How to kill America

A couple days ago, someone or some group, dropped the power lines that supply The Crimea with power. They used explosives to take down the towers and in excess of 1.8 million people are struggling as winter comes on, a bitter Russian style winter. Replacing the towers and running new lines will take weeks.

It has always struck me as strange that terrorists take down skyscrapers and shoot up bars and effect only a few thousand people instead of hitting infrastructure like power lines.

In the US you can take down one or two towers and disrupt the power supply to 10’s of millions because the power grid is so interdependent. Remember the last big power outage in the northeast US? That was just two towers that set that in motion.

Now that the the someones in the Ukraine have drawn attention to power lines, I would expect to see more of that happen. And unless you place troops at every tower, it is impossible to deal with

Helping Syria Help Itself

“President Obama is accusing Republicans, who oppose allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S., of being scared of widows and orphans. He says the political posturing “needs to stop”

What Obama is actually saying is the GOP needs to stop opposing Obama and affecting his legacy.

America has no problem with taking in “widows and orphans” or women, children and elderly of any stripe. It is all the military age men that is the real problem. Why is it that these men are not back in Syria standing up and fighting for their homes, their families and their country instead of running?

Standing up to protect and fight is an american virtue, too, Mr President. So why don’t you help those men do just that instead of mindlessly and egoistical shooting off your mouth?

America is about helping people help themselves, but you don’t seem to understand that, do you, Mr President? You never had the chance to learn that and that is what has been wrong with your Presidency all along