Being Devout

If what you believe in is wrong, then it could be fake and you’re supporting the fake-ness in the world.

But that’s where faith comes in. Things that you believe can be quantified and measured, faith is indivisible, emotional and not based on logic. Faith is the knowing what you believe in is right even in the face of equally compelling viewpoints (God is on my side).

I believe in facts and honesty (to thine own self be honest) and I have faith there is a God and God gives me the strength to believe in facts and honesty because God is God and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, there is only the reality of what is.


Being right is about more then believing you’re right. It’s about being right regardless. The truth may not be what you can believe or accept, but it remains the truth regardless of what you believe or accept.

The world is flat, the earth revolves around the sun – people believed this at one time but they were wrong and it was corrected. Nowadays we wonder how they could have been so blind except such still happens on a lesser, non-cosmic scale.

The devout will put belief ahead of fact but that doesn’t excuse it. Facts must build belief, not the other way around lest we go sailing off the edge of the earth.

To be devout does not require or mean religion. It is something you fully believe in to the exclusion of all else.


Dishonoring Mohammed and Bringing Shame to His Name

Images of the Prophet Muhammad Are Banned by the Islamic Faith — and Here’s Why

Unlike Christianity, in which Jesus is considered God’s son and, thus, worthy of worship, Muhammad is considered a mere man and is not entitled to that level of adoration

Mohammed is not entitled to adoration by Islamic law, he is a “mere man”. It is to be remembered then that “mere mortals” make mistakes even with God – the one God of all religions – trying to help us.

So Muslims have to come to terms that, though perhaps wiser, he is a human being just like anyone else. And his decisions, his words, bear the same scrutiny and critical review – even more so – then the common person. And, as shown, the pen is mightier then the sword or otherwise Charlie Hebdo wouldn’t have been attacked. By attacking, muslims have shown the failure of their beliefs.

If you have faith then what others say doesn’t matter. If you have faith, then you don’t have to prove it, you just live it. If you no faith, then you force others to believe as you do so you can feel that you’re right. Mohammed would know this.




This pencil will long outlive the murderers in Paris and will write their obituaries and epithets. And now those murderers face their God for their slander and shame of casting doubt on His Name and His Will. They go to meet their fate –  jahannam (the Muslim hell) for they are evil-doers


When you wear faith on your sleeve, that’s not faith, that’s hoping you’re not wrong

Religion, patriotism . . . . anything. Faith comes from the heart and the louder you are, the less confident you are and just looking for others to shore up your value system. 

But there is a reason for people to come together who share the same values – to build. Whether it be a barn or a protest, but it is with humility not egotism that it is done. 

So when you have someone having to show how much faith they have, pity them, for their faith is weak and they are lost. But it is up to them to come to you, not you go to them. You are a port to welcome weary sailors

Moral Authority in America

Christianity is under attack in America for one main reason: Moral Authority

By default moral authority as been part of conservative ideology for a very long time. But now liberals are gang-pressing to get that authority for themselves not as part of religion but as of a political agenda to re-shape America.

Liberals will tell you they are tired of being told what to. In actuality they want to be able to tell people how to live their lives and make it stick. They replace God with the power of the state, “you will have no God before the government (of liberals).

Oddly enough it is Christians who have helping the most in this shift of power.

1 – Nowhere in the Bible does it say when Jesus was born

2 – Which beggars a question, why doesn’t it? The Bible has everything else about Jesus’ birth.

1 – It doesn’t say when, because it doesn’t matter when

2 – Faith is built on trust that is built on truth. If someone is not being true and honest then you have nothing to believe. Considering the significance of Christmas and that Christianity is built on it, it matters. It means that the Bible was edited to suit the perceived need.

2 – And if it doesn’t matter then the holiday doesn’t matter

The upshot of that conversation is truth is irrelevant to faith. And if truth conflicts with that faith, then faith is right because a person believes. Morality and ethics are given over and good intentions become the path to hell.

Belief superseding fact is a people thing and not limited to religion. But religion (Christianity) is suppose to set moral standards and be a moral authority. But with just Christmas alone, it is known that the Bible had Jesus date of birth edited out, the holiday of Winterfest/Saturnalia hijacked and given over to Jesus birth.

Then there is all the corruption and depravity that is coming to light. It goes back decades (centuries?) and has been covered up and some long known. It’s Christianity’s dirty little secret and perhaps was part of the reason for the Protestant Reformation that even “decent” people didn’t discuss but let continue happen. It makes Christianity look like Sodom and Gomorrah

To me, the exchange with a devout Christian acknowledges that Christmas is not about Jesus, but about the spirit. Which means the words “Merry Christmas” is incorrect. But the politically correct “Happy Holidays” is incorrect, too. To lump it together and honor the real reason would “Happy Winter Solstice” and the holiday “Winterfest”, to celebrate the rebirth and renewal of all that is good. It also honors, rather then disrespecting, all of a person’s ancestors back to the beginning of time and not the manipulation and power mongering of one religion.

Christians say, “and the truth shall set you free”, but they will not face up to the truth of the facts, some in the Bible. Just because you lie to yourself, telling others those lies doesn’t make them true and causes those others to scorn you and question everything you say regardless of if some is true. It is like telling one lie and anything true you say will be disbelieved. There is great truth in the Bible hidden behind the editing the authors of the Bible did to gain power and influence in the shortest time. Which in itself reveals a lack of faith. If they had true faith, then they would’ve known they’d succeed in time.

Christianity continues to marginalize itself.

It’s finding your own heart and you will find your faith and the spirit. That is the truth that will set you free.

