Russian Meddling

Common sense and Occam’s Razor peeling back the onion gives you what the Russians were doing. Putin, after all, is KGB. Russia wants the US out the way and quit blocking their ambitions.

People that say, “Enough damage done over the past 2+ years. In the absence of real actions silence would be appreciated.” are either anti-Trump and don’t like the comments or have something to hide, like being used by the Russians

Civil turmoil or civil war and Obama undoing 60 years of civil rights and stroking racial, ethnic and racial tensions only helped. And some wonder why Obama did nothing about Russian meddling early on. Obama wanted to tear to tear the country apart and come back as its savior.

Seems farfetched but study Obama and his history. He was born American but never was an American and he wanted to create something he belonged to; that acknowledged his superiority. But all he ever was was a machine candidate and a puppet to hidden interests.

But there is more to it. The email leak, probably an inside job by a Sanders supporter that came to work for the Clinton campaign for sabotaging the Sanders campaign

Wikileaks said they didn’t get the emails from the Russians, but no one asked if they gave them to the Russians. Assange, as I read, really hated Obama and Clinton, probably for not letting him off the hook for extradition to the US

A dark horse in this is the US Intel community, specifically Clapper and Brennan, did they run a black flag op to discredit Trump? There was a lot of, “for the good of the country” in the Intel community when it was just about protecting jobs and careers

And the Trump collusion, stupid people getting greedy and being played by the Russians, especially Don Jr who was so anxious to help that he was like a lamb being led to the slaughter. My guess is Jr asked Trump if he could check it out and was given an offhand “ok”.

Experienced politicians would’ve known better, they have a nose for being played since it a political fundamental to watch out for enemies


You’re A Bum, America

Stand up for others and you’re a hero. Stand up for yourself and defend your rights and you’re a bum.

World War II has been over almost 75 years and Europe has re-built successfully since and in areas swamped America because Europe had the chance to build more modern infrastructure while America’s infrastructure aged helping Europe build that more modern infrastructure. You would think that Europe would stand on it’s own and quit lecturing America about morals after saving Europe in two major hot wars and one cold one.

But no, they still insist that America is there to benefit their failing socialism and attempts to re-colonize Africa. And the European nations are still fighting their genocidal wars to see who rules Europe. France, Germany and Russia all want to be the dominant power with all the other European states as vassels. 

I am so tired of Europe expecting the US to bleed itself dry to perpetuate a system that is nothing more then the living dead – and this includes Canada.

The latest example, Bombardier of Canada, who wants Boeing to roll over and protect jobs in Canada and Northern Ireland. Let American workers do without jobs and providing for families as long as the foreign jobs are protected that don’t even belong to American companies. Bleed America to death and let America go hat in hand to Canada and the European countries. They’d either turn their backs or insist America change and be like them, THE LIVING DEAD.

Barack Obama was pushing America onto that path, a hollow democracy with an elite ruling class that put people out of work to create chaos and rioting that would justify martial law from the alt-left. But Donald Trump countered with a return to American democracy, that it hurts to undo the damage that Obama caused shouldn’t be surprising since Obama appealed to the lowest common denominator in people – GREED.

The Problem with North Korea

North Korea has reached the point where they think that just to threaten to attack Guam will change the direction of US policy and get the US to apologize and perhaps end the embargo. At the same time the NK’s are saying how foolish the US is proceed on the course it is. This is a paradox, the North in the first place is expecting a rational reaction (appeasement) while saying how foolish the US is, which recognizes what the NK’s consider irrational behavior.

All the while North Korea is painting itself into a corner where you go so far with threat that even if you don’t mean it you have to do it to maintain credibility. At that point, attacking Guam, the NK’s have to wonder, will the US retaliate with conventional or nuclear weapons?

As for solving the Gordian knot, that is China’s problem. If they hadn’t supported NK in the Korean War, there wouldn’t be any NK today. And ever since the Korean War, China has used NK as a proxy to goad the US into spending it’s treasure while the Chinese just sat back and built up their treasure. It is a very old principle of how to bleed your enemy into losing without a shout being fired.

An important question for China is, will the NK’s turn on them? Russia is cozying up to NK now and undermining Chinese influence, which the Chinese cannot like. They would have Russia to the north of China and a Russian client state to the south with NK. China is very sensitive about their borders.

What can China do? A “shock and awe” attack on NK – they have been building up troops on the China/NK border – and eliminate the NK state. Then to buy goodwill with the international community, China lets the Koreas unify with the understanding that above the 38th parallel. Korea would be a de-militarized zone except for the equivalent of a “national guard” for civil order, rescue and humanitarian services.

