The Evil of Collectivism

All entities – commercial, political, labor, religious – are no different from one another. They seek to eliminate opposition and become a monopoly to control the levers of power.

Government is not an entity in and of itself since it is composed of various elements of entities. Like technology, the entity is amoral of it’s self and requires human beings to determine it’s course

Although referred to as an entity, each of these elements – commercial, political, labor, religious – are people and can be understood as such. The entity is not a faceless blob though individuals compromising the collective will use the size of an entity to palm you off on someone else as they feel necessary

The goal of the people composing the entities is to protect themselves first, commonly referred to as “career”. Common good is only a by-product when it serves the greater good of the entity or careers of the people of the collective.

Each person is only a component of the entity from the highest to the lowest and to effect change, an entity must be reasoned with as a group of individuals who have the power to effect change.

The people of the collective entity seek to exploit the individual for the collective good at the expense of the individual. And depending on the nature of the political entity, such as capitalistic or socialist, the level of protection from seizure of life, property or fortune varies.

The entity, through its members, seeks to create a dependency on the entity; that no one can do without the entity and too big to fail. Such is called “enabling” much as drug pusher enables addicts and those addicts become dependent.

The entities encourage becoming a better member of the collective but crushes individualism as it threatens the ego of the less capable and the careers of the established. And that is when ethics and morality matter and why people matter – all people.

Don’t oppose something because it doesn’t suit your worldview or your greed. Oppose what is wrong and support what is right regardless of what you want to believe.

Everything is all about one person and each and every person is that person