Unions belong to the 1%

““While we come from different unions and backgrounds, our goal is a government that carries out the will of the people, not prop up the profits of the 1 percent at the expense of the rest of us,” reads a letter on the group’s website that already has 1,109 signatures.”

Unions are not about the “will of the people”, but the will of the unions. Unions are part of the 1% just as corporations are and want the same things driven by self-interest and greed and use the same, if not worse, heavy handed tactics. And like the ultimate goal of a corporation, unions want monopoly control to enrich a few at the expense of the many.


Union members make good money, live in nice houses in pirate neighborhoods. They constantly look for ways to use other groups to leverage more money for unions, like the burger flippers. 

To the homeless, the impoverished and those living in projects, the lives of union members looks damn good and those people, the homeless, the impoverished and those living in projects, ask the union members, “where is your fair share? All you do is take and not give.”

Where are unions when it comes to training people and helping them get jobs. The unions wait till you’ve spent yourself into debt, then unionize you and take more money from you. Is it any wonder unions are obsolete? They are looking out for themselves all the while protesting the represent the common man; they represent, they ARE the middle class while forgetting the role of business being part of the middle class.

Unions have become elitist and are no different from corporations – just as greedy, corrupt and hypocrites 


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