America and Refugees

There was a time when the US faced the same sort of situation it does with refuge Syrians. It was World War 2 and America acted too late then.

Japanese citizens had immigrated to America congregating in Hawaii and California. Of those emigrants were a handful of spies, spies that provided Japan and it’s navy with intelligence and targeting information about Pearl Harbor.

The majority of the Japanese immigrants were innocent. They were hardworking and just desiring a better life, a life free of the tyranny they left behind. And when they were sent to internment camps, they went willingly thought confused and angry because what had they done? But they were easy to identify, unlike German immigrants, and mix in with them had been a handful that created “the day that will live in infamy”.

Some of the interned Japanese wanted to fight back, but not against America, but against those that had caused war in the first place, the fascists of Japan and Germany and help free the world from that oppression. They wanted to prove they were on the side of freedom and they went on to form the most decorated Army unit of it’s size in WWII, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Now we have the same situation again, a majority that just wants peace and raise their family free of tyranny. They also have a handful among them that threatens America, but it’s more then that, these immigrants want to bring an alien way, Sharia Law, to the US that would threaten to bring what they are trying to escape to America.

There are some who use the aftermath of WWII, of becoming friends with those nations, to shame people and to make them feel guilty so America blindly accepts the Syrian refugees with promises that they can’t ensure, and won’t be alive if the promises fall through.

These people, these appeasers, need to recall the whole of what they are trying to sell. From the way Japanese immigrants sold out America at Pearl Harbor to the 442nd RCT to dropping the A-bomb to force Japan into the path it came to travel.

This brings me to two questions for these appeasers:

1) Where are the Syrian men stepping up as the Japanese immigrants did to form the 442nd RCT and fight back?

2) Will we need to nuke Syria as we did Japan or burn their cities to the ground as we did in Germany in WWII to change their path?

To anyone that wants to believe the vetting process is absolutely perfect, even after San Bernadino and the woman terrorist sliding through the process, invite Syrian refugees to live in your home. The odds are only 1 in 20,000 that person or persons will be a terrorist. 1 in 20k would be pretty good odds if it were the lottery, but for your life?

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it, because all it takes is a handful of terrorists (or even just one or two) to destroy your life and kill your children. Surely we have learned that by now


Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid blasts Justice Antonin Scalia over ‘racist’ rhetoric

US News and World Report Article

We have an education system contrived by liberals that pushes black kids along in K-12 schools and into college. These kids amass huge loans to pay back and because they were not properly educated they can’t find jobs and fall into poverty and the cycle goes on and on.

Harry Reid and his like don’t want people to be reminded of how liberals are creating indentured servants to the liberal cause and they want to shift the blame. Woe unto to anyone that speaks up, like Justice Scalia, and cast doubt on the liberal education system.

These kids, these black kids, just like any other impoverished kids, need to be brought along with a multi-generational education design of building success upon success because genuine education starts in the home with parents passing their intelligence on to their kids.

Liberals are so determined that they are “enlightened” and “progressive” that they can’t see beyond their own egos and see blacks, and any other racial group, as people rather then pawns.

It is no different then a baby learning to walk and as they grow up, learning to run. Justice Scalia is saying we need to take our time and help the affected kids learn to walk and then to run and then to SUCCEED.

Quit letting liberals run these kids into the ground for some political agenda. They just need extra help, at their own pace to overcome the negative environment they have to climb out of.

If you want to see the proof of this, look at the blacks, or any minority, who have been successful and their kids who continue the success upward as is the American Dream.

Was a San Bernardino high school a target of terrorists?

FoxNews Article

The whole of the event in San Bernadino has puzzled me. The terrorists were prepared for the attack, they went in and shot their targets and body-trapped the entrance, which failed, to kill first responders. But that was only the middle game and not quite executed. I would’ve thought they would toss explosives in behind them to make sure they killed those they missed when shooting.

As I say, it’s only the middle game where you also have a beginning and close.

The opening, as executed, they all rode together in a rented SUV to the target. Why? Why not stash the SUV in a spot where they would individually meet and then go to the target keeping their place of origin hidden from traffic and surveillance cameras? Ideally they should of drove separate vehicles to the meeting spot and then went to the target.

The closing game, for them was to waste a 3 hour head start driving idly around and then going home. Instead, they should of drove back to their separate vehicles, set the SUV on fire to wipe out evidence and then each drove off in entirely separate directions and tied up law enforcement in not only California but also Arizona and Nevada and created a region-wide panic.

The investigation found an IED “factory” and it would seem obvious they had other targets in mind, now supported by the Fox article. Why did they waste all that effort? It seems they wanted to be caught or killed. If nothing else, during the flight, in separate directions, they could’ve use all the extra explosives to create a wider terrorist attack like some infrastructure attacks.

At some point the case will be closed, but I don’t think all the answers will be found. The terrorists were so prepared and they junked it for personal revenge on one idiot?

Youth is wasted on the young

“Youth is wasted on the young.” George Bernard Shaw

I have thought that when I was a bit younger, but it’s not true. It is only because of youth that we learn life’s lessons and become wiser when we are older. Then it is when we are are older that we wish we were wise when we were younger.

But if we had been wise when we were younger, would we have done the things that taught us the lessons that made us wise? You’d be an fart in a 20 yr old body and the one left behind when everyone goes out adventuring. But that does not stop the young from partaking of wisdom from the older. Grab every piece of knowledge while you can because some will die when people die

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”