Did the Russians help Trump? No, they helped themselves and they are continuing to do so

Did the Russians help Trump? No, they helped themselves and they are continuing to do so. There is this news report of Putin again interfering with America not to support Trump, as it might seem, but to pit one side against another and cause civil war.

To me, it seems Putin doesn’t really care who is president as long as he can turn Americans against one another to create a vacuum in the world that Russia can exploit. If Hillary had been elected the revelations would have continued till America was wrapped up in her impeachment.

And Trump, he’s not safe from Russian meddling, just read about Huey Long. It won’t be Russia that does the deed, apparently, but it will be Russia nonetheless. Though liberals might welcome that, they won’t welcome the consequences of persecution and imprisonment en masse.

Trump won the election fair and square, Hillary’s mistakes go back decades and Obama putting loyal Dems out of work gave Trump the election. Messing with ballot boxes was too trivial – and traceable – for Russia. It was people’s heads they wanted to mess with and create lasting dissension, civil war and the breakup of the US and he IS WINNING as long as people let it last.

The solution is recognize what is happening, put the past behind us and unite. We need to see that the extremism that the right and left has brought us – and quite possibly the world – to the destruction of everything.

Without a return to moderation and common sense the world will wind up in a nuclear war that will take care of all the problems. Each of the world’s players think they can control the chaos but people are not that easily controlled and there is a lot of anger that remains unresolved.

Make peace or face nuclear winter – it’s not a choice, it’s a responsibility


Why Hillary Lost (hint, it wasn’t the Russians)

I recently read where a celebrity (will they ever get a clue) pointed out 75% of America did not vote for Trump, which is true enough but not completely honest. 75% of America did not vote for Hillary either.

Looking at the adult population total – 242,470,820 and that each candidate got roughly 60,000,000 votes (yes, I know Hillary got more, but I said ROUGHLY) there is the 25% for each and the 75% that didn’t vote for either.

Going into the election, it was obvious that each candidate had a lock on 20% of the vote (total between the two of 40% locked up) and that there 60% of the vote to be had to determine who won. Of that 60%, each candidate only managed to get 5 PERCENT of that 60%.

What did Hillary do? She appealed to the locked in base and rarely ventured beyond them, which was the big cities. She attempted, as she did in 2008, that she was invincible, that it was her due and if you selected her, you’d get your due and it would be more of the same, but with polish.

She forgot what 2008 meant – she lost. For me it was the deplorables comment. I wasn’t going to vote, but she shot her mouth off about people who are my friends who I know to be good and decent and I voted for Trump. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was the decision Clinton made for me.

What did Trump do. He appealed to his base and then went out and expanded it by going everywhere and doing it several times. He drilled his message in and appealed to the disadvantaged that the Democratic Party had left behind with their, “we know what is best for you” attitude and put them out of work without any corresponding effort to create jobs and trusting to the market (liberals trusting the market, ha!) to put those people to work.

The 5% that elected Trump were DEMOCRATS tired of their party’s ineffectiveness and not thinking things through (or maybe thinking it through and the affects were deliberate) and not taking care of their people. The first rule of a good leader is “take care of your people” and Obama didn’t and they took Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s failings out on Hillary.

Hillary was no innocent and the Russians didn’t make those choices for her since being fired from the Watergate committee in 1973 and the repetitive mistakes that led to scandal after scandal since. It just took pointing out her character, which covered 40 years that she couldn’t be trusted. Clinton is a recidivist that can’t be rehabilitated.

Biggest mistake was handling the Sanders supporters and betraying them as soon as she had Sanders endorsement. The Sanders supporters were saying the same things about Clinton as did the right and they “voted” with their feet away from Clinton . . . . and worse for Sanders if he ever runs again for the feeling those supporters have of being sold out for gain by Sanders.

Ask those people about Obama, and his fellow Democrats, that he put out of work, why they voted as they did.

When voting, people vote emotions, like the Sanders supporters or they vote their pocketbook like the disaffected Democrats. The Sanders people, except the sheep, stuck to their beliefs and either didn’t vote or voted for Jill Stein.

