This IS Global Warming

Night San Francisco


Clean up the air as much as you want, but trapped heat is only AN EFFECT. The cause is heat generation and there is all sorts, but the worst offender are the cities and the extravagant use of lights . . . . lights to highlight buildings and bridges for one thing. There is necessary lighting like street lights and indoor lighting. But the more you use, the greater the load on generation and the more heat caused.

Cities act as heat islands that change weather patterns, also.  

Cutting down on heat generation is A MUST, along with re-planting trees to soak up the CO2 so many people worry about. The use of wood needs to be stopped and replaced.

Want to clean up the air NOW? Drive fuel cell cars . . . . not only do they generate their own power unlike EV cars, they EAT pollution and reduce it NOW! EV cars just transfer the heat and pollution problem to central power plants that have to generate more power, and more heat, to charge EV cars.

The problem with global warming is not in the air, it is AT YOUR FEET! Cities need to be torn apart and re-done with more open space and trees. It will cost a lot and won’t happen quickly. But nature will solve the problem if people don’t by getting rid of people – ALL THE PEOPLE.

To date, the solutions offered have been shortsighted, self-serving and based on greed – even the environmental faction lining their pockets with grant money for their pet projects. There is nothing more pathetic then a research scientist drooling over funding or anything more vicious then a research scientist protecting their funding.

Honest science, inclusive of all views, with all options on the table based on the common good and not self-interest. Don’t forget that the people today crying about global warming are the ones in the 70’s crying about a new ice age. Bring honesty back to science and fix the problem RIGHT!


The West Is Burning

Harry Reid, like a lot of liberals, has completely failed to think their argument through.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is pleading for more spending on fire prevention as his home state of Nevada endures widespread wildfires, and says “climate change” is to blame for the devastating blazes.

“The West is burning,” Reid said Wednesday.

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First point . . . . Reid is just now noticing that the west has forest fires? And how devastating they can be? Where was he when New Mexico had it’s historic fire a couple years ago? Where was he during all the forest fires of the past few years after the Clinton administration cut funding for fire prevention?

Harry, this is your indifference coming him to roost. Plus a lack of understanding of how nature works

Second point . . . . if global warming is really at fault, the smoke clouds help block the sun’s rays and cool the earth. Again a lack of understanding how nature works.

In conclusion . . . . can’t you just be honest, Harry, and tell people you’re doing your job securing funding for your state and it’s residents? It’s ok, it’s understandable . . . . but, oooops, I forgot, you’re a politician, Harry, honesty isn’t in your nature