Bernie Sanders and Redemption

There are a lot of people that support Bernie Sanders for president, but why? Various reasons but at the core, I believe, one reason – redemption.

The hippie generation got what it wanted – power. They had come to the conclusion the only way to change the system was from inside, and they did change the system and at the same time the system changed them because they forgot one thing in their idealistic, self-righteous zeal – that they are people with all the same needs as other people and subject to corruption.

Of course the hippies rationalized and justified that such would not happen to them. To quote and earlier age, “God is on our side and our strength is the strength of a hundred because our heart is pure”.

But as time went by they got comfortable with well paying jobs, nice homes and families to support. Their ideals went from the common good to whatever was good for everyone as long as they profited. They temporized that they were being pragmatic to include everyone in their grand schemes. They were being realistic in their goals and that it would take time to change the system forever.

And in the course of time, the hippies, the liberals, gained power, position and became corrupt. Those hippies became the very thing they protested against. They became “The Man”, “The Establishment” and worse of all, “Big Brother”. If you doubt, look at the excesses of liberals during the Obama administration. The unparalleled expansion of NSA spying to virtually every citizen in the United States, the use of the IRS to suppress opposing views and the unheard of restrictions of the Freedom of Information Act.

The hippies had protested heavy-handed government, government spying, a repressive moral atmosphere – and now, as the establishment, they support such things. They want to replace current moral authority with their own moral authority, which is the same as the last moral authority, but with a different master.

Those people, those hippies, have done great damage setting civil rights back 50 years using the principle to alter standards to preserve their power by suppressing those that oppose them. But, of course, those hippies say, “it’s for the own good, we know better because we are intellectual elite”.

The hippies look around and see how corrupt they have become having sold out their ideology, their principles, their ethics and their morals. They willingly sell out family and friends by cold bloodedly manipulating them so they can remain relevant and have their life mean something rather then coming to terms with their own inadequacies having hooked their identities to a job or position rather then being part of the whole, as they were during their younger days protesting when they would give their “Our Lives, Our Fortune, Our Sacred Honor” for one another much as soldiers do for their buddies. Then, back then, they knew “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” and they thought it would last forever.

It didn’t, they are people just like any other and the hippies won’t admit it, they can’t admit because it means they were wrong and their lives are a lie.

Now Bernie Sanders comes along advancing ideas that the hippies had sold out – the share and share alike, overthrow the establishment, make the rich give up their wealth, make corporations more “socially responsible” – all the while not applying it to themselves, their benefactors and only to those that oppose them, those that oppose their moral ideals.

And that is CORRUPTION and leads to totalitarianism because that is the only way to make what the hippies want to work. Call it fascism or communism, its all the same.

The hippies have replaced the “bad old system” that let them thrive with one to be sure their system; their desires are never replaced, never supplanted. The Who lyrics, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” are but illuminating and prophetic . . . . “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss”

The statement, “question everything” starts with one’s self. You can achieve honesty and understanding of all around you if you do, but you have to be brutally honest and prepared to implement that understanding and you will find you will always support what is right and never need to seek redemption in the form of Bernie Sanders or “To A God Unknown”


Never trust someone who wants to do “what is best for you”, because it’s what is best for them.








Ok with a 90% tax rate?

“The self-described socialist senator from Vermont wants to reverse the “massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top one-tenth of 1 percent.” The 90 percent top income tax rates America had during the 1950s might not be too high, he said.”

The senator is either an idiot or ignorant.

Ignorant is he is totally unaware of the tax structure in the 1950’s, which was 90% for the wealthy and 50% for everyone else. But the tax rate wasn’t much higher then it is now because they were tons of deductions, deductions that have been eliminated to make taxes simpler, easier and more honest. By making taxes simpler it cost the the government less to handle taxes and have more money to spend elsewhere.

But I actually suspect he’s an idiot because for every dollar the government takes in, that one less dollar you have to spend as you see fit and I don’t think any American would stand to have that curtailed. Also people would have less to spend, only 10 cents for every dollar they make, but Sen. Sanders is “. . . . willing to accept slower economic growth in return for what he’d consider a more equitable distribution of income.” Which stealing from one group to give to another that did nothing to earn it and create a massive expansion of the welfare state and government power.

In the 1958 federal elections America turned the country to the left because the right had gone too far and people were fed up with it. In the 2014 federal elections America turned the country to the right because left had gone too far and all Sen. Sanders – or any Dem candidate offers – is more of the same

Sen. Sanders better look around, too, because the people, the rich people that fund Dem candidates won’t like the idea of supporting having 90% of their wealth taken from them . . . . that is unless the candidate is willing to write them a sweetheart deal which means a corrupt candidate even before elected and more strings on that candidate.

But Sen Sanders knows he has no chance of being nominated or elected as president, he’s just trying to push the party so far left they are frozen out of any real power for 50 years. Why is it all the Dems from the president on down are trying to destroy the Dem Party? Is 2016 to be 1860 and the Dems destroying themselves like they did in supporting slavery and starting the Civil War?