New Jersey and electric cars

Here is an example of unmitigated propaganda that appeals to bigotry and prejudice:

Sign the petition denouncing Gov. Christie for killing the electric car in New Jersey

Gov Christie has not “killed” the electric car in New Jersey. What’s he done with Tesla is said, in effect, if you’re making money off the citizens of New jersey then you damn well better be creating jobs in New Jersey by creating a support structure i.e., car dealerships. And not only create jobs but pay taxes so the people of New Jersey can have a better life.

The people that are signing the petition think they’re doing a good thing with their good intentions, which is the path to hell. But what they are doing is eliminating jobs and preventing more from being created. These are the same people who denounce greedy corporations. Where is their outrage at Tesla for wanting to keep costs low by not creating jobs and paying taxes but yet reaping astronomical profits?

Where is their outrage at the states that have already enacted such a law so that those states reap the taxes to pay for things like education and mental health?

This is a put-up job by Democrats to knock Christie out of the 2016 Presidential race because he polls better then any recognized (Hillary Clinton) Democratic candidate.

New Jersey has no problem with electric cars being sold in New Jersey . . . . as long as it creates jobs, pays taxes and makes New Jersey a better place for the people of New Jersey instead of blatant greed behind a mask of do-gooding.

This is nothing less then the side of politics that people hate


Hollywood and religion

The Fox News article opens with the line, “Hollywood may finally be getting the message.”

That’s BS! Hollywood is first, last and always about making money. The studios will produce anything with any point of view as long as the movie makes money and builds careers.

Performers, people that are outspoken about politics, sell their soul early on for money and careers and then when they make it they turn around and preach exactly the opposite of what they did to get where they are.





Hollywood is about fads and religious films will last, just like in the ’50’s, as long as they make money.


Russia, Ukraine and Precedent

Vladimir Putin invoked the precedent of Kosovo to justify his actions in the Crimea, but Mr Putin has a selective memory since that was an outgrowth of the peacekeeper mission to Serbia of which Russia was part. So, by extension, using that precedent to it’s fullest, Russia has already agreed to a multinational peacekeeper force to be placed in the Ukraine to insure the tranquility and peace of the population nation-wide.

There is also that once a precedent is recognized it is legitimatized, which Russia never did with Kosovo but they are now doing implicitly. And it is one that could easily come back to haunt Mr Putin in regions of Russia where the ethic population is not Russian and dissatisfied with control from Moscow like say, the whole of Siberia.

There is also another precedent that is lurking out there that Mr Putin should fear . . . . Western Europe and the U.S. helping the Ukarine to re-arm and modernize it’s military. 

Early on in the crisis, a comparison was made between Cuba and the Ukraine why the U.S. was dealing so gingerly with Mr Putin in that how would America like Russia doing in Cuba what was being suggested as actionable items for Ukraine. That issue – and precedent – has already been resolved and the ground rules laid. Just as Russia armed Cuba and even stationed troops there, the limit was set at that with the proviso of anything goes as long as it didn’t involve nuclear weapons (or WMDs by extension) and Intermediate or Long Range Missiles.

So Russia has already signed off on military aid, and what kinds, to the Ukraine

In diplomacy, diplomats are loath to establish precedents and only allow it as a last resort, if at all, because they know that precedent is the two-edged sword that cuts both ways.

Mr Putin has made a number of strategic mistakes and it is time to use them. Russia needs to back off and encourage an independent Ukraine as a gateway between east and west and let it be part of both economic blocs to the benefit of all – before Ukraine changes it’s mind and applies to joint NATO.

The “buffer” that Russia so wanted is gone because they tried hold by force that which couldn’t be held – nationalism – the same force driving Russia now and Russia – and Mr Putin – should see the similarities, not the differences, and that the EU was built peacefully by consensus.