FIFA Probe

“ZURICH (AP) — The Latest on FIFA developments:

7:23 p.m. (1723 GMT, 1:23 p.m. EDT)

A Kuwaiti sheikh who is set to join FIFA’s executive committee on Friday has criticized the “Hollywood-style” raid by Swiss police on the FIFA hotel in Zurich as part of a U.S. investigation into corruption.

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, already a powerful Olympic powerbroker, questioned whether the American probe stems from the country losing out on the 2022 World Cup to Qatar and its tense relationship with 2018 host Russia over the Ukraine conflict.

“Is it because they (the U.S) want to kill FIFA? Is it because they (US) didn’t win the election?” Sheikh Ahmad told The Associated Press, referencing the 2010 vote on World Cup hosts. “Is it related to the Ukraine-Russian war? A lot of questions (are being) raised … maybe not a lot of people can say it.”

Sheikh Ahmad, who heads the Association of National Olympic Committees, endorsed Sepp Blatter to win a fifth term as FIFA president in the election on Friday.

“He is the best from the names we are seeing on the list of who is running for the leadership of this organization,” Sheikh Ahmad said. “He is the most qualified one to continue.””

Perhaps the Shiekh is afraid that the Arab nations habit of bribery will be exposed and he’s trying to divert attention. And perhaps the Shiekh doesn’t understand the American desire of corruption free sports, ones that go the highest bidder. America has a long history of rooting out corruption in sports and just as long a history of being passed over for an international sports event and NOT seeing to punish anyone for freedom of choice.

If the Sheikh doesn’t like honest competition, perhaps he needs to do something else with his time


Ok with a 90% tax rate?

“The self-described socialist senator from Vermont wants to reverse the “massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top one-tenth of 1 percent.” The 90 percent top income tax rates America had during the 1950s might not be too high, he said.”

The senator is either an idiot or ignorant.

Ignorant is he is totally unaware of the tax structure in the 1950’s, which was 90% for the wealthy and 50% for everyone else. But the tax rate wasn’t much higher then it is now because they were tons of deductions, deductions that have been eliminated to make taxes simpler, easier and more honest. By making taxes simpler it cost the the government less to handle taxes and have more money to spend elsewhere.

But I actually suspect he’s an idiot because for every dollar the government takes in, that one less dollar you have to spend as you see fit and I don’t think any American would stand to have that curtailed. Also people would have less to spend, only 10 cents for every dollar they make, but Sen. Sanders is “. . . . willing to accept slower economic growth in return for what he’d consider a more equitable distribution of income.” Which stealing from one group to give to another that did nothing to earn it and create a massive expansion of the welfare state and government power.

In the 1958 federal elections America turned the country to the left because the right had gone too far and people were fed up with it. In the 2014 federal elections America turned the country to the right because left had gone too far and all Sen. Sanders – or any Dem candidate offers – is more of the same

Sen. Sanders better look around, too, because the people, the rich people that fund Dem candidates won’t like the idea of supporting having 90% of their wealth taken from them . . . . that is unless the candidate is willing to write them a sweetheart deal which means a corrupt candidate even before elected and more strings on that candidate.

But Sen Sanders knows he has no chance of being nominated or elected as president, he’s just trying to push the party so far left they are frozen out of any real power for 50 years. Why is it all the Dems from the president on down are trying to destroy the Dem Party? Is 2016 to be 1860 and the Dems destroying themselves like they did in supporting slavery and starting the Civil War?

Iraq war vs ISIS

“The Iraqi forces defeated by Islamic State fighters in their takeover of Ramadi were not outnumbered and in fact showed “no will to fight,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Sunday”

Carter saying Iraqi forces losing ‘will to fight’

All nations see themselves as they are and criticize those that don’t match up. The United States needs to see its military not as it is, but as it was during the Revolutionary War, which is where the Iraqi Army is and then some. During the Revolutionary War, American troops broke and ran in the face of professional, well-trained and dedicated troops. And it took hiring a Hessian to train American trrops to become an army that could stand and win.