The Democrats, that slim element, in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which gave Trump the win, voted their pocketbooks that ANY POLL should of caught. And Trump has delivered, doing more in one month then Obama did in 8 years, which has to be embarrassing and proves that Obama was never qualified to be president because he-just-couldn’t-deliver and never learned how.

Obama did prove that just anyone could be president and opened the door for someone like Trump.

So why the emphasis that the Russians defeated Clinton?

Everyone (the liberals at least) thought they had a “sure-thing” and, of course, they had to be cheated like all the losers throughout history that bet on a sure-thing and they cannot come to terms they cheated themselves by picking a better bet.

So, the future, what does it hold for the Democratic Party? There is the example of the Occupy: Wall Street movement, which imploded because everyone wanted to follow what they thought was the “right” goal and no one could achieve consensus – and you can already see this in the Democratic Party attempt to recover. You have gender rights, black rights, hispanic rights and all the other groups through the rainbow spectrum each attempting to gain control.

What do the Democrats need to recover? They need Donald Trump – a populist who can go out and do revival tent shows and drum up support from the doubters. But for Trump and any populist is the lesson of Huey Long.

Will Trump succeed? No. Will the Democrats succeed? No. The saying “empire follows the sun” is true, but it is not just America’s day in the sun that has passed, it is the whole planet. There is a new day coming, but a new dark age first. People’s greed made it so and that is the one thing you can count on.

So who did Hillary in? Partly herself, partly Obama, partly the Democratic National Committee. Each forgot that when you stick your head in the sand, people can still see that (you’re) ass.

If the Democrats want any legitimacy going forward, they will need to admit they lost and that it was their own fault, otherwise the cries of illegitimacy will come back to haunt them just like the Obama years already have.



The Hypocrisy of the Nanny State

1969There seems to be an ongoing refrain from the left that people don’t know what is good for them and need the left to tell them what that is and how to live. All the while, those same people on the left want to be able to live their lives as they see fit and not have anyone tell them what to do or how to live.


The left needs to be wanted because they are filled with guilt and insecurity. Not all; not a lot of us, are that way. We are adults fully capable of leading responsible lives. We paid attention in class. 

Now, with the election of 2014 over, these same liberals are explaining away the results, as people don’t know what’s right and need the left all the more. This, to me, means that the left will by hook or crook or coup make sure they can everyone else how bad off they are to justify what the left has done. There is no integrity, no honor, no nothing except the ends justify the means to their motives.

Call them fascists or communists . . . . either is true because what they, the liberals, believe in is totalitarian government with them in charge. They are the intellectual elite with a god given right to rule over the lesser.

If this was the French Revolution, the liberals would be ones the wrong side of the barricades and waiting in line for the guillotine

President Obama has shown this to a finite degree – arrogance, indifference, pettiness and lack of accountability. Pres. Obama would’ve made a great stand-in for Louis XVI and Michelle Obama a stand-in for Marie Antoinette, but instead of cake, it’d be something healthy.

The liberal answer is to decimate any moral authority and replace it with their own authority. This explains why the attack on Christianity. It’s an easy target that has compromised itself and is corrupt. Moral authority must be moral to begin with . . . . and the liberal ideology does not meet that standard either let alone ethical behavior.

But Christians are no better insisting on decreeing how people live their lives. You can’t force morality and ethics, people have to come to it own their own. Same for religion, people will find their own way and don’t need a Jesus or a Mohammed. All people need is a bit of learning about the values espoused by NUMEROUS prophets. As Judaism points out, there is no one source of learning and that the sources are never ending, which Christianity would like to squash.

What it comes down to is no one wants to be told what to do by anyone and that is the force of darkness we all combat.

We are God’s Children and like children we grow up with lessons from our elders and we learn our own lessons and convert education into experience; knowledge into realization.

What God expects of us is to grow up and take our place in the community. To share what we know without imposing it on others, to live a responsible life and to use common sense.

As liberals would do to religion, so must they do with themselves. To BACK OFF and run your their own life and not try to run anyone else’s. It’s what you (liberals) want for yourself and to get it you must be willing to give it. Or else expect the same heavy-handed ways you use to be used on you.

