Spotting Bias and Prejudice in the Media

There is this headline from the Times Business and Money web site, “The Disturbingly Hot Tourist Activity in Hawaii, Vegas: Shooting Guns”. By inserting the word “disturbingly” the article is re-shaped from being a report on a lucrative business activity to a moralistic play for gun control. It becomes that if you like to shoot guns there is something wrong with you. It’s no longer about skill, it’s a perversion of nature and such people should be reeducated. What next? Being sent to the reeducation camps that Communist Russia and China made infamous?

This is a case of, “I think I’m right and therefor I am right”. This article shows not only a personal bias but an institutional one with a plan and a agenda to force gun control even on people and businesses operating lawfully by placing a stigma on even lawful activities. 

No one, right or left, has the right to tell anyone how to live their life as long as they are law-abiding citizens and not doing anything wrong. 


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