The people of Iraq have been in a state of war since 1991 (over 20 years) and they are tired of the never-ending death and poverty. They also are not united, shiite and sunni, against the extremist, theocratic threat. The sunni/shiite mix causes doubt in itself about who can be trusted.

The Iraqi Army lacks faith and confidence and no amount of people can overcome that.

Pres. Obama has placed his trust in the Iraqi Army to prevail . . . . and they can, but only with a total attitude overhaul and taking a look at the South Korean Army during the Korean War and then after and ask, “is this the course of events and how do we shape them?”

Pre. Obama doesn’t want to commit American troops to the war in Iraq, he wants the money for domestic programs. I, myself, don’t want to see American troops committed en masse. I want to see training, equipment and adequate air support of the level used in Afghanistan.

While the Iraqi Army lacks faith and confidence, the United States lacks willpower and a sense of direction, but you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing

Quit seeing the Iraqi Army as us, see themselves for themselves and deal with it

Next Healthcare Issue

“A study by the advocacy group Families USA found that one-quarter of the people with individual health insurance policies went without care in 2014 because they could not afford the out-of-pocket costs. The study singled out high deductibles.”

Democrats See Skimpy Insurance As The Next Health Care Issue

The Democrats see this as an issue to get votes. I see it as something to take issue with since the Democrats wrote the legislation and blocked all GOP input and then Democrats approved the legislation without a single GOP vote. So the Dems made the problem and now want to profit from it.

This is just another example that shows how out of touch the Dems are. Their attitude is “we know what’s best for you, so sit down and shut up”

It is time to show that the voters know best and won’t be fooled

Radical Islamic Terrorism

Headline- Cruz: Can’t Win War Against Our Enemies If Obama ‘Unwilling’ to Say the Words ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’

This is one of those arguments about semantics, so to narrow the point of contention, I limit it to an American view.

An extremist is one who, within the boundaries of their own country seeks to destabilize and take over control of the country. The best example of this is Iran

A terrorist is one who goes outside the boundaries of their country to intimidate other nations to force a change of attitude. The 9/11 attacks are an example of that.

So the goal is the determining factor and in some cases, like the Oklahoma City bombing, a person can be both an extremist and a terrorist. In fact it could be argued that to be a terrorist you have to be an extremist, but not necessarily the other way around.

There is this explanation of what a foreign power is and to be an agent of, which a person trying to join ISIS would be violating (section B, 2). To accuse people of terrorism for wanting to help and fight with ISIS is not terrorism, it is not even sedition or treason as long as their actions are not directed at America.

Section 3 could be quite unconstitutional because while not vague is overly broad.

So while Pres Obama is criticized for not calling a spade a spade, that is not true. What he is doing is the sin of omission, as in, telling the truth but not the whole truth. Yes, America has an ongoing fight with extremists, which Pres Obama has admitted. But what he fails to say is that these people are motivated by religion and that they carry the fight to our shores in the form of extremism.

Cause and effect and the president only wants to deal the effect, not the cause, and as long as that goes on, the cause goes on.

American Government in the Age of Mass Production

Pres. Obama has proven that he is not indispensable  or irreplaceable, in fact he easily is. He has damaged the aura of the presidency to no end and ushered in the era of interchangeable government, the kind that led to the Roman Empire.

To see this, look at the various phases of Pres. Obama. It’s not that he has multiple personalities, just varying levels of advisors pushing their own agenda to suit the chip on his shoulder.

America has reached a turning point in how it views government. It’s no longer about the individual, but about the collective of who can assemble the best advisors.

Perhaps it’s time to start electing the individual cabinet members starting with having an independent attorney general that is not beholden to who made the appointment

Ashton Carter, Sec of Defense

No More ‘Red Lines’?: Us Asks Un To Step In Over New Assad Chem Claims

With the recent successful Delta Force raid and now this new line on Syria, I think we are seeing the hand of Ashton Carter at work and, thankfully, Obama listening. Obama has always been a puppet of his advisors but now he has one with some common sense instead of an ax to grind.

With Mr. Carter, military matters are in good hands. Now all the country needs is two more people, one for domestic affairs and one for foreign affairs, of the same quality.