This IS Global Warming

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Clean up the air as much as you want, but trapped heat is only AN EFFECT. The cause is heat generation and there is all sorts, but the worst offender are the cities and the extravagant use of lights . . . . lights to highlight buildings and bridges for one thing. There is necessary lighting like street lights and indoor lighting. But the more you use, the greater the load on generation and the more heat caused.

Cities act as heat islands that change weather patterns, also.  

Cutting down on heat generation is A MUST, along with re-planting trees to soak up the CO2 so many people worry about. The use of wood needs to be stopped and replaced.

Want to clean up the air NOW? Drive fuel cell cars . . . . not only do they generate their own power unlike EV cars, they EAT pollution and reduce it NOW! EV cars just transfer the heat and pollution problem to central power plants that have to generate more power, and more heat, to charge EV cars.

The problem with global warming is not in the air, it is AT YOUR FEET! Cities need to be torn apart and re-done with more open space and trees. It will cost a lot and won’t happen quickly. But nature will solve the problem if people don’t by getting rid of people – ALL THE PEOPLE.

To date, the solutions offered have been shortsighted, self-serving and based on greed – even the environmental faction lining their pockets with grant money for their pet projects. There is nothing more pathetic then a research scientist drooling over funding or anything more vicious then a research scientist protecting their funding.

Honest science, inclusive of all views, with all options on the table based on the common good and not self-interest. Don’t forget that the people today crying about global warming are the ones in the 70’s crying about a new ice age. Bring honesty back to science and fix the problem RIGHT!


Stanford Researchers Unveil New Ultrafast Charging Aluminum-Ion Battery

Stanford Researchers Unveil New Ultrafast Charging Aluminum-Ion Battery

In an electric car, as stated by a Toyota engineer, that is given a 12 minute rapid charge of a car uses enough electricity to power 1,000 homes. This would seriously tax the electric transmission system and possibly cause brownouts if not worse with a one-minute charge. Tesla doesn’t talk about this with their push for rapid charging stations. In turn, Tesla makes fun of fuel cell cars but overlooks one prime advantage of FC cars. Rather then preserving the status quo vis-à-vis air pollution like EV cars do, FC cars “eat” pollution and reduce the amount of pollution every time the car is driven.

A drawback to current FC cars is its fuel needs to be produced though pollution causing sources, but then so does EV cars. In both cases, the source of pollution is shifted someplace else and both have a way to eliminate that eventually, but EV cars will leave mother nature to clean the air in years, more like decades, while FC cars will deal with cleaning the air now. EV advocates don’t like talking about NOW, but rather a future time when the nation relies entirely on alternative energy to generate electricity. Those advocates have invested a lot of political capital and prestige in EV cars to accept that there is a better alternative or discuss what EV cars truly mean. Like any other advocacy group, they wear blinders and see what they want to see and ignore anything that doesn’t suit their advocacy.

The advantage of the fast-charging battery is disconnecting from the grid. In fact, you could have a solar array on your home and an AL-Io battery and get off the grid entirely and not have to worry about EV cars breaking the system. But you’d have to make a choice, power your home or charge your car and then the one left out would need the grid. And what about when you go someplace and need recharged and you’re prohibited from fast-charging because of the strain it places on the grid?

The grid needs upgraded is not in doubt, but why should electric companies do it if everyone goes off the grid? How do EV cars get charged then? If Climate Change is what it is made out to be, and the air can be cleaned NOW and as we go with FC cars, what is the advantage of EV cars?

Electric vehicles are a short-term solution just as steam-powered cars were in the 1900’s till gasoline was widely adopted. Are you serious about air pollution and climate change? If so, then you’ll realize EV cars are the last generation’s solution and that FC cars are the long-term solution.

Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, would poo-poo this, but he has a lot of ego riding on his vision – and money. My answer would be, go land a rocket and work on fuel cells for cars.

