An Apocalypse Of Need

Society always finds a way to express it’s fears though not always in a straightforward manner.

Consider the popularity of Zombie movies. I think most people are worried about the end of the world and a zombie apocalypse reflects that. Simple enough, but I was watching a promo for “The Walking Dead” and had a thought, what if the zombie hoards represent the unending immigrant waves crushing Europe and North America?

In a time where what the American dream has become is a “no vacancy” sign because all the free land that contributed to what America offered is gone. In essence, there is just enough to go around and there are hoards of people surging in that never contributed, insisting, based on human rights, that they are entitled to a share.

So you have an ever increasing number of people to house and feed and less to do it with till everyone is dragged down to fighting for survival. And, supposedly, climate change will make it worse with everyone trying to converge on the green areas.

And regardless of climate change or anything else, there are more people and fewer jobs and the ability to support the ever growing number of people diminishes till finally there is an apocalypse of need that forces a drastic reduction of the number of people on the planet.

Some people call the drastic reduction of people the “coming of days” and the end of the world. I call it closing a chapter of history and starting a new one . . . . after the new Dark Ages are over in 500 years or so.


Collective Bargaining without Unions


As John Lennon once prompted . . . . Imagine . . . . but in this case collective bargaining without unions. The nation talks about universal medical coverage, so why not universal labor coverage?

The government would take over what unions do now and replace them with simple workers councils to collect info only. They would be no union officials per se like now. Just people collecting economic data to justify the wages for a given area should be to have a living wage.

Living in the city can be more expensive then a small town, California then Wyoming.

Info would also be collected for labor infractions and forwarded to a regional office for parsing and recommendations of action, much like the Social Security Administration, for action to be taken.

The national workers council would be entirely self-subsidizing with a flat $10 per month per worker council fee. Money left over would go to improving worker conditions like safety and provide training programs. Enabling law would specify that money collected would only be spent on labor rights

All upper level management that currently exists in unions like president, vice-president and so would be at the national level, with no one holding lifetime appointments, would be within the Dept. of Labor. Current union leaders would be prohibited from applying to the Dept. of Labor for any job to prevent power plays and corruption which some unions are noted for.

They are points to be worked out, but what I have here would suffice to start with.

The idea is to take the best that unions offer, get rid of the worst and concentrate again on the common good like unions use to before the “me first” attitude took over.