The Art of Precedent and Hyprocisy

“Obama OKs air power to aid Pentagon-trained Syrian rebels”

The US is aiding Syrian rebels, the Russians are aiding Ukrainian rebels

The Syrian rebels are trying to takeover the country. The Ukrainian rebels are trying to takeover the country

And now the US will use the air force directly against the Syrian govt to support the rebels. And Russia will . . . .

It’s ok for the west to engage in regime change but not Russia?

That’s how Russia sees it. It’s not about freedom and democracy but precedent for using force and “if you can do it, so can I”


You can see a variant of this in American politics, especially from liberals. It is, “I am right, you’re wrong and it’s ok for me to do what I want but you can’t do the same exact thing (because it hurts my cause)”. It hypocrisy in it’s purest and most raw form. The only thing missing is “God is on my side”, which for the left would be interesting to hear and have them defend their attempts to replace religious institutions as America’s moral authority.


My idea for how the U.S. should deal with Syria AND Russia

Secure the chemical weapons, and if possible, destroy them in accordance with international treaties that Syria would have become a signatory to in order to prevent the creation of more chemical weapons.

This should’ve been the starting point in the first place and shows Obama’s inexperience and the weakness of his advisors. But it doesn’t reflect on the Russians any better. It was keystone Cops time for both the U.S. and Russian government and the rest of the world didn’t do much better

In the meantime, secure Congressional authorization for no-notice missile strikes if the Syrian government uses chemical weapons again

No one believes that the rebels have or have used chemical weapons or Damascus would be a wasteland.

Obama must re-establish the ABM system meant for central Europe, the one the Russians hate. The Russians cannot be allowed to get off scott-free from this debacle they helped create. The Russians want to move missiles up to the border? Fine, let them. The only way they will get used is if Russia starts a war

Putin has been an ass all along about Syria for two reasons, Russia is out of allies, with good reason. They also want to keep access to the Syrian port of Tartus. No port, no Mediterranean fleet, no chance to to be a superpower again. In fact, I think Tartus means more to Putin then the Syrian government. Offer a deal to get rid of Assad but keep Tartus and I think the Russians wouldn’t mind.

File charges against Assad for crimes against humanity in the International Court.

It won’t mean much, but if convicted, Assad can never leave the country again and puts the Russians in an awkward spot if Assad visits Russia, the then Russia would have to hand him over to the ICC