You’re A Bum, America

Stand up for others and you’re a hero. Stand up for yourself and defend your rights and you’re a bum.

World War II has been over almost 75 years and Europe has re-built successfully since and in areas swamped America because Europe had the chance to build more modern infrastructure while America’s infrastructure aged helping Europe build that more modern infrastructure. You would think that Europe would stand on it’s own and quit lecturing America about morals after saving Europe in two major hot wars and one cold one.

But no, they still insist that America is there to benefit their failing socialism and attempts to re-colonize Africa. And the European nations are still fighting their genocidal wars to see who rules Europe. France, Germany and Russia all want to be the dominant power with all the other European states as vassels. 

I am so tired of Europe expecting the US to bleed itself dry to perpetuate a system that is nothing more then the living dead – and this includes Canada.

The latest example, Bombardier of Canada, who wants Boeing to roll over and protect jobs in Canada and Northern Ireland. Let American workers do without jobs and providing for families as long as the foreign jobs are protected that don’t even belong to American companies. Bleed America to death and let America go hat in hand to Canada and the European countries. They’d either turn their backs or insist America change and be like them, THE LIVING DEAD.

Barack Obama was pushing America onto that path, a hollow democracy with an elite ruling class that put people out of work to create chaos and rioting that would justify martial law from the alt-left. But Donald Trump countered with a return to American democracy, that it hurts to undo the damage that Obama caused shouldn’t be surprising since Obama appealed to the lowest common denominator in people – GREED.