America Turns Right

In the 1958 Congressional elections, American voters started turning the country to the left in response to the excesses of the right epitomized by Joseph McCarthy and the HUAC. This move to the left was sealed by the election of JFK in 1960.

In the 2014 Congressional elections, started the country on a return to the right in responses to the excesses of the left epitomized by the invasive spying and abuse of power using the IRS to punish opponents. This move will probably be sealed by the 2016 election of Trump or Cruz

Anyone doubting the move to the right need only look to the TV and movie industry turning out the largest number of religious features since the 1950’s. Hollywood always leads the way because they go where the money is and then influences contemporary culture

Remember all the protest songs of the 60’s? Those were about the right then. Now they are about the left, the left who is the establishment and big brother. The only people who approve are the ones who profit from heavy-handedness. Everyone else wants fair and balanced government


The Presidency No One Can Get Behind

In 2012, the Tea Party said Romney was not “their type of candidate”, didn’t vote for him, and got Obama re-elected.

For 2016, the people that the Tea Party crossed, sometimes referred to as “RINO’s”, are saying Trump is not their kind of candidate and won’t vote for him.

The Tea Party members and those that think along the same lines are saying, “this is not fair”.

To them “fair” means not getting their way and sound no better then a Dem whining like a spoiled 13 yr old trying to get their way without earning it.

Just as Obama’s arrogance created the Tea Party, the Tea Party has created a backlash with the arrogance of the Tea Party failing to support Romney and living up to their promise of getting rid of Obama.

Trump keeps running a bluff of running as an independent and the RINO’s are calling that bluff and saying better anyone but Trump, even Hillary, and it’s not a bluff and Trump knows it and you can sense his desperation, his cry of, “this is not fair”.

The ironic part is how many Dems don’t want Hillary and they will have a choice of supporting Hillary or Trump. The devil must be laughing his ass off. God is on God’s side and God decides what part we play in God’s plan and no one is immune.

It is all people dealing with people and what goes around comes around . . . . and that is fair. 

Rights and Privileges

I believe no one should live in fear of another person for any reason. Nor do I believe, that to achieve that, that anyone should have to give up control of their life to other individuals or group of individuals’ secular or non-secular.

There are those who are comfortable with others leading and being able to live life as they choose, they are the flock who ask for a shepherd to guide them and that shepherd has helpers that are guardians of the flock. But always lurking is the predators trying to lure the flock to their doom whispering sweet promises of rewards, paradise and nirvana and only get slavery much as the Israelites received in Egypt.

A person can break their bonds and escape but it’s best not to let that happen first.

At the same time, freedom is not a right nor is it free. It is something you fight for and shed YOUR blood for., not another’s who puts themself in harm’s way for you. It is possible that if you actively support those that go in harm’s way, you earn your freedom. But any who oppose those that go in harm’s way are detritus and to be defined as second-class citizens without the privileges that the likes of the Constitution affords.

If you want to burn the flag, EARN the right first by fighting for it. By paying in blood, yours and that of your comrades that fight with you and died. Then you will know the price and value of what civilization is about.