The NFL Abdicates Responsibility

America is a work in progress with no end – ever . . . . and it was intended that way from the beginning. The Constitution was designed as a “living” document to adapt to the times and the needs of America.

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were written with landowners in mind, not every citizen of the, then, United States. But Thomas Jefferson was a wily sort and with the Declaration of Independence he created a roadmap to add all and any citizens to the umbrella of the Constitution.

Consider slavery . . . . . it was allowed to continue to get the southern states to agree to create the United States. Later on, before the Civil War, the Supreme Court declared slavery legal. But many good people, men and women, black and white, who fought a great moral battle, not one of personal gain, to eliminate slavery at great cost.

And, now, today, there are people, members of NFL teams, who take that for granted and insist on more and better by only taking a knee and saying, “make it so”, without any sacrifice or contribution to making a change other then fake grass stain on their pants.

Rather then insist the NFL members not do it, to take a knee, ask where is their contribution? What are they doing to stop the single greatest racial challenge America faces, black-on-black violence and death?

Taking a knee is the cheap way out with no responsibility and no consequences for what they are doing, which is taking for granted and insulting all the people that made it possible for them to have well-paid lives for nothing more then a schoolyard game.

And the thing about taking something for granted is all too soon what you have can be lost – not the money or the celebrity status, but the freedom to be able to pursue such.

It is civil rights for all, all the time or there is none for anyone – EVER. It must also be civil rights, not civil preference to enable one group power over another.

So when the National Anthem is played, honor the sacrifice of all, regardless of race or gender, who gave us a land of opportunity and a work in progress that never ends. And it is one that requires self-sacrifice to make America great.

But now, too many want the gain without the pain and just wuss out. And that is not just the football players.



MSM: Many Small Minds

MSM – it is how some refer to the mainstream media

It is an acronym for people who seek to promote themselves at the expense of the common good. They seek to control the dialogue rather then honesty report. They are participants rather then observers

The MSM are a group of people in an age where self-interest has replaced self-sacrifice. But they will sacrifice anyone to advance their career

Although the term is intended to describe the mainstream media, it defines the alt-left, too. But as Stalin said, “Quantity has a quality all of its own”. It is like ants swarming a picnic, impossible to stop and not to be underestimated.

Imagine the movie, “Idiocracy”, but with the alt-left as the majority.

I Have A Dream

I have a dream . . . . of a land where civil rights, not civil preference, is the rule of law without favoritism shown to any group based on race, gender or culture. America a is one of nation, not of God, but of it’s people because when the day begins, and when the day is done, America is all about its people and the common good unweighted by individual desire, prejudice or desire for a certain way to benefit certain individuals or to advance a political ideology at the expense of anyone else.

To achieve such a nation of people requires negotiation, comprise and moderation, not capitulation or appeasement. It is not “my way or the highway”. This is moderation, not extremism from anyone at anytime, but it does require passion, determination and commitment and to see the trees and not the forest; to see everyone as a human being and to recognize that, “why can’t we all just get along” is not a reality because people are different either by nature or nurture. That the best we can do is understand and work with one another to minimize the extremism.

America must be a land of laws all the time, but humane in it’s goals. At the same time, “line cutters” cannot be allowed for that eliminates the predictability of laws and the stability that a nation; a union affords and chaos and anarchy occur and eliminate the common good.

America has been described as the great melting pot, not the great multi-culturism. America is one culture pursuing freedom, security, safety and prosperity and that is ALL that America is about even though others have tried to expand on the original meaning to suit the needs and desires of the few to manipulate the many.

The needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few, they have to balance out one another in compromise and moderation to define and achieve the common good.

Listen to the John Lennon song, “Imagine”, and think of how such a world could be achieved and you will realize that only by everyone being dead is such possible. This is a world of people, not saints and is a world of the people, by the people and for the people.

Sometimes the best deal is one that everyone hates but that all admits everyone profits equally by.

How Obama Sold Out the DREAMers & DACA

BO announcing DACA June 15, 2012 . . . .”This is not a path to citizenship. It’s not a permanent fix. This is a temporary stopgap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people.”

 “Just six years ago, the unlikely trio of John McCain, Ted Kennedy and President Bush came together to champion this kind of reform.  And I was proud to join 23 Republicans in voting for it.  So there’s no reason that we can’t come together and get this done.”

 There was never a final vote, but BO was one of the co-sponsors of the bill. And of the bill BO said the following . . . .

 “Supports a path to citizenship similar to McCain-Kennedy and voted for the 2006 bill incorporating major aspects of the plan. Voted for the Mexican border fence. Would toughen penalties on firms that hire illegal immigrants. Calls for promoting economic development with Mexico as a way to decrease illegal immigration and, like Clinton, says family reunification should be a guiding principle in immigration policy.”

 As part of that bill was the DREAM Act provisions as pushed by President Bush who negotiated the terms with Mexico and had Kennedy and McCain frame the legislation and present it to the Senate

 Even when BO introduced DACA, he said it was a temp measure and that Congress needed to act, but BO made a promise he didn’t keep because, as usual, he dictated terms and assumed capitulation from Congress. He didn’t, and didn’t know how to, negotiate and lost the vote in Congress and never re-visited the legislation.

 And as demonstrated by Comprehensive_Immigration_Reform_Act_of_2007, BO ‘jacked an idea presented by better people then himself and had seen it fail. Legislation that the Dems failed to get behind in spite of all the high sounding rhetoric you hear now they are the minority party. If the Dems had supported reform, which the GOP would’ve gotten credit for, the legislation could’ve passed.

