Pope: Europe Can Handle Refugees

Pope calling for a bold strategy to deal with global migration, says Europe can absorb refugees.

The Pope is from the Jesuit branch of the Catholic Church. The Jesuits are noted for their intelligence and education – they are not just believers, they are knowers. But this Jesuit, this Pope, is not a knower, he is naive and ignores the past, especially that of Christianity.

All you have to do is look at the history of Christianity and how it swarmed over the world wiping out indigenous cultures and religions and replacing those with that of Christianity. And in that age, that age when Christianity took over, Christianity used many of the sane techniques that Islam does today – torture, forced conversions, killing unbelievers. History is clear on this.

The end result was Christianity became the dominant religion across several continents – Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia and created deep wedges into Asia.

And now Islam and the refugees from Islamic nations are doing that to Christianity and the Pope is fine with that. The Pope thinks Christianity can withstand the corruption of itself and remain true to itself and it’s culture.

But he’s wrong, Christianity, especially in the form of the Catholic Church, has sacrificed its moral authority in endless scandals stretching back not just years or decades, but centuries. This is reflected in western society and it’s people’s opting out of organized religion for “none” and choosing a course of spirituality and a one-to-one relationship with God because the leaders of organized religion no longer represent us and the only truth they tell is to serve their own interests and hide their crimes.

All the Pope can do, what any religious leader, can do, is say, “believe in us” without giving you anything to believe except words and never solutions.

The Pope berates people for the callousness towards climate change, when he offers no changes on the part of the Catholic Church and all he does is listen to warped media reports from people looking to make money and the Pope forgets, ‘money is the root of all evil”. Perhaps the Pope will take note that the people warming of global warming were predicting global COOLING and a new ICE AGE in the 1970’s

The Pope has access to the scientific leaders of the world to form an independent and accurate opinion of climate change and take an honest look at the churches, the cathedrals, the Vatican and how ecologically obsolete those buildings are and should be replaced. Then move on to real solutions like fuel cell cars that eat pollution here and now rather then depending on renewal energy that relies on expensive batters that takes so very much water to make. There is also the other half of the solution, fusion reactors that can turn deserts into forests and eliminate all the waste in the world by recycling. The Catholic Church could pay for this, but they hoard what they have to serve their own ends rather then that of humanity like they preach.

Organized religion has failed us, is it any wonder we want a new way clear of the obstructions between God and us? That we fulfill God’s plan and grow from being His children to being adults.


Who is God?

Have you ever considered who God is? Not what, but is, as a being, as an entity, because God is not now, nor ever was a person.

Supposedly we were made in God’s image, so that should give us a clue, but it is a mask, like the curtain the wizard hides behind except what is behind this curtain is more, not less, then the image we see.

Everything about a human being is driven by hormones and body chemistry. The way we judge, the way we love, the way we hate, the way we do everything is influenced by the chemistry of our body. But God has none of that.

To say that God makes choices based on cold, hard logic is true but inaccurate. Extend the idea of “angelic compassion” to God, but in larger terms, and you have some idea of who God is. Out of love for the whole, great wrongs can be done to the individual.

Think of all the badd – and good things – that can happen to a human being and how we rail against what we perceive as injustice those wrongs. But if God came to you and told you that your suffering could help your children, their children and so on, would it seem such an injustice?

To illustrate, think of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) and the spin-offs. How many, many kids had to die before one mother took up the cause and rallied other mothers to take up the cause to save more lives then were ever lost. Were those deaths senseless and needless? They were certainly tragic, but they were necessary to find that one person, to motivate that one person, to do something.

And how many, many other times has the death of someone been that final motivator to stop some action that was cruel, wanton or vicious? A baby dies at birth sends out ripples of change. A friend dies and your world changes. Sure you’re mad and angry and you take it out on the world, but you settle down and vow that their faith and trust in you will be honored and never forsaken.

We are all just one part of a greater whole, and regardless of God’s plan, we can be there for one another

In God We Trust

In God We Trust – it is the saying printed on US money. But what it doesn’t say is whose God, mine, yours, theirs. It is assumed it is the God of Jesus, who is the God of the Jews and, whether they like it or not, the muslims, since they acknowledge Abraham, who was/is very much Jewish, as they patriarch and justify their claim to Israel through him.

The only people who should have a problem with it are atheists and if their values are what they say, why do they care or even notice? 

So . . . . “In God We Trust” is the God of us all without regard to, or recognizing, any religious sect

And Christmas displays, skip it being about Jesus since it is what God is about and just put up a star, or a candle, in humble recognition.

Having Faith

You’re not an atheist just because you don’t believe in organized religion. And you’re not agnostic if you believe in God. You believe in God but reject a one-and-only prophet (Christianity or Islam) that is the only way to heaven and redemption.

The organized believers would damn you and your soul for not believing as they believe and thinking like they think for it’s not about questioning their faith, it’s you causing them to question theirs.

If you have to constantly praise God and the prophet of the organized religion then your faith is weak and you’re actually praying you’re right. Having true faith and believing comes from the heart and cannot be shaken or taken from you. You don’t have to wear it on your sleeve.

The posers only want to tell you how to run your life when they cannot even run their own. They set half thought out rules for people to live by, like abortion and homosexuality, without even understanding why; they have no awareness and don’t want it because it causes them to question what they are doing.

“Blind” faith is not blind; it’s prejudicial and even bigoted in some case whether the beliefs are right or left, religious or atheist. These people are happy enough to tell you how to live your life but tell you where to put it when it comes to being told how to run their lives.

There are people who don’t have anything to believe or have faith. They are not “lost” – they just haven’t found their place to stand. Religion is something to believe in because it’s so vague that you have to take it on faith and pretty soon that faith spreads to your own personal efforts. These people cannot be dictated to, but you can stand up and say, “I believe and this is why” and let these people find what they need.

Teach, don’t dictate.

I grew up with Christian beliefs and I have grown past them because, for the most part, Christianity is hollow. The core beliefs? All Jewish. Christmas and Easter? Holidays already popular and hijacked from other cultures to earn favor and gather power. The Bible? Edited to preserve a single point of view of the writers.

You go before God and God denies you entry to heaven

You ask why and say you followed Jesus’ teaching and had faith and were obedient

You tell God He owes you as if a debt was created thru blind faith and obedience

God tells you, “ those weren’t My words and not my desire”

God says no one speaks for Him or binds him

God says you failed to understand what was desired.

God says you are His children and He wants you to grow up, to find your own way and to become an adult and stand with him. Childhood does not last forever and to think otherwise is deceiving yourself.

God reminds you that His Word begins with Judaism and those teachings; that prophets are never ending so that humanity can learn and grow and be able to stand beside God the way angels do. Jesus was just another in a long line of prophets.

God tells you failed His Will to grow, question and learn the way a child does a parent and tosses you out of heaven as unworthy.

One the way down, you can be heard crying, “but I believed! You owe me!!”

God’s punishment is living your life over and over again till you develop awareness and you’re good enough to join God. And no shortcuts by suicide, the only one to decide is God and you can’t fool Him though you fool yourself.

The moral of this soliloquy – you cannot buy your way into heaven, you have to earn it. Earning it comes from understanding and awareness, not blind obeisance and believing what others say God’s Word is.