Religion, morality and ethics

It seems fitting to pen this piece on Easter Sunday even though I have been thinking about it a long time.

A disclaimer, while I am a Christian by inclination and environment, while I believe in the teachings of Jesus, he is not my savior as I believe the messiah has not come yet. I also believe that Jesus is not the only path to heaven otherwise a lot of good people are going to be left out and I don’t believe God would do that as while there are many religions, there is one God and God has a home with many rooms and each religion has one of those many rooms.

Consider morality and ethics – for either or both to be legitimate nowadays religions insist that those subjects must come from religious teachings. The religion most insistent about this is the Catholic Church who has a long track record of hijacking occasions and teachings that existed long before the Catholic Church, easter being one of them. The Catholic Church did this to gain acceptance as quickly as possible and the power that went with the acceptance.

Of how to teach children important values, the Catholic Church would like to exclude government intervention. There is this article by Pope Francis when he was a Cardinal, so it is a modern, very modern, train of thought. Religions, like governments, like to gather as much power unto themselves as they can for they all share one common failing – they are human beings who feel their way is best and should be the only way. The best religion is one one that teaches you how to live your life without them and an awareness of God to have faith that you can get through most anything.

Both governments and religions, being human beings, eventually compromise themselves and fail as moral authorities. The Catholic Church with it’s pedophiles and institutional, systemic coverups is a great example of this. But it’s not limited to the Catholic Church. How many ministers, pastors and lay people have you heard of that have betrayed the faith placed in them? There is also a concerted campaign by governments and atheists to undermine religious teachings.

Religion has a valuable place in this world – all religions – regardless of how one faith feels about another. Extremists warp the place of religion but all extremists represent is themselves and every religion has these people. But religion isn’t necessary to learn morals and ethics or to be moral and ethical. 

When you ask, who can I trust to teach me, the answer is yourself. lessons in morality and ethics have been around since the time of the ancient Greeks, the people who are the foundation of modern thought. It takes reading, watching and listening and when you’re a child, someone to start you out – your parents, teachers, preachers – the ones that talk to you, not down at you, not the ones trying to impress. It is the ones who have an eye on the future and making it a place where common sense and courtesy prevails.

If at some time any of these people seem to be hypocrites, just remember they may say one thing and do another, it’s because they are trying to avoid teaching you their bad habits and teach only the good habits, because they are people and know their failings but live to a higher standard.

So when it comes to morals and ethics, just remember, you don’t need religion to teach you what is right or wrong, they have their own problems to resolve first and that you can be moral and ethically on your own, all it requires is character and integrity. And if you fall, get up, dust yourself off and learn from the fall. You don’t have to stay down because people will walk all over you then. And then, if you need it, God will be there for you.


Immigration section supplement

As a supplement to the Immigration section of the Welfare State, there is this article. A nation is more then a community, it is an ecology and if you don’t plan in the whole for all parts of that ecology it’s like clear cutting a forest just before it rains – you create a landslide condition that will bury the whole of the ecology

The Welfare State and why it’s here to stay. Part 3, Immigration

In the future, eventually ever country will start hanging out the “no vacancy” sign because a given nation has too many people, too few jobs and no room for anyone else. Then the shit hits the fan because nations use emigration to keep the lid on socially.

Emigration, from a country, is a self-defeating proposition. The best, the brightest, the most determined emigrate from countries undergoing social upheaval or that lack opportunity. Unfortunately the very people that emigrate are the ones needed to fix the problem so that there is social security and opportunity.

For the country that gains the immigrants, that become citizens or green card carriers, it is a two edged sword. They gain the skills and abilities of the immigrants and they also start paying into social welfare programs right away, but wind up taking out more then they put in because they are generally older people. And elderly immigrants that become citizens sart drawing social security and and medicaid right away without contributing.

There is an additional problem with immigrants of any sort. Of the money they make, they send a large percentage back “home”, wherever that is, rather then spending it locally and building up the local economy. Mexican immigrants, for example, send an average of 18 billion dollars back to family in Mexico rather then that money going into local businesses and becoming part of the tax base.

Immigrants are an expensive proposition but, as usual with immigrants, from the Irish on forward, they take the jobs that that “established” citizens don’t want. Those jobs had been the lowest-paying, most physically demanding, but now as part of the latest immigration bill these jobs will be paid in accordance with local wages as negotiated by the AFL-CIO. Which is another example of unions eliminating jobs by making alternatives cheaper, such as automation.

