Federal government helping deported illegal immigrants start new businesses


I am not against this. Helping make people be solvent and successful in their own country not only keeps them from being an illegal immigrant but help others around them by, hopefully, providing jobs. It also makes the nation more solvent, fights crime and keeps the US military home to prevent a failed nation.

This is more like foreign aid that is actually used as it should be instead of being pocketed by local govt officials or other corrupt agencies, like some of the NGO’s that pocket 90% for “overhead”

The argument what the money could do to help Border Patrol is valid. But if more illegal immigrants stay home and build a business and make their community a better place, then there is less need for Border Patrol and keeps Border Patrol agents safer.
The whole goal is make home a better place to be

Some might say that this only encourages illegal immigration, perhaps it does but it is also Darwinian selection of those most fit to survive and prevail. The people that make the crossing are usual the most intelligent, the most determined, the kind that builds – and given the chance spreads prosperity around them

In the article Rand Paul says, “Once we deport them, we set them up in business? It makes no sense to me,” which, to me means Paul fails to think it through and is about scoring ideological points

Shawn Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, only sees more budget for Border Patrol, but not making those officers safer by illegals staying home and focusing resources on the real danger – drugs.

Border Patrol has to sort the sheep from the wolves and it distracts them from the people, drug smugglers, that would do the real harm. So 50k, the same amount a rookie Border Patrol officer makes, seems cheap to help keep that officer alive and focused on the real threat. And at the same helping make a foreign country stable and safe. Isn’t that what America does best?