Why Hillary Lost (hint, it wasn’t the Russians)

I recently read where a celebrity (will they ever get a clue) pointed out 75% of America did not vote for Trump, which is true enough but not completely honest. 75% of America did not vote for Hillary either.

Looking at the adult population total – 242,470,820 and that each candidate got roughly 60,000,000 votes (yes, I know Hillary got more, but I said ROUGHLY) there is the 25% for each and the 75% that didn’t vote for either.

Going into the election, it was obvious that each candidate had a lock on 20% of the vote (total between the two of 40% locked up) and that there 60% of the vote to be had to determine who won. Of that 60%, each candidate only managed to get 5 PERCENT of that 60%.

What did Hillary do? She appealed to the locked in base and rarely ventured beyond them, which was the big cities. She attempted, as she did in 2008, that she was invincible, that it was her due and if you selected her, you’d get your due and it would be more of the same, but with polish.

She forgot what 2008 meant – she lost. For me it was the deplorables comment. I wasn’t going to vote, but she shot her mouth off about people who are my friends who I know to be good and decent and I voted for Trump. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was the decision Clinton made for me.

What did Trump do. He appealed to his base and then went out and expanded it by going everywhere and doing it several times. He drilled his message in and appealed to the disadvantaged that the Democratic Party had left behind with their, “we know what is best for you” attitude and put them out of work without any corresponding effort to create jobs and trusting to the market (liberals trusting the market, ha!) to put those people to work.

The 5% that elected Trump were DEMOCRATS tired of their party’s ineffectiveness and not thinking things through (or maybe thinking it through and the affects were deliberate) and not taking care of their people. The first rule of a good leader is “take care of your people” and Obama didn’t and they took Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s failings out on Hillary.

Hillary was no innocent and the Russians didn’t make those choices for her since being fired from the Watergate committee in 1973 and the repetitive mistakes that led to scandal after scandal since. It just took pointing out her character, which covered 40 years that she couldn’t be trusted. Clinton is a recidivist that can’t be rehabilitated.

Biggest mistake was handling the Sanders supporters and betraying them as soon as she had Sanders endorsement. The Sanders supporters were saying the same things about Clinton as did the right and they “voted” with their feet away from Clinton . . . . and worse for Sanders if he ever runs again for the feeling those supporters have of being sold out for gain by Sanders.

Ask those people about Obama, and his fellow Democrats, that he put out of work, why they voted as they did.

When voting, people vote emotions, like the Sanders supporters or they vote their pocketbook like the disaffected Democrats. The Sanders people, except the sheep, stuck to their beliefs and either didn’t vote or voted for Jill Stein.

The Democrats, that slim element, in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which gave Trump the win, voted their pocketbooks that ANY POLL should of caught. And Trump has delivered, doing more in one month then Obama did in 8 years, which has to be embarrassing and proves that Obama was never qualified to be president because he-just-couldn’t-deliver and never learned how.

Obama did prove that just anyone could be president and opened the door for someone like Trump.

So why the emphasis that the Russians defeated Clinton?

Everyone (the liberals at least) thought they had a “sure-thing” and, of course, they had to be cheated like all the losers throughout history that bet on a sure-thing and they cannot come to terms they cheated themselves by picking a better bet.

So, the future, what does it hold for the Democratic Party? There is the example of the Occupy: Wall Street movement, which imploded because everyone wanted to follow what they thought was the “right” goal and no one could achieve consensus – and you can already see this in the Democratic Party attempt to recover. You have gender rights, black rights, hispanic rights and all the other groups through the rainbow spectrum each attempting to gain control.

What do the Democrats need to recover? They need Donald Trump – a populist who can go out and do revival tent shows and drum up support from the doubters. But for Trump and any populist is the lesson of Huey Long.

Will Trump succeed? No. Will the Democrats succeed? No. The saying “empire follows the sun” is true, but it is not just America’s day in the sun that has passed, it is the whole planet. There is a new day coming, but a new dark age first. People’s greed made it so and that is the one thing you can count on.

So who did Hillary in? Partly herself, partly Obama, partly the Democratic National Committee. Each forgot that when you stick your head in the sand, people can still see that (you’re) ass.

If the Democrats want any legitimacy going forward, they will need to admit they lost and that it was their own fault, otherwise the cries of illegitimacy will come back to haunt them just like the Obama years already have.



It’s Not Trump, It’s The Message

I am continually amazed by the “business-as-usual”, Washington DC, crowd to fail to understand it is not Trump, that it is the message that Trump carries. The DC crowd thinks that America is happy with the DC crowd and the “rowdiness” will settle down if the DC crowd can just stop Trump.

There is this Op-ed piece from U.S. News & World Report that is more of the same pablum, ” . . . . if we can just stop Trump”. It is not Trump they are trying to stop, those who feel their self-interest is threatened, it is the message that Trump conveys. Trump heard and focused the sense of dissatisfaction that the liberal regime has created.