If the jobs that immigrants traditionally fill get automated, there will be no need for a guest worker program eliminating part of the need for immigration reform.

It’s easy to say that this sort of labor will always be needed, but just look at England when the U.S. industrialized faster and craftsman in England thought they would always be needed. Cost trumps quality every time when a person doesn’t make enough.

Automation can fill most jobs now and will fill all jobs in the future even to the point of machines making machines and eliminate all immigrant labor. You can thank unions for that

The Welfare State and why it’s here to stay. Part 2, Population

Population growth is always growing, thanks in large part to Hispanic immigrants. But the job growth is still relatively flat and there are 12 million (at a minimum) people out of work in the U.S. A great deal has been made of the skilled jobs that are going unfilled, but that amounts to 100,000 jobs. Unskilled labor is becoming a dead market with automation filling more of those jobs not only because of efficiency, but because of health costs. A lot of unskilled jobs involve repetitive stress injuries.

So we have upper end jobs that go begging and lower end jobs that are disappearing.

So we have too many people and too few jobs any way you look at it. But what can be done? China tried limiting the number of births and that blew up in their face with people having under the counter kids. Japan tried that and wound up with a lot of boy babies and killing baby girls.

Abortion before birth? A lot of people are against abortion on an emotional. But if you asked them why, they’d tell you “it is just wrong”. The down deep reason is an understanding of perserving the human species and each abortion is the possible end of humanity. At one time that was true, but now each birth makes the end of humanity that much more likely. Too many people fighting over not enough to go around could trigger a nuclear war and then mother nature gets to start all over again probably back to single cell amoeba.

In the book “Forever War” by Joe Haldeman, the government decrees homosexuality for everyone as a population control measure. In the real future it may be possible to engineer homosexuality, or eliminate it, with manipulation of DNA. Or even sterilize people. The future is a scary place when you start considering what gene manipulation can do because a sword cuts both ways.

So there is no real solution that everyone, or even most people, will agree to and we have a growing population that has to be fed, housed and provided for and in order to keep the peace there will welfare programs provide for the basics and the single largest transfer of wealth ever through taxation. And unlike past generations, there will be no money flight because it will be the same all over the world.

Doubt that about social peace? Think about the words “Social Security” that came about with FDR in the 30’s. Those words say insuring security of the social order, ie, by giving people something rather then, as Marie Antoinette said, “let them eat cake”. The French Revolution is te very reason for a welfare program – to keep the masses somewhat happy and keeping them from rising up and throwing the government out. As the phrase goes from the movie “Blazing Saddles“, “We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen!”

Just like Europe, the planet needs a new world; a frontier for people to emigrate to. It’s either that or billions will die within a short span not more then 50 years from now

Why politicians would want to burn the Declaration of Independence

“All men are created equal and there are certain unalienable rights that governments should never violate. These rights include the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When a government fails to protect those rights, it is not only the right, but also the duty of the people to overthrow that government. In its place, the people should establish a government that is designed to protect those rights. Governments are rarely overthrown, and should not be overthrown for trivial reasons. In this case, a long history of abuses has led the colonists to overthrow a tyrannical government.”

This is an ongoing problem of people reading the opinions of the founding fathers and thinking they are part of the constitution. Both the right and left do this to serve their own agenga instead of the common good. The foregoing passage is part of the Declaration of Independence and used by a lot of people for justifying civil disobedience and acts of violence against the government. I would image most elected politicians nowadays would wish that Jefferson had never wrote that or they could burn the Declaration and pretend it never existed as they want to stay in power regardless of their actions. It’s like, it was ok to overthrow the British but we’re the good guys and should be left alone

The Declaration isn’t about law or rights, it is about philosophy; about morality and ethics and holding everyone accountable. And it is those that stand up and standing only on their sense of right and wrong as confirmed by standards of morality and ethics, not ideology or backing of law, that earn the rights of freedom.

It is about responsibility

One of my ancestors was Nathan Hale who is alleged to have said, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

That is honor, duty and responsibility – for one’s self and to benefit all


Personally i don’t believe in either right 0r left extremism, but I still find this funny. To me, the extremists of both sides of the political spectrum want to tell people how to run their lives rather then teaching people how to make responsible decisions for themselves. It seems that both sides of extremism say a person can decide how they want as long as they agree with the side that is making a point


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