It’s Not Trump, It’s The Message

I am continually amazed by the “business-as-usual”, Washington DC, crowd to fail to understand it is not Trump, that it is the message that Trump carries. The DC crowd thinks that America is happy with the DC crowd and the “rowdiness” will settle down if the DC crowd can just stop Trump.

There is this Op-ed piece from U.S. News & World Report that is more of the same pablum, ” . . . . if we can just stop Trump”. It is not Trump they are trying to stop, those who feel their self-interest is threatened, it is the message that Trump conveys. Trump heard and focused the sense of dissatisfaction that the liberal regime has created.

That dissatisfaction will not end, and only grow. I see something like the French Revolution happening and all the fatcats, left and right, corporate and union, will go to the guillotine.

If Trump loses, the message WILL CONTINUE. It will be like the Tea Party only an order larger. And while many make fun of the Tea Party, compared to it’s competition, the Occupy movement, it is what libs hate most, the Tea Party is organized and successful. The unorganized, unruly, self-centered and self-absorbed Occupy movement that every liberal entity tried to hijack for their own ends was a circus not to be respected.

There is a full-fledged populist movement in process and not one that can be claimed by liberals. There is this article that cuts the corners of the populist movement, ‘Something is wrong in our political system’. The author, Mr. D’Souza, rightly points out that the problem is the quality of the leadership, that America is getting offered more of the same in Hillary and that Trump is too different, too threatening to a lot of people.

Mr. D’Souza is wrong that established people will go away. There is the example of the Whig Party, they reformed into the GOP and elected Lincoln

Ignoring Trump and focusing on the people, America may just wind up with a 3rd party that attracts the best and brightest from the independents of America. The current leaders are not speaking for, or even listening, to America. They are paying attention to the people that keep them in office, the groups that provide campaign finance money, both left and right.

The left has demonstrated just as much greed as the right and the ruthlessness, or more so, of hanging onto power that the right did in the late 60’s. It is no longer about the common good, but self-interest; of the left trying to seize and become the moral authority of America.

The left has become the establishment, the man, big brother with intrusive and heavy-handed government that no one likes anymore then the right in the 50’s.

The U.S. News & World Report article ends, “Unfit. Unqualified. Donald Trump is truly the great un-ifier.” The ironic thing is a person could easily insert Barack Obama’s name at any time in Obama’s LIFE into that sentence and it would be true. Obama has set civil rights back 50 years, which can be seen in the similarity of riots between now, and the late 60’s.

Obama didn’t champion civil rights, he championed civil preference and created the mess we have. Barack Obama has set the precedent for a different style of president – the gangster – and to think people are frothing at the mouth over Trump. If it hadn’t been for Obama, we wouldn’t have either the Tea Party or Trump.

There is no balance, no moderation. All there is greed. America is about profit now, not about creating value.