Global climate change, it’s never what you think

The late 70’s was really great for snow and lots of it . . . . and it’s back

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Theory is the earth goes thru alternating periods of heating and cooling. It is only logical during the heating phrase that the planet has global warming. But that ends and cooling begins. We have entered the cooling phrase and just like fashion, everything comes back. So, in a few years, expect the claims of a new ice age to be repeated by the same people crying global warming now. Because in the 70’s, the cry was a new ice age

Why can’t everyone just be honest and own up to having the same interest as everyone else . . . . we all want clean air

And as for global warming, even with absolutely clean air, the atmosphere has a limited ability to deal with the heat and after that it builds up and up. Global warming, the real global warming, is at our feet. It is the cities and it is the people and both are increasing in size. Until something is done about that – and nature is coming – the genuinely human caused warming will increase. How we use energy, and the heat it causes, needs to be addressed along with the way cities are built.

Renewable energy gets used the same way and creates the same heat. It is not the energy generation that needs addressed, it is how it is used.

Electric cars are the future – NOT

Car manufacturers keep plowing money into all electric cars without realizing they won’t go the distance (no pun intended). They are just a transitory event that may last a generation, maybe a bit more and then be gone. Why? Not enough range and no infrastructure to support them, i.e. recharging stations. Also the technology lets them down without a fast way to recharge even if they could go more then 100 miles.

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The future will be fuel cells . . . . not the pie-in-the-sky dream of pumping water into your gas tank (water is much too valuable for that), but hydrogen extracted from other sources – such as petroleum. Even now oil companies are working on developing this technology. And they have the infrastructure in place to support cell fuel vehicles. But that seems like replacing gasoline with hydrogen and doing the same old thing. Why bother?

The benefit of fuel cells is pollution – they don’t emit any, just a bit of water vapor. Ok, well enough and good, but fuel cell vehicles go one step farther, they EAT pollution. Whatever polluted atmosphere that goes in, doesn’t come out, just the water vapor. Want to clean up the Los Angeles skyline – or any skyline – turn a million cell fuel vehicles loose and in a generation or less you’ll see the mountains and the stars again.

And why fuel cells? Power production. If you’re ever driven a LPG, LNG or diesel, you know they are underpowered. Car makers have to put turbos on the engines to give them enough go power. Fuel cells, using hydrogen, don’t need that extra weight to manufacture enough energy to make a vehicle perform reasonably. Less weight means better performance, too – or bigger vehicle – for the same energy.

There are two technologies to cleaning up the environment and making the US totally independent – fuel cells and fusion technology – both of which Pres Obama has cut funding for in favor of all-electric cars and solar power companies that have the most annoying habit of going bankrupt. If there is something of a reverse Midas touch, it’s Pres. Obama.

For all his vaunted technology knowledge, Pres Obama is an ID -10-T error

Support fuel cell development. You’ll breath easier for it

Keystone XL critics now calling for more indepth climate change study

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My take on this:

The environmentalists trying to stop the pipeline because of possible carbon dioxide increase will lose one way or another. If the oil doesn’t get piped to the US, it will get piped to Vancouver and shipped to China. One way or another, the oil is going to be extracted and the Canadian government has signed off on the project because the country needs the money.

The tar sands project is not going to be stopped. All that changes is who benefits – the US or China. And if it’s China, that’s tax money lost to the US government.

Global warming

Regardless of the best intentions of environmentalists, global warming is not in the skies, it is at our feet. As the population increases we cover over more land and create larger and larger heat islands. It is these heat sinks that create global warming and the disruption of weather patterns and it will only get worse no matter how clean the atmosphere is. And short of a massive event that kills BILLIONS of people, there is nothing we can do to stop it. So rather then reacting, we must act and even be proactive and see the problem for what it is and prepare for the disasters and mega-disasters with fore-thought and prudence. That starts with being prepared with tent cities to house the victims.

We have the ability, the time and the resources. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity to get ahead of the problem because whoever is prepared, whether it be a community or a nation, survives and the rest not only die but their nation falls. A nation that feels safe, prospers. Ones that don’t, don’t. This is a basic building block to restoring the confidence of America.