The Chinese have to be mindful of any radioactive fallout, with prevailing winds, would blow from NK right into the heart of China. For America, that would be, in diplomatic speak, “oops”. But karma is like that

Did the Russians help Trump? No, they helped themselves and they are continuing to do so

Did the Russians help Trump? No, they helped themselves and they are continuing to do so. There is this news report of Putin again interfering with America not to support Trump, as it might seem, but to pit one side against another and cause civil war.

To me, it seems Putin doesn’t really care who is president as long as he can turn Americans against one another to create a vacuum in the world that Russia can exploit. If Hillary had been elected the revelations would have continued till America was wrapped up in her impeachment.

And Trump, he’s not safe from Russian meddling, just read about Huey Long. It won’t be Russia that does the deed, apparently, but it will be Russia nonetheless. Though liberals might welcome that, they won’t welcome the consequences of persecution and imprisonment en masse.

Trump won the election fair and square, Hillary’s mistakes go back decades and Obama putting loyal Dems out of work gave Trump the election. Messing with ballot boxes was too trivial – and traceable – for Russia. It was people’s heads they wanted to mess with and create lasting dissension, civil war and the breakup of the US and he IS WINNING as long as people let it last.

The solution is recognize what is happening, put the past behind us and unite. We need to see that the extremism that the right and left has brought us – and quite possibly the world – to the destruction of everything.

Without a return to moderation and common sense the world will wind up in a nuclear war that will take care of all the problems. Each of the world’s players think they can control the chaos but people are not that easily controlled and there is a lot of anger that remains unresolved.

Make peace or face nuclear winter – it’s not a choice, it’s a responsibility

Iran, Sanctions and the Global Economy

Now that Iran can return to the global economy and sell oil openly, I see one of three things happening

1) Oil prices will collapse beyond the short term (they will collapse in the short-term regardless)

2) Oil prices will stay down but the global economy will improve with all the money Iran has to spend

3) The global economy will improve and oil prices will go back up from additional consumption

Iran is going to be on a buying binge but some of it will not be reflected in the global economy improving in the short term of 1 to 3 years because Iran has to boot strap itself back up. There is a lot of infrastructure that needs work and people trained. Even the potential sale of planes from Airbus will take time to realize. It could be Iran buys a lot of stuff now and it just sits. The Iranian hardliners are going to insist on a lot of new “toys” for the nuclear deal and that will cut into improving the economy and standard of living.

There is also the geopolitical conflicts Iran participates in like those of Yemen, Syria and Lebanon. Iran has yet to renounce the destruction of Israel and sanctions are still in place for military equipment and the ballistic missile program. If Iran keeps picking fights with Saudi Arabia, the Saudi’s will go ahead and acquire nuclear weapons from Pakistan, a program the Saudi’s paid for. 

Iran is still a long ways from being stable or a reliable place to do business

There is an additional feature to the end of Iranian sanctions – the demise of Russian oil and gas sales. Western Europe wants to get away from Russian supplies as Russia is even more willing then OPEC to use oil and gas supplies as a political weapon. Although Russia like to think it’s more then a one-trick pony, it isn’t and the second collapse of the Russian economy – and government – may only be weeks or months away. 

Worried about sub-$20 crude? Some sellers are already there

The Iranians well and truly played the Russians and Putin. China, as Russia’s only market that wants them, now owns Putin. Putin will desperately need a deal with the West to get sanctions lifted as soon as possible or he will be looking for a new job.

Russian ruble drops to a new low, battered by weak oil prices

It could be considered something of a “backdoor” legacy for President Obama that this is happening. he was trying to wreck the U.S. oil industry to drive up prices to make electric cars more viable by ending access to to federal lands. Instead he created the rush to private land and the fracking boom that led to America to becoming virtually energy independent. And with the end to oil export embargo, pressure is being created on OPEC and “near-OPEC” countries, like Russia, to defend their market share.

OPEC and “near-OPEC” countries are in a bind. If they raise prices it opens the door to American producers and loss of market share for the 20 or so years that Brent LCOc1 and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) CLc1 would run wild or to keep prices down and suffer the effects to their economies. It might seem after that 20 years OPEC and “near-OPEC” countries would regain the power to control oil again, but that will be enough time for countries importing oil to make the shift to a renewable energy economy, perhaps even a fusion economy (if Lockheed can deliver), which would be a genuine revolution

The course of history hasn’t changed, but a page has been turned and the one-trick pony economies will fade into the background

Capitalism vs Socialism

Capitalism vs Socialism isn’t about the common good, though that is the usual main point of any argument, but is actually just a lever to manipulate people and gain their support. What it is actually about are two groups, the one in control and the one that wants control motivated by self-interest.

Self-interest can be described as wanting society, and the people of that society, to pander to their needs without having to work for the rewards of that labor. These people can be described as parasites and opportunists. The best example is the pre-Civil War plantation owner sitting back and sipping mint juleps while the slaves do all the work and suffer in poverty while the planation owner reaps the rewards and stature.