Find your own heart and you will find your faith and the spirit

I am not an atheist – I believe in God existence

I am not an agnostic – I know God and have faith

I am not a Christian – I reject the tenets of guilt and manipulation

I am responsible – my mistakes are my own

Jesus did not die for my sins, he died for his own

Jesus is not the only path, nor does he decide. God does

Mohammed is not the last word on God because God has not spoke. All we have are people saying they speak for God.

Christianity and Islam are, by their own admission, splinter groups of Judaism

Christianity and Islam are based on lack of faith. If they had something better, they don’t need the Old Testament to justify their existence.

Organized religion is not needed for morality and ethics – those existed long before. Morality and ethics are the rules people have to live in harmony and religion only repeats lessons learned.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are just extra layers of bureaucracy, “an administrative policy-making group” that inserts itself between humanity and God to tell people how to live that serves their interests rather then God’s.

There is only one God and he has not told us his name.

People have faith because they believe – believe so hard it must be true

I have faith because I have experience – I died and was revived.

When I died was no white light, no prophet of any kind. But God did come to me. I know this as a child knows a parent, there is no mistake. And when I was revived, it was like the first breath a baby takes.

Drugs, sweat lodges and hysterical belief reach into you and give you back yourself, like an echo. It frees your mind up, like LSD, to be who you are. But it is not reaching out to God

In my life I have had many mind altering experiences that seemed to impart good ideas. My time dead and then revived was unlike that. I just knew that God reached out to me.

This doesn’t mean I look down on organized religion. people need faith, and irrational kind of faith that can’t be justified, to get through what would otherwise break a person. But if they truly had the faith they say they do, they wouldn’t need to build monuments to their prophet or version of God. True faith comes from the heart and is something that you don’t need to talk about unless it is to help someone searching for their faith. And then that is one-on-one.

Find your own heart and you will find your faith and the spirit. You don’t need anyone to speak on your behalf to God, God is there anytime, everywhere when you want to reach out.

When you hear someone yelling how great their God is, remember the Shakespearian quote, “I think he doth protest too much”

Having Faith

You’re not an atheist just because you don’t believe in organized religion. And you’re not agnostic if you believe in God. You believe in God but reject a one-and-only prophet (Christianity or Islam) that is the only way to heaven and redemption.

The organized believers would damn you and your soul for not believing as they believe and thinking like they think for it’s not about questioning their faith, it’s you causing them to question theirs.

If you have to constantly praise God and the prophet of the organized religion then your faith is weak and you’re actually praying you’re right. Having true faith and believing comes from the heart and cannot be shaken or taken from you. You don’t have to wear it on your sleeve.

The posers only want to tell you how to run your life when they cannot even run their own. They set half thought out rules for people to live by, like abortion and homosexuality, without even understanding why; they have no awareness and don’t want it because it causes them to question what they are doing.

“Blind” faith is not blind; it’s prejudicial and even bigoted in some case whether the beliefs are right or left, religious or atheist. These people are happy enough to tell you how to live your life but tell you where to put it when it comes to being told how to run their lives.

There are people who don’t have anything to believe or have faith. They are not “lost” – they just haven’t found their place to stand. Religion is something to believe in because it’s so vague that you have to take it on faith and pretty soon that faith spreads to your own personal efforts. These people cannot be dictated to, but you can stand up and say, “I believe and this is why” and let these people find what they need.

Teach, don’t dictate.

I grew up with Christian beliefs and I have grown past them because, for the most part, Christianity is hollow. The core beliefs? All Jewish. Christmas and Easter? Holidays already popular and hijacked from other cultures to earn favor and gather power. The Bible? Edited to preserve a single point of view of the writers.

You go before God and God denies you entry to heaven

You ask why and say you followed Jesus’ teaching and had faith and were obedient

You tell God He owes you as if a debt was created thru blind faith and obedience

God tells you, “ those weren’t My words and not my desire”

God says no one speaks for Him or binds him

God says you failed to understand what was desired.

God says you are His children and He wants you to grow up, to find your own way and to become an adult and stand with him. Childhood does not last forever and to think otherwise is deceiving yourself.

God reminds you that His Word begins with Judaism and those teachings; that prophets are never ending so that humanity can learn and grow and be able to stand beside God the way angels do. Jesus was just another in a long line of prophets.

God tells you failed His Will to grow, question and learn the way a child does a parent and tosses you out of heaven as unworthy.

One the way down, you can be heard crying, “but I believed! You owe me!!”

God’s punishment is living your life over and over again till you develop awareness and you’re good enough to join God. And no shortcuts by suicide, the only one to decide is God and you can’t fool Him though you fool yourself.

The moral of this soliloquy – you cannot buy your way into heaven, you have to earn it. Earning it comes from understanding and awareness, not blind obeisance and believing what others say God’s Word is.

Cancer and Faith

Cancer is merely the aberrant creation of cells in the body that are inimical to a person’s continued existence. Although there are many different typings of cancer, it is this aberrant creation that defines cancer at it’s base. Sources are many and varied with both naturally and artificially sources. Unprocessed fruits, vegetables and other food sources both unprocessed and processed. There is also artificially occurring sources such as man-made toxic elements. Awareness of susceptibility and understanding of causes are key along with moderation where appropriate.

Nothing “gives” you cancer, it happens because we are human and susceptible to dying one way or another

As we all get older, it’s what some face already and others will face soon enough. For some it is their faith in science that will carry them thru. For others it will be their faith in God. Never deprive someone of something they need or make fun of when they are hurting, so share your faith regardless what type it is. All we really have is each other.

Cancer is a fact of life and not something be afraid of – you can’t prevent it but you can deal with it with dignity and courage so those around you are not as scared. I have been living a death sentence since I was 17 and was drenched in pesticide for three days. I face cancer of some kind and a horrible death, but I have quit letting it scare me.