in the course of time, the hippies, the liberals, gained power, position and became corrupt. Those hippies became the very thing they protested against. They became “The Man”, “The Establishment” and worse of all, “Big Brother”. If you doubt, look at the excesses of liberals during the Obama administration. The unparalleled expansion of NSA spying to virtually every citizen in the United States, the use of the IRS to suppress opposing views and the unheard of restrictions of the Freedom of Information Act.

The hippies had protested heavy-handed government, government spying, a repressive moral atmosphere – and now, as the establishment, they support such things. They want to replace current moral authority with their own moral authority, which is the same as the last moral authority, but with a different master.

Those people, those hippies, have done great damage setting civil rights back 50 years using the principle to alter standards to preserve their power by suppressing those that oppose them. But, of course, those hippies say, “it’s for the own good, we know better because we are intellectual elite”.

The hippies look around and see how corrupt they have become having sold out their ideology, their principles, their ethics and their morals. They willingly sell out family and friends by cold bloodedly manipulating them so they can remain relevant and have their life mean something rather then coming to terms with their own inadequacies having hooked their identities to a job or position rather then being part of the whole, as they were during their younger days protesting when they would give their “Our Lives, Our Fortune, Our Sacred Honor” for one another much as soldiers do for their buddies. Then, back then, they knew “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” and they thought it would last forever.

It didn’t, they are people just like any other and the hippies won’t admit it, they can’t admit because it means they were wrong and their lives are a lie.

Now Bernie Sanders comes along advancing ideas that the hippies had sold out – the share and share alike, overthrow the establishment, make the rich give up their wealth, make corporations more “socially responsible” – all the while not applying it to themselves, their benefactors and only to those that oppose them, those that oppose their moral ideals.

And that is CORRUPTION and leads to totalitarianism because that is the only way to make what the hippies want to work. Call it fascism or communism, its all the same.

The hippies have replaced the “bad old system” that let them thrive with one to be sure their system; their desires are never replaced, never supplanted. The Who lyrics, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” are but illuminating and prophetic . . . . “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss”

The statement, “question everything” starts with one’s self. You can achieve honesty and understanding of all around you if you do, but you have to be brutally honest and prepared to implement that understanding and you will find you will always support what is right and never need to seek redemption in the form of Bernie Sanders or “To A God Unknown”


Never trust someone who wants to do “what is best for you”, because it’s what is best for them.







Free Trade Deals Work Too Well

The idea behind free trade deals the US makes with other countries is that the standard of living will be raised in those other countries and in turn will buy more stuff from the US. And that is what happened until greed kicked in – everyone’s greed.

As an example against free trade agreements is Mexico and that manufacturing is down. At one time it was going up, Mexican workers had more money and were buying more at home and in the US. They had more money because wages went up which drove prices up. But the manufacturers needed low wages to stay competitive in the US market where everyone wants low prices and high wages, which is how jobs headed overseas or were automated.

Now there is the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement which will work just as NAFTA did, transient prosperity followed a decline to a level lower then it was before.

So success or failure?

Each free trade agreement should automatically become part of previous free trade agreements to eventually achieve global free trade, because getting a global agreement, all at one time, would be impossible. But there would be no place to hide from “genuine” price increases instead of “artificially” created low ones.

For free trade to work, it must be global without restriction and each nation become a component of the whole. I’m not talking world government, just nations working together like people work together to achieve a goal. It won’t achieve world peace,  but just maybe some tranquility by getting people to talk to one another.

And there must be a caveat that no nation can infringe on another as Russia has done in Georgia and Ukraine without UN approval. Every nation must be left to itself to work out it’s problems, that’s how lasting solutions are created. America wasn’t suddenly the America we know today, it took a hundred years and one massive civil war along with several smaller ones.

(no, I don’t like the UN, but it’s the best we have)


In one of those odd moments, a thought occurred to me. But first, some background.

It seems the extreme left have adopted the tactic that if you challenge them or contradict them and use facts, they are OFFENDED and tell you that you should be more sensitive to their feelings.


Stupid is stupid and it doesn’t matter who is saying it. These “liberals” will rag on you right and left and being sensitive to your feelings is no where to be found. Of course you don’t know what is good for you and they do and are just trying to help.

This is nothing more then being an apologist for the left and supporting big brother – the same big brother that they opposed in the hippie years of the 60’s and 70’s. But it seems what was bad then, is good now – now that they run big brother.

To put it in perspective, yesterday’s Nixonites, today’s Obamaites. And just as sensible and moderate.

These people say being called liberal is a compliment, to my mind this is an insult to good people that are liberals; people that care and put themselves out for others. Who live their lives setting a good example instead of telling others how to live their lives.

There is the alternative of using the title “progressive”, but that’s misleading because these are te people that would take us into the past of big brother intruding into our lives at every turn – NSA, IRS and God knows what else, without restraint, without morals, without ethics and with the only consideration being their own self-interest.

It would be more correct to call these people “regressives”

But is there a simple tag that easily describes these . . . . posers? Yes, and oddly enough it is codified already based on the opposite of a described behavior and the colors used to denote the Dem party and the GOP party.

We are all familiar with the term “Rednecks” and what it denotes.