I for one am tired of this bubble wrap life that the left insists on. People were meant to take risks, to go out and explore and to lead humanity to a better existence. Not to cower in the corner like cowards afraid of their own shadow.

Share with me and I will share with you.

Try to tell me how to run my life; question my morals and ethics, and I would just as soon stuff you in the trash can of history to be forgotten and ignominious in the pages of humanity’s existence.


I cry FREEDOM!, not slavery to the left. Long live the revolution, the revolution the left sold out for greed and becoming part of the 1%


Election Day 2014

It is Election Day and like Christmas, this is the time for forlorn wishes of better things to come. 

I am not wishing for Congress to be replaced completely like some – not all are up for re-election.

I am not wishing that Pres. Obama be impeached, because while he does not serve the best interests of this nation, I don’t want to see him become a martyr. I want him to be seen for what he is, a kid with a chip on his shoulder out to punish all.

Obama came to office wanting to punish everyone for not seeing how great he was when he was younger. There is no part of America or it’s people that have not felt his wrath. Civil rights have been set back at least a generation and the economy is schizophrenic and can’t make up it’s mind because of the uneven way the recovery was handled of trying to have everything instead of prioritizing.

What I want, because I am an independent, is to see a return to moderation led by the independents of American by having the independents come together to support one another and see like-minded candidates elected. Not so much form a political party, just a way to get candidates on the ballot and provide a support mechanism to get the vote out.

I believe in moderation in all things or else bad things happen . . . . and in the case of the political system, the left has finally radicalized the right to the point the right IS the left in terms of willingness to do the nasty. And example is the Tea Party . . . .  if it hadn’t been for the arrogance of Obama and the Dems in Obama’s first two years as president, there wouldn’t be a Tea Party. You don’t screw people over and expect to get away with it.

And it is the left, not just Obama, that bear the weight of what they have done. Without the support of the left, Obama couldn’t have done what he has. And now, when the radicalized right gains power again, they will follow their creed and “do unto others as you would have them done unto you” and extract their pound of flesh and all you will hear is whining from the left, not concrete solutions to problems. 

Barack Obama and his fellow travelers have set some very bad precedents going forward. Those precedents will be used against the left, eventually, and the left will say that’s not fair, we (the left) can do it but you (the right) can’t because we (the left) are the good guys. “Not fair” is just another way of saying “we didn’t get our way”, because “fair” is value received for value given and they are not giving any value, they are taking it. 

So my wish is a return to moderation before it is too late, though I suspect it is. History teaches us the outcome if the trend continues – Civil War.

Romney and the Right

There were two groups that got Pres Obama re-elected – the people that voted for him and the people that didn’t vote for Mitt Romney. This may seem like the same people but they aren’t. 

One statistic that stood out after the election was that Obama had more of his supporters vote the what should’ve for Romney. These people that didn’t turn out for Romney were the right-wing that wrung their hands over Romney not being “their kind of” candidate. He just wasn’t extreme enough for them.

The people that didn’t vote for Romney only have themselves to blame for Obama being re-elected. Rather then get out and vote they hung back and said I can’t vote for Romney in good conscious, which is BS. They put their own good over the common good and passed on the last chance to elect a moderate and turn back the tide of extremism. The Republican Party has learned their lesson, they have to be just like the left-wing. 

Right-wing, left-wing they are all the same, all they want to do is tell people how to run their lives but just have different views about how people should act. If these people are so good at running other people’s lives, why is it their lives are so screwed up?

It’s Election Night, Let The Conspiracies Begin

It’s Election Night, Let The Conspiracies Begin

Election night is wrought with fear.  Not only are candidates hearts racing, so are political junkies chomping at the bit, wondering  if the world views they hold dear are approved by the masses, sending their man, or woman, to Washington.

But it is also a night full of blame.  Romney lost because he is too liberal.  Obama lost because he is too conservative.

Or, maybe Obama lost because of vote machine malfunctions!

Oh yeah, it’s election night. People barred from voting. Machines breaking down.  An election night without that is like a summer without shark attack news.