Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done

 “it must be civil rights for all or there is none for anyone at anytime”

In the video of Officer Pantaleo and Mr Garner, what I see, is an individual approached by police officers and has a “who me” moment and then starts to panic. Officer Pantaleo pre-emptively reacts and, along with 4 other officers proceeds to subdue what would now be assumed to be a suspect of a crime

My analysis would be that Officer Pantaleo failed to properly assess his suspect for possible medical conditions – big people like Mr. Garner very often having breathing problems (I am such a person). Officer Pantaleo then made a second mistake, opting to use a chokehold.

The chokehold, per New York Police Department Patrol Guide, 2004 Edition, is prohibited

Members of the New York City Police Department will NOT use chokeholds. A chokehold shall include, but is not limited to, any pressure to the throat or windpipe, which may prevent or hinder breathing or reduce intake of air.

So while not intending to cause another person’s death, through poor judgement and the unauthorized (illegal) use of a trained technique, the choke hold (think of how boxers and martial artists are considered deadly weapons), Officer Pantaleo caused the death of another person.For anyone else, that is referred to as Involuntary Manslaughter.

Officer Pantaleo has denied using a chokehold, but yet, he obviously has his arm around Mr Garner’s neck in a fashion that would cause breathing problems.

 And as I remember it, Officer Pantaleo stated he had been taught the chokehold at the Police Academy, which is either a lie, since he was a 8 year veteran and the chokehold was prohibited 2 years before he was at the Academy, or there is unauthorized training occurring at the Academy

It should be noted that Garner’s cause of death has yet to be determined, but, now, will anyone believe any result? As much as I hate the Holder DOJ, this is the sort of thing the DOJ is suppose to be about, establishing unbiased facts. But will the NYPD officers believe the DOJ

Some will argue Mr Garner should of submitted and faced the courts. But in viewing the video, I don’t see that he was really given that chance. And Officer Pantaleo should’ve been more aware of the atmosphere given the Ferguson overflow.

Was Mr Garner going to attack Officer Pantaleo? I cannot address that point.

That is something that only those there can speak to.

Was Officer Pantaleo in such danger, with 4 fellow officers there to help subdue Mr Garner, that he had to use unauthorized methods to subdue Mr Garner

Having chosen to proceed as he did, Officer Pantaleo stepped out from underneath the indemnification from prosecution he deserves from the city as a police officer doing his duty and thus engaged in excessive force?

He should of been brought up on charges by the department for violation of policy leading to the death of a person and referred to the New York District Attorney for prosecution.

But that got muffed and it went to a Grand Jury, which is a one-sided affair and can be used, easily, to get the result desired – and everyone knows this and wonders at justice being blind.

The department has taken action against Officer Pantaleo, administrative action – he’s riding a desk

From there it only gets worse.

The Police Benevolent Association jumped on Mayor DeBlasio’s case for not giving Officer Panteleo his unconditional support. The Mayor is there for the whole city, not just one part. It is the job of the police commissioner to be there for the officers of the NYPD.

So yeah, city hall screwed up. But the PBA failed their members AS A WHOLE. Their failure to say, yes, Officer Pantaleo violated policy and someone died for it, is a contributing factor to the assassination of two officers killed. Stand by one to the exclusion of the others and everyone loses. Good cops know what happens with just the hint of suspicion of a bad, or in this case, a cop with poor judgement, they lose street respect and become targets.

Justice and due process did not happen and people died for the sins of others.

How do you think the officers of the NYPD will be now? You think they will be afraid and cower or run? Afraid, yes, for their lives at the least provocation and civilians will die, people innocent of anything but being in the wrong place and doing something an officer thinks that puts his life at risk.

Generally police officers only associate with each other. They do that to avoid people asking favors and because only fellow officers understand. But this “inbreeding” only reinforces the perception of danger an officer faces.

The Mayor let down the citizens, the Police Commissioner let down the department and the PBA let down it’s members.

I am by no means a liberal but incidents like this should remind everyone that, “Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done” because our system exists only as long as people are willing to make it work.

It is not, what a lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason, and justice, tells me I ought to do.

Edmund Burke: 1775 On Conciliation with America.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

King, Martin Luther, Jr.: 1963 Letter from Birmingham jail, Alabama,16 Apr.