And now we have . . . . BLUENECKS.

I am use to the non-southern version of redneck, which is basically any person who works with their hands out in the open and their neck gets burnt, hence “redneck”. They work hard, are devout and would help or share with anyone. They can be absolutely trusted and are loyal to a fault.

Bluenecks are the polar opposite of rednecks. They want to have everyone else do the work and they reap the rewards, like royalty of old with the God given right to rule unrestrained. They can’t live their own lives so they tell others how to live theirs. Greed, hatred and loathing are marked characteristics along with immaturity. They are known for throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way . . . . think a 13 yr old.

The bluenecks are also opportunists who will say anything, claim they are anything that benefits them and serves their self-interest first, foremost and always. Everyone else is just sheep to them to be fleeced

To be clear and repeat, there are good and decent people who are liberal and NOT bluenecks. People to be respected and trusted. The only way to tell the difference is, “by their deeds, you will know them”.


So simple and precise . . . . bluenecks

The Hypocrisy of the Nanny State

1969There seems to be an ongoing refrain from the left that people don’t know what is good for them and need the left to tell them what that is and how to live. All the while, those same people on the left want to be able to live their lives as they see fit and not have anyone tell them what to do or how to live.


The left needs to be wanted because they are filled with guilt and insecurity. Not all; not a lot of us, are that way. We are adults fully capable of leading responsible lives. We paid attention in class. 

Now, with the election of 2014 over, these same liberals are explaining away the results, as people don’t know what’s right and need the left all the more. This, to me, means that the left will by hook or crook or coup make sure they can everyone else how bad off they are to justify what the left has done. There is no integrity, no honor, no nothing except the ends justify the means to their motives.

Call them fascists or communists . . . . either is true because what they, the liberals, believe in is totalitarian government with them in charge. They are the intellectual elite with a god given right to rule over the lesser.

If this was the French Revolution, the liberals would be ones the wrong side of the barricades and waiting in line for the guillotine

President Obama has shown this to a finite degree – arrogance, indifference, pettiness and lack of accountability. Pres. Obama would’ve made a great stand-in for Louis XVI and Michelle Obama a stand-in for Marie Antoinette, but instead of cake, it’d be something healthy.

The liberal answer is to decimate any moral authority and replace it with their own authority. This explains why the attack on Christianity. It’s an easy target that has compromised itself and is corrupt. Moral authority must be moral to begin with . . . . and the liberal ideology does not meet that standard either let alone ethical behavior.

But Christians are no better insisting on decreeing how people live their lives. You can’t force morality and ethics, people have to come to it own their own. Same for religion, people will find their own way and don’t need a Jesus or a Mohammed. All people need is a bit of learning about the values espoused by NUMEROUS prophets. As Judaism points out, there is no one source of learning and that the sources are never ending, which Christianity would like to squash.

What it comes down to is no one wants to be told what to do by anyone and that is the force of darkness we all combat.

We are God’s Children and like children we grow up with lessons from our elders and we learn our own lessons and convert education into experience; knowledge into realization.

What God expects of us is to grow up and take our place in the community. To share what we know without imposing it on others, to live a responsible life and to use common sense.

As liberals would do to religion, so must they do with themselves. To BACK OFF and run your their own life and not try to run anyone else’s. It’s what you (liberals) want for yourself and to get it you must be willing to give it. Or else expect the same heavy-handed ways you use to be used on you.

I for one am tired of this bubble wrap life that the left insists on. People were meant to take risks, to go out and explore and to lead humanity to a better existence. Not to cower in the corner like cowards afraid of their own shadow.

Share with me and I will share with you.

Try to tell me how to run my life; question my morals and ethics, and I would just as soon stuff you in the trash can of history to be forgotten and ignominious in the pages of humanity’s existence.


I cry FREEDOM!, not slavery to the left. Long live the revolution, the revolution the left sold out for greed and becoming part of the 1%


There are no absolutes

In nature; in the universe, there is balance to everything, a Ying and a Yang:

God/The Devil




And if an imbalance happens, nature will step in and restore balance.

Democrats hate the Tea Party for a variety of reasons. But without Pres Obama the Tea Party wouldn’t exist. So where does the responsibility lie? And the only thing that keeps the Tea Party going is Pres Obama and the Democrats that favor the president. Remove what the Tea Party is fighting and you remove the Tea Party

Nature works both ways, giving and taking

Join the (new, peaceful) Revolution, Main



We have an elitist few masquerading as Democrats and liberals, who say they are “progressives” when they are regressives. They disgrace the good names of liberals and Democrats who have gone before them with an ideology that is foreign to the American Way they are so fond of quoting. These few seek to shackle and harness the American spirit and way for they own ends to gain and retain power in perpetuity.

They have done this by trampling on our Civil Rights, our privacy and the tenet of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. These elitist few would have us believe these are outdated concepts that mast be adjusted for the modern reality. That we are out of step, when it is them that are out of step. They are the new fascists, the new communists, the ones that would have a totalitarian government run by them, by them and, most definitely, BY THEM

I have known one such, who said to me,  “we have our plans” (genuine quote)

It is time to finish the Flower Power Revolution and throw these cretins out of office and establish standards so we never suffer the likes of them again


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