Being Devout

If what you believe in is wrong, then it could be fake and you’re supporting the fake-ness in the world.

But that’s where faith comes in. Things that you believe can be quantified and measured, faith is indivisible, emotional and not based on logic. Faith is the knowing what you believe in is right even in the face of equally compelling viewpoints (God is on my side).

I believe in facts and honesty (to thine own self be honest) and I have faith there is a God and God gives me the strength to believe in facts and honesty because God is God and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, there is only the reality of what is.


Being right is about more then believing you’re right. It’s about being right regardless. The truth may not be what you can believe or accept, but it remains the truth regardless of what you believe or accept.

The world is flat, the earth revolves around the sun – people believed this at one time but they were wrong and it was corrected. Nowadays we wonder how they could have been so blind except such still happens on a lesser, non-cosmic scale.

The devout will put belief ahead of fact but that doesn’t excuse it. Facts must build belief, not the other way around lest we go sailing off the edge of the earth.

To be devout does not require or mean religion. It is something you fully believe in to the exclusion of all else.


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