Justice is truth in action.

Disraeli, Benjamin, 1st Earl Of Beaconsfield: 1851 Speech, House of Commons,11 Feb.


2 NYPD officers shot, killed in ambush on cop car

2 NYPD officers shot, killed in ambush on cop car

My comments Dec 5, 2014:

“No indictment means cops die because rather then trust the system, it’s better to kill the members of the system. That’s what your line of thought would get. Kill or be killed”

“Good people, innocent people – civilian and police – will die because a bad cop wasn’t accountable.”

If I still wore a badge, I would have a black band on it today for both these officers and the system



In one of those odd moments, a thought occurred to me. But first, some background.

It seems the extreme left have adopted the tactic that if you challenge them or contradict them and use facts, they are OFFENDED and tell you that you should be more sensitive to their feelings.


Stupid is stupid and it doesn’t matter who is saying it. These “liberals” will rag on you right and left and being sensitive to your feelings is no where to be found. Of course you don’t know what is good for you and they do and are just trying to help.

This is nothing more then being an apologist for the left and supporting big brother – the same big brother that they opposed in the hippie years of the 60’s and 70’s. But it seems what was bad then, is good now – now that they run big brother.

To put it in perspective, yesterday’s Nixonites, today’s Obamaites. And just as sensible and moderate.

These people say being called liberal is a compliment, to my mind this is an insult to good people that are liberals; people that care and put themselves out for others. Who live their lives setting a good example instead of telling others how to live their lives.

There is the alternative of using the title “progressive”, but that’s misleading because these are te people that would take us into the past of big brother intruding into our lives at every turn – NSA, IRS and God knows what else, without restraint, without morals, without ethics and with the only consideration being their own self-interest.

It would be more correct to call these people “regressives”

But is there a simple tag that easily describes these . . . . posers? Yes, and oddly enough it is codified already based on the opposite of a described behavior and the colors used to denote the Dem party and the GOP party.

We are all familiar with the term “Rednecks” and what it denotes.

And now we have . . . . BLUENECKS.

I am use to the non-southern version of redneck, which is basically any person who works with their hands out in the open and their neck gets burnt, hence “redneck”. They work hard, are devout and would help or share with anyone. They can be absolutely trusted and are loyal to a fault.

Bluenecks are the polar opposite of rednecks. They want to have everyone else do the work and they reap the rewards, like royalty of old with the God given right to rule unrestrained. They can’t live their own lives so they tell others how to live theirs. Greed, hatred and loathing are marked characteristics along with immaturity. They are known for throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way . . . . think a 13 yr old.

The bluenecks are also opportunists who will say anything, claim they are anything that benefits them and serves their self-interest first, foremost and always. Everyone else is just sheep to them to be fleeced

To be clear and repeat, there are good and decent people who are liberal and NOT bluenecks. People to be respected and trusted. The only way to tell the difference is, “by their deeds, you will know them”.


So simple and precise . . . . bluenecks

Unions and greenmail

First there was this article . . . . “Union demands driving railcar jobs out of California, Japanese firm says”

Where a Japanese company providing well paying jobs and providing for their people with good benefits was strong-armed by the union protection racket, “play ball with us or we will put you out of business”. The union leverage? Violations of state environmental law.

Then comes this follow-up article . . . .” Japanese firm plans to build light-rail cars in L.A. area after all”

The company gave in and allowed union activities. The violations of state environmental law, well that is “moot”. The union only cared about people’s welfare to get what they wanted. Once accomplished, to hell with those people.

Blackmail, extortion, greenmail? It’s becoming a common labor tactic

There is this article . . . . “Why did this teacher’s union ban Coca-Cola?”

The union blames human rights violations, but the more likely cause is subcontracting instead of hiring permanent employees. Want to bet if Coke plays ball the human rights complaints allegations will be “moot”. The union will have it’s money and that’s where the caring starts and ends.

Unions use to be about the common man and making their life better. Now unions are about themselves. They feel no matter how well you’re doing, you need a union. But do unions really care about you? How soon will you become “moot”.

Unions are at the core of the disappearing middle class. Unions can’t grasp basic economics or people. Wages go up, prices go up. But people want cheap prices which means automation and/or finding cheap labor in other countries. That means the jobs that the middle class filled are gone. 