 Knowing that legislation to enshrine DACA would fail without border control first, from previous experience –

 “The proponents did not get even a simple majority. The message is crystal-clear. The American people want us to start with enforcement at the border and at the workplace and don’t want promises. They want action, they want results, and they want proof because they’ve heard all the promises before.”

  – and if DACA was not a path to citizenship, what the hell was BO thinking except to cause more division, more distrust and more anarchy to add to what he had already done and set civil rights back 50 years?

The Problem with North Korea

North Korea has reached the point where they think that just to threaten to attack Guam will change the direction of US policy and get the US to apologize and perhaps end the embargo. At the same time the NK’s are saying how foolish the US is proceed on the course it is. This is a paradox, the North in the first place is expecting a rational reaction (appeasement) while saying how foolish the US is, which recognizes what the NK’s consider irrational behavior.

All the while North Korea is painting itself into a corner where you go so far with threat that even if you don’t mean it you have to do it to maintain credibility. At that point, attacking Guam, the NK’s have to wonder, will the US retaliate with conventional or nuclear weapons?

As for solving the Gordian knot, that is China’s problem. If they hadn’t supported NK in the Korean War, there wouldn’t be any NK today. And ever since the Korean War, China has used NK as a proxy to goad the US into spending it’s treasure while the Chinese just sat back and built up their treasure. It is a very old principle of how to bleed your enemy into losing without a shout being fired.

An important question for China is, will the NK’s turn on them? Russia is cozying up to NK now and undermining Chinese influence, which the Chinese cannot like. They would have Russia to the north of China and a Russian client state to the south with NK. China is very sensitive about their borders.

What can China do? A “shock and awe” attack on NK – they have been building up troops on the China/NK border – and eliminate the NK state. Then to buy goodwill with the international community, China lets the Koreas unify with the understanding that above the 38th parallel. Korea would be a de-militarized zone except for the equivalent of a “national guard” for civil order, rescue and humanitarian services.

The Chinese have to be mindful of any radioactive fallout, with prevailing winds, would blow from NK right into the heart of China. For America, that would be, in diplomatic speak, “oops”. But karma is like that

Help Wanted: Someone To Fix The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is broken and the only fix so far is “Blame Trump”!

Trump use to be a democrat, he was a Clinton democrat (Bill, not Hillary). But like a lot of people, the party left him behind and he looked elsewhere and he wound up showing that the populist claim of the left was just smoke and mirrors. Obama put people out of work – intentionally – and those people took their vengeance.

Who really put Trump in office? It was Democratic Party members fed up with the gloating, overbearing party leaders who kept saying “we know what is best for you” and the people being preached to did what all are entitled to, they voted. They voted for Trump

Now the Democratic Party is looking for way to get those people, and their loyalty – back and all they can come up with is “Russia did it”. The Dem Party has to stick with that because otherwise it could get embarrassing that either a Sanders supporter in the Hillary campaign leaked the emails or that the Intel community made up the whole thing to protect their jobs

But enough of the past, where is the future?

As an example of what is being done is reminiscent of the Occupy Movement. Everyone wanted to pursue their agenda and be in charge and it became “all chiefs and no indians” and the only thing that lives on is the name and the idea.

I had no problem with the basic idea, but to be arbitrarily included in the “99%” without being asked or my input included completely turned me off and I rejected the movement in whole, as “we know what is best for you”. They got what they deserved – ignominy.

As opposed to that, there IS the Tea Party Movement. They managed to become organized and become a power. They had their attempts at taking over, such as Michelle Bachmann, trying to assert leadership in Congress in order to gain power. But the body of the Tea Party overcame that.

The Dem Party has their own Michelle Bachmann, who SUCCEEDED. Her name is Nancy Pelosi. Her idea of defeating Trump? Money and make it a referendum about Trump. It is the Dem version of the Tea Party without understanding what the Tea Party is about, and never can. It’s about independence which the Dem Party is inherent organized against.

So what can be done to fix the Dem Party?

Honesty: Obama made a lot of wonderful promises that if he had followed through on would’ve made him a great president. He lied although he kept his healthcare promise, which has hurt more people then it helped, and divided the country. Got to be careful about the promises made and think them through.

Responsibility: Make a promise, keep it. But not all promises can be kept; so own up when you have to

Realistic: Quit making promises, in the first place, that can’t be kept. And the promises you do make, they need to be rooted in reality.

Ask: Don’t just assume because it’s inconvenient or you’re lazy (like Hillary)

Don’t preach: people on the left and right hate that the most. Don’t try to run their lives. You can’t run your own and you’re trying to run theirs?

Moderation: Extremism begets extremism. If Obama hadn’t been elected, Trump wouldn’t have been elected. People are tired, the majority, the REAL majority, is tired of all the BS (including Bernie Sanders) and just want peace, prosperity and security to live their lives without a bunch of self-serving politicians intruding. Have doubts about that? Just look at the recent French presidential election where BOTH right and left were REJECTED.

Camelot: get over it, it never happened. JFK was a womanizing bigot who sent American troops to Vietnam in the first place. Why do you think he would’ve withdrawn them?

Reality: All the current leaders are OBSOLETE. It is now the millennials who will lead. But they need to realize they are the MINORITY. They need leaders who exert common sense and courtesy. Not the “be polite to your elders” paradigm, but to ALL people regardless of any dividing factor – gender, race, preference – it has to be about PEOPLE inclusive

In conclusion, the Dem Party can either change or die. And right now they are dying and the only recourse is what happened in 1854 – create a new political party that reflects not only the majority will of America, but of the spirit of America, which is independence and rejection of the heavy-handed, invasive and overbearing party that Dems have come to be.

Yesterday’s Nixonites, today’s Obamaites