Higher Ed and Employment

Having read this article  makes me realize why I dropped out of college. I spent two years of doing what the university told me I had to do and what was best for me and it wasn’t. The requirements to get into the classes you wanted are just employment for teachers – teachers that aren’t needed but guarantee university budgets.

Much as been made of the military-industrial complex but no one talks about the education complex and it’s self-interest and self-perpetuating practices that cause people to drop out because the university insists you take classes where you just spin your wheels, like English 101 or lectures that offer nothing but rote instruction and lose interest. 

Public universities whine about budget cuts when they should be eliminating useless classes and redundant teachers. 

My great regret about the great recession is it was the last chance for 50 years to reform the education system and all people did was hunker down and doge rather then comforting the problem. Teachers say, “it’s for the kids” when it’s all about the teachers and their careers. It is not education that is scared, it’s the jobs.And it’s not like teachers can’t find other teaching jobs – there are plenty available. It’s about giving up a cushy job.

And ask a teacher about budget cuts and they will say cut someone else’s budget. Budgets for the poor, the homeless, the hungry? Teachers don’t care as long as they don’t suffer. NIMBY has become NIMBI (not in my best interest)

This is a fast paced world and universities need to pick up the pace.


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