Self-interest can also be defined as devoting one’s life to an ideal and ignores any facts that run counter to that ideal or would undermine that ideal. If someone has devoted their life to overturning the established order, they are not about to admit any mistakes as it would completely undercut the foundation of their life and lead them to self-doubt and question everything they have ever done. Better to observe ignorance then honor.

Self-interest, at its root, is about whom controls the levers of power, individuals or collectives and the collectives, corporations and unions are the most notorious. You could say government is there to control the depravations, but it is one of these two groups who control the government and set the rules. There is no difference between the two, they are people just like any other people and while each group bad mouths the other, it should be remembered that, “we have met the enemy and they are us”.

Each of the two collectives constantly seek to undermine the other by blocking access to resources, usually money, used to convince people they have God on their side and that their strength is the strength of 10 because their heart is pure.

God leaves it to free will because these people don’t have pure hearts, just greed for money and power and never having to provide for themselves; to have a comfortable life at everyone else’s expense.

Although it can be argued that all nations engage in socialism, it can reasonably argued that all people, every day, engage in socialism when a person buys something and pays for it is a re-distribution of wealth. But for those that argue for a socialist form of government it is about a macro scale and that if a little bit is good, then a lot is better.

“A lot is better” . . . . not really. Anything done beyond moderation is done both badly and dangerously. It is like a junkie that has gotten hooked on drugs, it always takes a bit more and a bit more till finally they overdose . . . . like Greece did, and France, Spain and Italy have come close to.

Further, governments are notorious for running business badly. In Germany, at the beginning of the Internet Age, when all there was expensive dial-up connections, a company wanted to start a low-cost dial-up service, The company was small and plan to start small and boot strap from there. The service proved to be wildly popular but couldn’t be extended to everyone immediately and so the German government ruled if everyone couldn’t have it, then no one could and the company closed down.

For those that argue for socialism I would ask, that company had a service, offered at a low price that was popular, so why didn’t the government step in and help the company expand? It because the government supports the established companies, the big name companies because when is all said and done, politicians need to be re-elected and they need money to run for office.

In a capitalistic society the government would not have used it’s power that way to rule by fiat whether a business can exist. Yes, there are a whole host of rules, regulations and licenses for a business and a corrupt government can abuse it’s power, but they can be overruled by the courts, suffer monetary damages and embarrassment that could affect their career. Not so in a socialist state, the law backs actions such as the German government and a business would have no recourse.

Kind of heavy-handed, eh? That is government of any kind and something we could do without if it weren’t for so many unstable people in the world, people that will do anything, like Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin, to gain and keep power.

If all people could be responsible for themselves and use common sense, courtesy and respect towards one another, we wouldn’t need government, but that is a Utopian idea. It is not the Pollyanna version that socialists have offered that an all-powerful central government would make life better for everyone. There is a word for that type of government and it is “totalitarian”.

So pick your poison, right or left. Both want to tell you how to live your life without having to be told how to run theirs. OR you could choose to live your life free of outside influence, responsibly.

So when someone says, “believe in us, we offer you more and better”, run as fast as you can away because all they want is what you have and will give you little in return, just enough to keep you on the hook to give more

Iraq war vs ISIS

“The Iraqi forces defeated by Islamic State fighters in their takeover of Ramadi were not outnumbered and in fact showed “no will to fight,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Sunday”

Carter saying Iraqi forces losing ‘will to fight’

All nations see themselves as they are and criticize those that don’t match up. The United States needs to see its military not as it is, but as it was during the Revolutionary War, which is where the Iraqi Army is and then some. During the Revolutionary War, American troops broke and ran in the face of professional, well-trained and dedicated troops. And it took hiring a Hessian to train American trrops to become an army that could stand and win.

The people of Iraq have been in a state of war since 1991 (over 20 years) and they are tired of the never-ending death and poverty. They also are not united, shiite and sunni, against the extremist, theocratic threat. The sunni/shiite mix causes doubt in itself about who can be trusted.

The Iraqi Army lacks faith and confidence and no amount of people can overcome that.

Pres. Obama has placed his trust in the Iraqi Army to prevail . . . . and they can, but only with a total attitude overhaul and taking a look at the South Korean Army during the Korean War and then after and ask, “is this the course of events and how do we shape them?”

Pre. Obama doesn’t want to commit American troops to the war in Iraq, he wants the money for domestic programs. I, myself, don’t want to see American troops committed en masse. I want to see training, equipment and adequate air support of the level used in Afghanistan.

While the Iraqi Army lacks faith and confidence, the United States lacks willpower and a sense of direction, but you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing

Quit seeing the Iraqi Army as us, see themselves for themselves and deal with it