Obama On Charleston Shooting

Obama On Charleston Shooting: We as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.

Doesn’t the president pay attention to what is happening across the world as a whole, across all continents without regard for how advanced or not a country is?

Religious extremism is the order of the day, not the exception.

Europe suffers beheadings, grenade attacks and large scale riots that the US doesn’t.

In Europe, all of Europe, the police routinely patrol carrying automatic weapons as their standard weapons.

Europe essentially is a police state that is constantly prepared to crackdown on dissent caused by economic poverty.

The President stuck his head in the sand and denied religious extremism exists and when it is brought home to him, he denies it exists still. He insists that what happens in America is the exception and not the rule.

The President stuck his head in the sand and ignored what ISIS represented and people died for that and that blood is on his hands.

And now, all he wants is to use Charleston as a pretext to go after gun owners and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist. That larger violence happens everyday on every continent. That groups like Boko Haram don’t exist, that they don’t kidnap and kill in such large numbers it becomes just a statistic.

Greater violence exists in the world and the question is why it’s not worse then it is in America and what it is that helps fan the fires of hatred in America, such as a President that has set back civil rights 50 years by allowing the DOJ to prosecute as they see fit and ignore laws as they see fit..

Civil rights must be for all people all the time or violence happens. We have yet to truly experience religious extremism, but it is coming.


Obama and race riots

The Obama Administration Assembled A Task Force Charged With Somehow Easing The Adversarial Relationship Between Law Enforcement And The Citizenry.

I know Obama sticks his head in the sand a lot, but doesn’t he realize with his failure to keep his promises that he, Obama, made this mess? First he arms cops with military gear, then he stirs people up and then he takes the military gear away. Was it all a plan to stir up the race riots of the late 60’s?

Thankfully Obama is inept.

Whatever happened to the transparent, all-inclusive society? It has gone from civil rights to civil preference where blacks rein supreme over all other racial and ethic groups? Where the NAACP is the “National Assoc for the Advancement of Colored (black) Preference.

This isn’t what civil rights are about and rather then address the issue of police abuse of power against all citizens, it becomes solely about blacks.

And it blames the police for all wrongs when it is a mutually adversarial relationship of us vs them.

As always, the liberals think there is a simple, fast solution. There isn’t and it will get worse because rather then fixing the real problem, fewer and fewer jobs and more and more people, Obama throws a commission at the problem and hopes it goes away. 

Pres. Obama has managed to set Civil Rights back 50 years. And that is his LEGACY . . . . of failure

Asian groups file federal complaint against Harvard over admission practices

Asian Groups File Federal Complaint Against Harvard Over Admission Practices

Is this any surprise? Once you start discriminating for any reason you have gone down the slippery slope to bigotry. For too many schools, it is reverse bigotry to attract blacks because they make the most noise. And although the NAACP is suppose to be about people of all color, it black that predominates in yet another display of bigotry \.

Years ago, schools adopted “blind testing” to ensure no bias in grades awarded. It’s time to do that for admissions

In God We Trust

In God We Trust – it is the saying printed on US money. But what it doesn’t say is whose God, mine, yours, theirs. It is assumed it is the God of Jesus, who is the God of the Jews and, whether they like it or not, the muslims, since they acknowledge Abraham, who was/is very much Jewish, as they patriarch and justify their claim to Israel through him.

The only people who should have a problem with it are atheists and if their values are what they say, why do they care or even notice? 

So . . . . “In God We Trust” is the God of us all without regard to, or recognizing, any religious sect

And Christmas displays, skip it being about Jesus since it is what God is about and just put up a star, or a candle, in humble recognition.

“Kill ’em all and let God sort it out”


Just another sign of growing impatience and inability to deal with problems in a rational manner. “Kill ’em all and let God sort it out”

AIDS was a gay only disease to begin with before bi-men got it and gave it to women and that was it. But killing? Nah. Even the Bible shows that some compassion was used by shunning or isolating the affected so they could have a life and not spread the infection. You can still see that in leprosy.

The problem with AIDS is it has such a large lead time, isolating the affected does no good because it’s been spread by the time it’s identified. It is also a lesson in why the Bible, which I ignore the religious part, gives a guide. It’s too bad, rather then explain why, the Bible says “DO THIS OR ELSE”.

There people on the left that the right would like to see gone and people on the right that the left would like to see gone. But both sides don’t understand rather then making their lives easier, it makes them worse because then you go from a war of words to a blood feud that would equal the 100 Years War of Europe.

As children we are taught “ignore the problem and it will go away”. But as adults we have learned that doesn’t work.

Ignoring a problem only allows it to gain strength and grow bigger. That idiot can say, “people aren’t opposing me, so I must be right”

It’s that principle that makes me speak up about my own views. I don’t want anyone thinking I agree with them when I don’t. So it’s important to oppose views you don’t support or they will take over. Look at extremism of any sort

If that pastor truly believes, his day is coming, too, which should give him compassion and understanding. I would also wonder why he worries so much about AIDS? perhaps there is something he’s trying to hide. It wouldn’t be the first time that tactic was used to re-focus attention on another person(s)

Who bloody cares

CNN Article

My opinion. Who cares what race or gender the president is?

It’s about ability of which Pres Obama has shown little, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. He was a kid picked up by Valerie Jarrett who looked good, spoke good and didn’t have a history in politics. Then he was fast tracked with one term as an Illinois state senator and then the Illinois US Senator. During his time in the US Senate he never placed one bill for consideration. He just voted the Dem line.

Ability springs from experience and seasoning.

Now the race card is being pulled out again why Obama won’t be re-elected to make people feel guilty. Screw that shit. Each of us have a responsibility to select the best person to be president. That decision cannot, should not be based on guilt or any other knee-jerk reaction. Sure, there are fringe groups like the Klan that vote race, but the left has their own fringe groups that only will vote for a liberal woman, rather then a woman who is qualified. There is plenty of shortsightedness to go around in that few percent of the population.

Obama has a history now and that is what is being voted on