Election Day 2014

It is Election Day and like Christmas, this is the time for forlorn wishes of better things to come. 

I am not wishing for Congress to be replaced completely like some – not all are up for re-election.

I am not wishing that Pres. Obama be impeached, because while he does not serve the best interests of this nation, I don’t want to see him become a martyr. I want him to be seen for what he is, a kid with a chip on his shoulder out to punish all.

Obama came to office wanting to punish everyone for not seeing how great he was when he was younger. There is no part of America or it’s people that have not felt his wrath. Civil rights have been set back at least a generation and the economy is schizophrenic and can’t make up it’s mind because of the uneven way the recovery was handled of trying to have everything instead of prioritizing.

What I want, because I am an independent, is to see a return to moderation led by the independents of American by having the independents come together to support one another and see like-minded candidates elected. Not so much form a political party, just a way to get candidates on the ballot and provide a support mechanism to get the vote out.

I believe in moderation in all things or else bad things happen . . . . and in the case of the political system, the left has finally radicalized the right to the point the right IS the left in terms of willingness to do the nasty. And example is the Tea Party . . . .  if it hadn’t been for the arrogance of Obama and the Dems in Obama’s first two years as president, there wouldn’t be a Tea Party. You don’t screw people over and expect to get away with it.

And it is the left, not just Obama, that bear the weight of what they have done. Without the support of the left, Obama couldn’t have done what he has. And now, when the radicalized right gains power again, they will follow their creed and “do unto others as you would have them done unto you” and extract their pound of flesh and all you will hear is whining from the left, not concrete solutions to problems. 

Barack Obama and his fellow travelers have set some very bad precedents going forward. Those precedents will be used against the left, eventually, and the left will say that’s not fair, we (the left) can do it but you (the right) can’t because we (the left) are the good guys. “Not fair” is just another way of saying “we didn’t get our way”, because “fair” is value received for value given and they are not giving any value, they are taking it. 

So my wish is a return to moderation before it is too late, though I suspect it is. History teaches us the outcome if the trend continues – Civil War.


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