I Have A Dream

I have a dream . . . . of a land where civil rights, not civil preference, is the rule of law without favoritism shown to any group based on race, gender or culture. America a is one of nation, not of God, but of it’s people because when the day begins, and when the day is done, America is all about its people and the common good unweighted by individual desire, prejudice or desire for a certain way to benefit certain individuals or to advance a political ideology at the expense of anyone else.

To achieve such a nation of people requires negotiation, comprise and moderation, not capitulation or appeasement. It is not “my way or the highway”. This is moderation, not extremism from anyone at anytime, but it does require passion, determination and commitment and to see the trees and not the forest; to see everyone as a human being and to recognize that, “why can’t we all just get along” is not a reality because people are different either by nature or nurture. That the best we can do is understand and work with one another to minimize the extremism.

America must be a land of laws all the time, but humane in it’s goals. At the same time, “line cutters” cannot be allowed for that eliminates the predictability of laws and the stability that a nation; a union affords and chaos and anarchy occur and eliminate the common good.

America has been described as the great melting pot, not the great multi-culturism. America is one culture pursuing freedom, security, safety and prosperity and that is ALL that America is about even though others have tried to expand on the original meaning to suit the needs and desires of the few to manipulate the many.

The needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few, they have to balance out one another in compromise and moderation to define and achieve the common good.

Listen to the John Lennon song, “Imagine”, and think of how such a world could be achieved and you will realize that only by everyone being dead is such possible. This is a world of people, not saints and is a world of the people, by the people and for the people.

Sometimes the best deal is one that everyone hates but that all admits everyone profits equally by.


Unions belong to the 1%

““While we come from different unions and backgrounds, our goal is a government that carries out the will of the people, not prop up the profits of the 1 percent at the expense of the rest of us,” reads a letter on the group’s website that already has 1,109 signatures.”

Unions are not about the “will of the people”, but the will of the unions. Unions are part of the 1% just as corporations are and want the same things driven by self-interest and greed and use the same, if not worse, heavy handed tactics. And like the ultimate goal of a corporation, unions want monopoly control to enrich a few at the expense of the many.


Union members make good money, live in nice houses in pirate neighborhoods. They constantly look for ways to use other groups to leverage more money for unions, like the burger flippers. 

To the homeless, the impoverished and those living in projects, the lives of union members looks damn good and those people, the homeless, the impoverished and those living in projects, ask the union members, “where is your fair share? All you do is take and not give.”

Where are unions when it comes to training people and helping them get jobs. The unions wait till you’ve spent yourself into debt, then unionize you and take more money from you. Is it any wonder unions are obsolete? They are looking out for themselves all the while protesting the represent the common man; they represent, they ARE the middle class while forgetting the role of business being part of the middle class.

Unions have become elitist and are no different from corporations – just as greedy, corrupt and hypocrites 

2 NYPD officers shot, killed in ambush on cop car

2 NYPD officers shot, killed in ambush on cop car

My comments Dec 5, 2014:

“No indictment means cops die because rather then trust the system, it’s better to kill the members of the system. That’s what your line of thought would get. Kill or be killed”

“Good people, innocent people – civilian and police – will die because a bad cop wasn’t accountable.”

If I still wore a badge, I would have a black band on it today for both these officers and the system



In one of those odd moments, a thought occurred to me. But first, some background.

It seems the extreme left have adopted the tactic that if you challenge them or contradict them and use facts, they are OFFENDED and tell you that you should be more sensitive to their feelings.


Stupid is stupid and it doesn’t matter who is saying it. These “liberals” will rag on you right and left and being sensitive to your feelings is no where to be found. Of course you don’t know what is good for you and they do and are just trying to help.

This is nothing more then being an apologist for the left and supporting big brother – the same big brother that they opposed in the hippie years of the 60’s and 70’s. But it seems what was bad then, is good now – now that they run big brother.

To put it in perspective, yesterday’s Nixonites, today’s Obamaites. And just as sensible and moderate.

These people say being called liberal is a compliment, to my mind this is an insult to good people that are liberals; people that care and put themselves out for others. Who live their lives setting a good example instead of telling others how to live their lives.

There is the alternative of using the title “progressive”, but that’s misleading because these are te people that would take us into the past of big brother intruding into our lives at every turn – NSA, IRS and God knows what else, without restraint, without morals, without ethics and with the only consideration being their own self-interest.

It would be more correct to call these people “regressives”

But is there a simple tag that easily describes these . . . . posers? Yes, and oddly enough it is codified already based on the opposite of a described behavior and the colors used to denote the Dem party and the GOP party.

We are all familiar with the term “Rednecks” and what it denotes.

And now we have . . . . BLUENECKS.

I am use to the non-southern version of redneck, which is basically any person who works with their hands out in the open and their neck gets burnt, hence “redneck”. They work hard, are devout and would help or share with anyone. They can be absolutely trusted and are loyal to a fault.

Bluenecks are the polar opposite of rednecks. They want to have everyone else do the work and they reap the rewards, like royalty of old with the God given right to rule unrestrained. They can’t live their own lives so they tell others how to live theirs. Greed, hatred and loathing are marked characteristics along with immaturity. They are known for throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way . . . . think a 13 yr old.

The bluenecks are also opportunists who will say anything, claim they are anything that benefits them and serves their self-interest first, foremost and always. Everyone else is just sheep to them to be fleeced

To be clear and repeat, there are good and decent people who are liberal and NOT bluenecks. People to be respected and trusted. The only way to tell the difference is, “by their deeds, you will know them”.


So simple and precise . . . . bluenecks