That dissatisfaction will not end, and only grow. I see something like the French Revolution happening and all the fatcats, left and right, corporate and union, will go to the guillotine.

If Trump loses, the message WILL CONTINUE. It will be like the Tea Party only an order larger. And while many make fun of the Tea Party, compared to it’s competition, the Occupy movement, it is what libs hate most, the Tea Party is organized and successful. The unorganized, unruly, self-centered and self-absorbed Occupy movement that every liberal entity tried to hijack for their own ends was a circus not to be respected.

There is a full-fledged populist movement in process and not one that can be claimed by liberals. There is this article that cuts the corners of the populist movement, ‘Something is wrong in our political system’. The author, Mr. D’Souza, rightly points out that the problem is the quality of the leadership, that America is getting offered more of the same in Hillary and that Trump is too different, too threatening to a lot of people.

Mr. D’Souza is wrong that established people will go away. There is the example of the Whig Party, they reformed into the GOP and elected Lincoln

Ignoring Trump and focusing on the people, America may just wind up with a 3rd party that attracts the best and brightest from the independents of America. The current leaders are not speaking for, or even listening, to America. They are paying attention to the people that keep them in office, the groups that provide campaign finance money, both left and right.

The left has demonstrated just as much greed as the right and the ruthlessness, or more so, of hanging onto power that the right did in the late 60’s. It is no longer about the common good, but self-interest; of the left trying to seize and become the moral authority of America.

The left has become the establishment, the man, big brother with intrusive and heavy-handed government that no one likes anymore then the right in the 50’s.

The U.S. News & World Report article ends, “Unfit. Unqualified. Donald Trump is truly the great un-ifier.” The ironic thing is a person could easily insert Barack Obama’s name at any time in Obama’s LIFE into that sentence and it would be true. Obama has set civil rights back 50 years, which can be seen in the similarity of riots between now, and the late 60’s.

Obama didn’t champion civil rights, he championed civil preference and created the mess we have. Barack Obama has set the precedent for a different style of president – the gangster – and to think people are frothing at the mouth over Trump. If it hadn’t been for Obama, we wouldn’t have either the Tea Party or Trump.

There is no balance, no moderation. All there is greed. America is about profit now, not about creating value.

Let the Full and ACCURATE History of Texas Be Known


Write the full and accurate history of Texas into the history texts. That Mexico invited Anglos to Texas to live and civilize the area. That the Mexican govt got heavy-handed with the Anglos and they rebelled leading to the Alamo and Mexico losing the Texas territory



The Mexicans got greedy and thought they could ride roughshod over the Anglo “peasants” like the Mexican govt had with it’s own people, but it didn’t work out


There is also how Mexico “inherited” lands taken from the indigenous tribes and rather give them back, Mexico kept them for the own benefit

People are people and nobility is not acquired, it is attained. All I see is karma at work

Colin Kaepernick, get your head back in the game and quit thinking with your other head.

Colin Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem because he doesn’t respect what America is, is naive and demonstrates the ongoing ignorance of American history.

Of course there is a lot of negatives, it’s all about people dealing with people. But for the negatives, there are the positives. For blacks there has been, across American history, those Caucasians, which have helped blacks, and Colin Kaepernick doesn’t respect that.

There have been the notable contributions that blacks have made to American society and made America what it is today and Colin Kaepernick doesn’t respect that.

There have been the notable contributions that Hispanics have made to American society and made America what it is today and Colin Kaepernick doesn’t respect that.

There have been the notable contributions that Asians have made to American society and made America what it is today and Colin Kaepernick doesn’t respect that.

What does Colin Kaepernick respect? Getting laid. It’s a simple journey to understand this isn’t about politics; it’s about Colin Kaepernick keeping his girlfriend happy who belongs to the liberal extremist wing of the Democratic Party and radical black politics.

So when you criticize Colin Kaepernick, if you’re a guy, remember the power of women and their “sex”. Virtually all men will go to great lengths to keep their woman happy and to get laid. Sex has done more to shape the history of the world then all the best intentions of politicians.

Help Colin Kaepernick with his history lessons, of the 110,000 (one hundred ten thousand) WHITE soldiers that dies, and the 1,100,000 (1 point 1 million) wounded, that fought to end slavery in America

Help Colin Kaepernick with his history lessons, of the African blacks and Arab-Muslim traders that started the slave trade to Europe

Help Colin Kaepernick with his history lessons, of the European nations like Britain and Spain that brought slavery to the new world and especially the Spanish that either killed or enslaved the Aztecs of Mexico.

Of special note is those Spaniards descendants claiming land that was “stolen” from them be returned. Blacks, too, want what was stolen from them, but that lies in Africa. I am not one of those that say, “go back”. Rather I am one of those who say, “get a clue”, that blacks moral claim is civil rights not equality, because equality doesn’t exist even for whites . . . . ever heard the term, “white trailer trash”, or, “born on the wrong side of the tracks”? That is part of white America.

So, Colin Kaepernick, get your head back in the game and quit thinking with your other head.