Defunding the Big O

The Dems are saying Obamacare is the law of the land and that it’s constitutional to justify implementing it. Slavery was once the law of the land and ruled constitutional, too. In neither case does that make it right.

Personally, I want to go ahead on schedule so the Dems can fall flat on the faces and as hard as they will try, they won’t have anyone to blame but themselves. Especially when Repubs take control of Congress in 2014


The Conundrum of Financing Obamacare

The Obama administration is making a big push to attract young people to sign up Oct 1 for Obamacare. It is not because Obama wishes them well, he needs their money. But the ones most able to afford it, by virtue of Obamacare, are covered by their parents policy till age 26. And the people that aren’t covered by their parents insurance are too poor to buy insurance which is why we have Obamacare.

It’s a double negative, the young people Obama needs most to finance Obamacare don’t need Obamacare and won’y pay for it. The people Obamacare wants least are the ones most likely to sign up for it and not pay for it and be subsidized.

But what about when they reach age 27? They will either have a job with coverage, or have a job that pushes them onto Obamacare or not have a job and have to be subsidized. And by virtue of rising wages forcing jobs overseas and automation, the job rolls don’t have a bright future – just like Obamacare paying for itself doesn’t have a bright future.

At one last thing. You may have noticed the deficit is down this year but Obama is strangely quiet about it. That’s because of taxes instituted by Obamacare kicked in Jan 2013 and have been flowing into the US Treasury unspent on Obamacare – for now – but spent on other items. That will end and the deficit will not rise back to where it was but go higher starting Jan 2014 when subsidies for Obamacare have to start being paid.

The fight in Congress to delay the personal implementation is a mistake. Let it start and by the time Nov 2014 – and the elections – roll around, the Republicans will have a great issue

Syria Gives Russia Chemical Weapons Evidence

I like this – article link – One wolf gives another wolf proof the sheep did it.

While the rebels aren’t sheep, neither is Damascus a wasteland which it would be if the rebels had chem weapons. I wonder how Assad and Putin will refute the ballistic missile data true US has and refuses to release.

Assad and Putin are doing the old trick that if you say it loud enough and loud enough it will become the truth. More power to them, they are painting themselves into a corner already occupied by Obama.

Given enough time, the three of them will start a full out Mid East war, or maybe WWIII. God knows that Putin is just itching to show that Russia is a superpower and Iran wants to use all those shiny new toys they have and become a regional power

Burger flippers

Remember all those burger flippers who went out on strike for higher wages with unions egging them on? Just like unions, who are in it for themselves, those people did not pay attention to Keynesian logic that after a certain wage point they become redundant and can be replaced. It use to be by teenagers but now it’s automation and technology

Robot Serves Up 360 Hamburgers Per Hour

 Which goes hand in hand with . . . .

McDonald’s mobile payment app to remove last vestiges of humanity from fast food service

People got stupid and greedy and thought they could take a stepping stone job and make it into a career flipping burgers at a wage they could live on. Another word for this is they got lazy and comfortable and thought they could quit competing

All of this is it’s own reward – welfare – which it seems does equate tp $15 per hour. But your kids will be stuck with the same life you have. It’s not the government perpetuating poverty, it’s people who quit competing and by greed, eliminate steeping stone jobs for people who are trying to make a better.

Vladimir Putin: Russian screw-up

Pres Putin to America: You’re not so great

America is always questioning itself, looking for better ways to do better to help more people and make life better. Vladimir Putin stifles political dissent and institutes harsh anti-homosexual laws. Disagree with him and you find yourself charged with “corruption”. If you’re his friend you get sweetheart government deals worth billions. Own your own business? Not for long as the government will take it if it suits them.

President Putins view of America is skewed by greed, lust, envy and jealousy. He wants everything that America has. So if America isn’t so great, why is it when you ring a bell he salivates? He doesn’t want to be president of Russia. He wants to be the President of the US and all he is is another POS dictator who by his own hand and mouth has limited the numbers of his days in “power”.

And worse of all, he makes Barack Obama look good – and that is a crime against humanity.

Dos vedanya Tovarisch, the secret police, your own, will be coming for you, just like in the old days you wish for

Good News About Syria


Considering we were facing a war involving the larger part of the mideast, or possibly WWIII, I think things have turned out well.

First and foremost, no war with Syria and Iran that would’ve forced a larger war.

Putin, and Russia, have stepped in it though people are saying how great Putin is. He made a big mistake with jumping on Kerry’s suggestion of Syria getting rid its chemical weapons. Now it’s all on Russia, and the Russian Treasury, to put up or lose everything.

The way to beat an enemy is not on the battlefield, but in the bank like the west did once before with the Soviet Union. The Chinese understand this perfectly and have used N Korea as a deniable stalking horse to drain US coffers till that increased US presence, and the unification of Asia, against China.

For better or worse, Assad will stay in power, which is actually not bad. Does anyone want another post-war Iraq with no firm leader?

Israel’s security is enhanced with Syria getting rid of it’s chemical weapons and not having to turn Syria into a glass factory that glows.

Turkey, with it’s vastly self-serving foreign policy doesn’t have to choose between NATO and neutrality. Turkey is no friend to anyone but it’s self with a renewed nationalistic push to become the regional power it was before WWI

And, I think, last, but there could be more, by staying out of the war in Syria, the U.S., thanks to Russia, sets Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda on a collision course. I think it serves Russian Foreign policy to have Al-Qaeda as a threat to the west and now internecine feuding will be extended to Syria helping the US and Europe, hurting Iran and disabling ill-wishing Russians and even Chinese.

Russia for decades has been trying to insert itself in the Mid East peace process to gain power and influence. Instead it has seen it’s fortunes dwindle. Syria is the last, and only place, it had a chance and now Putin has stepped in a cow patty. Obama couldn’t outsmart Putin. Putin outsmarted himself. Heh heh heh

Leave Syria to the Russians and UN monitors, give the rebels weapons like Saudi Arabia is, or even funnel them through the Saudis. Help the rebels as much as possible to win but let it take time so leadership of the country can develop. The rebels won’t like that, but as mentioned, no one needs another post-war Iraq, not even the Syrians. Better disappointed then dead

My idea for how the U.S. should deal with Syria AND Russia

Secure the chemical weapons, and if possible, destroy them in accordance with international treaties that Syria would have become a signatory to in order to prevent the creation of more chemical weapons.

This should’ve been the starting point in the first place and shows Obama’s inexperience and the weakness of his advisors. But it doesn’t reflect on the Russians any better. It was keystone Cops time for both the U.S. and Russian government and the rest of the world didn’t do much better

In the meantime, secure Congressional authorization for no-notice missile strikes if the Syrian government uses chemical weapons again

No one believes that the rebels have or have used chemical weapons or Damascus would be a wasteland.

Obama must re-establish the ABM system meant for central Europe, the one the Russians hate. The Russians cannot be allowed to get off scott-free from this debacle they helped create. The Russians want to move missiles up to the border? Fine, let them. The only way they will get used is if Russia starts a war

Putin has been an ass all along about Syria for two reasons, Russia is out of allies, with good reason. They also want to keep access to the Syrian port of Tartus. No port, no Mediterranean fleet, no chance to to be a superpower again. In fact, I think Tartus means more to Putin then the Syrian government. Offer a deal to get rid of Assad but keep Tartus and I think the Russians wouldn’t mind.

File charges against Assad for crimes against humanity in the International Court.

It won’t mean much, but if convicted, Assad can never leave the country again and puts the Russians in an awkward spot if Assad visits Russia, the then Russia would have to hand him over to the ICC