The NFL Abdicates Responsibility

America is a work in progress with no end – ever . . . . and it was intended that way from the beginning. The Constitution was designed as a “living” document to adapt to the times and the needs of America.

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were written with landowners in mind, not every citizen of the, then, United States. But Thomas Jefferson was a wily sort and with the Declaration of Independence he created a roadmap to add all and any citizens to the umbrella of the Constitution.

Consider slavery . . . . . it was allowed to continue to get the southern states to agree to create the United States. Later on, before the Civil War, the Supreme Court declared slavery legal. But many good people, men and women, black and white, who fought a great moral battle, not one of personal gain, to eliminate slavery at great cost.

And, now, today, there are people, members of NFL teams, who take that for granted and insist on more and better by only taking a knee and saying, “make it so”, without any sacrifice or contribution to making a change other then fake grass stain on their pants.

Rather then insist the NFL members not do it, to take a knee, ask where is their contribution? What are they doing to stop the single greatest racial challenge America faces, black-on-black violence and death?

Taking a knee is the cheap way out with no responsibility and no consequences for what they are doing, which is taking for granted and insulting all the people that made it possible for them to have well-paid lives for nothing more then a schoolyard game.

And the thing about taking something for granted is all too soon what you have can be lost – not the money or the celebrity status, but the freedom to be able to pursue such.

It is civil rights for all, all the time or there is none for anyone – EVER. It must also be civil rights, not civil preference to enable one group power over another.

So when the National Anthem is played, honor the sacrifice of all, regardless of race or gender, who gave us a land of opportunity and a work in progress that never ends. And it is one that requires self-sacrifice to make America great.

But now, too many want the gain without the pain and just wuss out. And that is not just the football players.