Unions blame government and big business but the truth is in the mirror for unions and all unions are left with is strong-arming companies for scraps and dreams of the old days when unions rode across the sky. Now they ride as the Four Horsemen


“Kill ’em all and let God sort it out”

Just another sign of growing impatience and inability to deal with problems in a rational manner. “Kill ’em all and let God sort it out”

AIDS was a gay only disease to begin with before bi-men got it and gave it to women and that was it. But killing? Nah. Even the Bible shows that some compassion was used by shunning or isolating the affected so they could have a life and not spread the infection. You can still see that in leprosy.

The problem with AIDS is it has such a large lead time, isolating the affected does no good because it’s been spread by the time it’s identified. It is also a lesson in why the Bible, which I ignore the religious part, gives a guide. It’s too bad, rather then explain why, the Bible says “DO THIS OR ELSE”.

There people on the left that the right would like to see gone and people on the right that the left would like to see gone. But both sides don’t understand rather then making their lives easier, it makes them worse because then you go from a war of words to a blood feud that would equal the 100 Years War of Europe.

As children we are taught “ignore the problem and it will go away”. But as adults we have learned that doesn’t work.

Ignoring a problem only allows it to gain strength and grow bigger. That idiot can say, “people aren’t opposing me, so I must be right”

It’s that principle that makes me speak up about my own views. I don’t want anyone thinking I agree with them when I don’t. So it’s important to oppose views you don’t support or they will take over. Look at extremism of any sort

If that pastor truly believes, his day is coming, too, which should give him compassion and understanding. I would also wonder why he worries so much about AIDS? perhaps there is something he’s trying to hide. It wouldn’t be the first time that tactic was used to re-focus attention on another person(s)

Intimacy and Affection? It’s About Reassurance

I have suffered with emotional immaturity for a long time and finally overcame it when I had enough information to finally learn it wasn’t my fault. I was cut off as a kid from learning to socialize.

During the years it dogged me, I would do just about anything to earn favor; to get intimacy and affection from women. I once had a girl break up with me for “being too nice”

Intuitively I knew I had a problem and worked out at rooting it out, but until my father died in ’97 and my mom started telling me things, I didn’t have the have the basis for fixing myself; to know I didn’t cause the problem, that my parents had issues and didn’t understand what it did to me.

But I am not one to let a problem go, I’m too stubborn and independent. There is no way I would anyone feel sorry for me by my own hand. I realize now that some people did see me for me during those years before I started healing and did feel sorry for me.

The one remaining way to really piss me off is to feel sorry for me of have pity. I will not milk my life like that, but JFK does. He doesn’t understand it wasn’t his fault and he’s looking for whatever intimacy and affection he can get and that makes him weak.

Just recently I finally isolated what everything is about, call it the Unified Field Theory of Emotion. It’s reassurance

Accepted for a job, accepted into college, a serious relationship, intimacy, affection, love, sex – you know how good that makes you feel and how you feel if the strength of the those elements weakens. Being accepted, being part of something provides reassurance of your value as a person.

The Catch-22 is you can’t give that to a person, it only makes them weaker and more needy. You have to have a sense of value to build on first, much like confidence. Through greater and greater success you earn more and more.

When I argue with people, it is not about challenging them, that they can do for themselves. It is about challenging me and becoming more aware and understanding people. And in that, I am a Buddhist and if I am to reach the next level, I have to be better and more aware then when I came into this life. Even Judaism shares this principle.

I am damn proud of the fight I have fought and the success I have had and I know it. That is why it is dangerous for someone to cross me, I know who I am and paid a lot for it and I won’t have anyone place less value on me then I have for myself.


When you wear faith on your sleeve, that’s not faith, that’s hoping you’re not wrong

Religion, patriotism . . . . anything. Faith comes from the heart and the louder you are, the less confident you are and just looking for others to shore up your value system. 

But there is a reason for people to come together who share the same values – to build. Whether it be a barn or a protest, but it is with humility not egotism that it is done. 

So when you have someone having to show how much faith they have, pity them, for their faith is weak and they are lost. But it is up to them to come to you, not you go to them. You are a port to welcome weary sailors