Michael Moore and the chip on his shoulder

Think of Michael Moore of being the fat kid that everyone picked on. Now he’s all grown up (no pun intended) and he has a way – movies – to get back at those people who picked on him. And because he made a name for himself, the media reports what he says.

Does that make it right or Moore a better person? Nah. He’s just the same as those people that picked on him as a kid, just another bully picking on people.

And making fun of him now for being overweight is just plain wrong. Think of all the people that are overweight that you know. Making fun of him for his views or attitude is fair game.


Why Obama is wrong about Keystone XL Pipeline

Pres. Obama has consistently fought a rearguard battle to prevent the Keystone XL pipeline.

First he hid behind waiting for the State Dept environmental review, which said there were no problems.

Then he his behind it wouldn’t create more jobs, it will as the State Dept said it would. 42,000 temp jobs and 3900 permanent. And that is just for the contraction and maintaining the pipeline. There are the jobs created in companies that supply material and put people back to work.

Then Obama said it wouldn’t lower prices for gasoline. It won’t but it will keep prices down which Obama DOESN’T WANT. He has consistently moved towards forcing prices higher.

Now he is using national security as an excuse, which is stupid. Even if not a drop of Canadian oil is refined for use in the US (there will be refining) that oil loosens the hold of OPEC and countries hostile to the US has on the world. Keystone XL ensures America’s security, not lessens it. It does lessen the hold foreign nations have on the US and our allies.

It also helps a loyal ally, Canada. And Canada is about fed up and will run a pipeline to their western coast. Nothing will stop the recovery and transport of the oil which is what the eco’s want.

Part of the Keystone KL oil will be refined for American use – jobs. Part will be loaded on tankers in the Gulf – jobs. And there is the money from fees and taxes that stay in the US

That oil will go to countries wanting trading partners that won’t try to force Islamic ideology on them enhancing their security and ours because these are the countries that stand by the US

So whose security is Obama looking after? Saudi Arabia? He certainly helped them by trying to drive up prices. I though he worked for the American people

Underlying all of it is a test of wills. Will America help set the world free of Islamic domination or knuckle under and take orders from foreign capitals?

Obama has found repeated excuses and it’s time he manned up and came to terms with who he works for and tell the world. 

In God We Trust

In God We Trust – it is the saying printed on US money. But what it doesn’t say is whose God, mine, yours, theirs. It is assumed it is the God of Jesus, who is the God of the Jews and, whether they like it or not, the muslims, since they acknowledge Abraham, who was/is very much Jewish, as they patriarch and justify their claim to Israel through him.

The only people who should have a problem with it are atheists and if their values are what they say, why do they care or even notice? 

So . . . . “In God We Trust” is the God of us all without regard to, or recognizing, any religious sect

And Christmas displays, skip it being about Jesus since it is what God is about and just put up a star, or a candle, in humble recognition.

Obama and Terrorism

Something to think about vis-a-vis about Obama and how hard he tries to ignore terrorism. It’s not he’s a closet Muslim Brotherhood member, or a Muslim, at all. He’s just downright afraid of terrorists and that they will come after him. 

He won’t be Prez forever and out of office he will have reduced Secret Service protection. So rather then try and catch to interrogate, he’s using drone strikes to kill them, which creates more.

So rather then look at it as an issue of sympathy, think of it as a unreasoning phobia. Perhaps even reasonable since the flight 93 target was probably the White House. And after Obama’s drone policy, if I was one of the people affected, I would be coming for Obama, too.

With every drone strike, Obama sleeps less well at night. Kill or capture, someone gets radicalized. Obama will never be safe, nor his family, ever again. I imagine this applies to ever President from Clinton to the far future. It’s a war to the knife.

Dishonoring Mohammed and Bringing Shame to His Name

Images of the Prophet Muhammad Are Banned by the Islamic Faith — and Here’s Why

Unlike Christianity, in which Jesus is considered God’s son and, thus, worthy of worship, Muhammad is considered a mere man and is not entitled to that level of adoration

Mohammed is not entitled to adoration by Islamic law, he is a “mere man”. It is to be remembered then that “mere mortals” make mistakes even with God – the one God of all religions – trying to help us.

So Muslims have to come to terms that, though perhaps wiser, he is a human being just like anyone else. And his decisions, his words, bear the same scrutiny and critical review – even more so – then the common person. And, as shown, the pen is mightier then the sword or otherwise Charlie Hebdo wouldn’t have been attacked. By attacking, muslims have shown the failure of their beliefs.

If you have faith then what others say doesn’t matter. If you have faith, then you don’t have to prove it, you just live it. If you no faith, then you force others to believe as you do so you can feel that you’re right. Mohammed would know this.




This pencil will long outlive the murderers in Paris and will write their obituaries and epithets. And now those murderers face their God for their slander and shame of casting doubt on His Name and His Will. They go to meet their fate –  jahannam (the Muslim hell) for they are evil-doers