Collusion in the White House

Looks like Trump will withdraw the US from the Climate Accord and democrats/liberals are upset.

First off, the Climate Accord is neither binding on the US, or even legal, because Congress never approved the accord, since it is a not a treaty, as specified by the Constitution

Second, Obama and world leaders openly COLLUDED to circumvent not only approval by Congress, but by fiat, to circumvent the US Constitution.

Third, the same democrat/liberals that are upset at the US withdrawing from an illegal treaty are the same ones that COLLUDED with Obama to bind the US to the accord.

Fourth, the same democrats/liberals are projecting their actions onto Trump by accusing him of colluding, without any proof, just supposition, with Russia to get elected.

It seem all the things the democrats/liberals are saying is what they know of themselves and want for themselves and afraid Trump will do unto them what they did unto America during Obama’s 8 years in office.

Obama cut corners and abused his powers to try and bind the US to the accord, like he did many other things, without seeking to make it a lasting, legal and durable treaty. Anyone that is angry that Trump will withdraw the US from the ACCORD, not TREATY, only have themselves to blame regardless of whether that person or persons are foreign or domestic.

I would hope that Trump would assemble a panel of all climate scientists, regardless of their position on the issue, to do unbiased, non-partisan and TRUE science rather then a bunch of idiots behaving like children that attack someone who says otherwise just to protect their funding. Those children, during the 1970’s, claimed the world was entering a new ice age and that we must stop burning fossil fuels, so their credibility is already suspect. It is whatever excuse can be used and herd the non-science public into backing their biased and bigoted positions on the climate.

My position is there is global warming, but it is not in the skies, but at our feet, in our cities – the heat islands that change weather patterns. No matter how clean the sky, it can absorb only so much heat and heat generation has to be reduced. But climate alarmists don’t bring that up because it would mean explaining that people have to cut back on all the lights used and air conditioning, especially on large buildings and those people, those citizens have to pay for it.

Alternative energy? All that does is let people go on, willy-nilly, generating heat and feel good about it.

In conclusion, fix it and fix it right instead of using short-term, ill thought-out ideas that are just a band-aid. Don’t throw money for funding at people trying to cheat you and scare you. Fix the cause, not the effect. Do real science instead of using bigotry, hate and greed to scare people. It’s time for real HONESTY on the climate because it is more then man-made.


Pope: Europe Can Handle Refugees

Pope calling for a bold strategy to deal with global migration, says Europe can absorb refugees.

The Pope is from the Jesuit branch of the Catholic Church. The Jesuits are noted for their intelligence and education – they are not just believers, they are knowers. But this Jesuit, this Pope, is not a knower, he is naive and ignores the past, especially that of Christianity.

All you have to do is look at the history of Christianity and how it swarmed over the world wiping out indigenous cultures and religions and replacing those with that of Christianity. And in that age, that age when Christianity took over, Christianity used many of the sane techniques that Islam does today – torture, forced conversions, killing unbelievers. History is clear on this.

The end result was Christianity became the dominant religion across several continents – Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia and created deep wedges into Asia.

And now Islam and the refugees from Islamic nations are doing that to Christianity and the Pope is fine with that. The Pope thinks Christianity can withstand the corruption of itself and remain true to itself and it’s culture.

But he’s wrong, Christianity, especially in the form of the Catholic Church, has sacrificed its moral authority in endless scandals stretching back not just years or decades, but centuries. This is reflected in western society and it’s people’s opting out of organized religion for “none” and choosing a course of spirituality and a one-to-one relationship with God because the leaders of organized religion no longer represent us and the only truth they tell is to serve their own interests and hide their crimes.

All the Pope can do, what any religious leader, can do, is say, “believe in us” without giving you anything to believe except words and never solutions.

The Pope berates people for the callousness towards climate change, when he offers no changes on the part of the Catholic Church and all he does is listen to warped media reports from people looking to make money and the Pope forgets, ‘money is the root of all evil”. Perhaps the Pope will take note that the people warming of global warming were predicting global COOLING and a new ICE AGE in the 1970’s

The Pope has access to the scientific leaders of the world to form an independent and accurate opinion of climate change and take an honest look at the churches, the cathedrals, the Vatican and how ecologically obsolete those buildings are and should be replaced. Then move on to real solutions like fuel cell cars that eat pollution here and now rather then depending on renewal energy that relies on expensive batters that takes so very much water to make. There is also the other half of the solution, fusion reactors that can turn deserts into forests and eliminate all the waste in the world by recycling. The Catholic Church could pay for this, but they hoard what they have to serve their own ends rather then that of humanity like they preach.

Organized religion has failed us, is it any wonder we want a new way clear of the obstructions between God and us? That we fulfill God’s plan and grow from being His children to being adults.