White House threats

The liberal media though it was great when the Obama Admin was trying to wreck FoxNews. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the liberal media is learning if the WH will attack one media outlet, they will attack any media outlet that criticizes them. It’s just a reminder that the media has to stick together regardless of ideology. They must hang together, or surely they will hang separately

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Firefox OS for cellphones

Remember the days of cellphone bloatware and how the cellphone company controlled your phone and not you? The cellphone are trying to bring that back along with gathering all sorts of personal info that Apple and Android don’t let them have. How? By supporting the Mozilla Firefox OS for cellphones

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Rate shock: How ObamaCare is causing a surge in insurance premiums

What many people also fail to recognize is the income they earn this year will impact the amount of subsidy and/or penalty that will be calculated for 2014.  A recent survey indicated more than 70 to 80 percent of Americans had no idea how this year’s income reporting will impact the calculation of their benefits for next year, and as much as 40 percent of people between the ages of 18 to 34 were unaware that there was even a penalty for not having coverage.

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Back before ObamaCare was passed, Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying that, “we need to pass this bill to find out what’s in it”. We are still finding out, still finding out the costs, still being haunted by people with good intentions not thinking through what they are doing.

The end is coming – but not just yet

But even if the universe is in for an unfortunate end, there is at least one reason for consolation.

“You won’t actually see it, because it will come at you at the speed of light,” Lykken said. “So in that sense don’t worry.”

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Yes, I know, we all know that eventually, billions of years from now the world will end. But with this revelation, it seems that rather then the universe starting to contract, it will just wink out like a dream. And isn’t that what some philosophers have said life is, just a dream? That when a person dies, the world goes with them?

Now, all we have to do is not muck it up and destroy the world first

Welcome to the New Cold War

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The article has an interesting premise that I believed is based on Judeo-Christian concepts of conflict and anger. The problem with the concept is China is “fighting” differently. They are using the concepts of “The Art of War” as adapted for geo-political wrangling. And above all the Chinese leaders are patient. Few years, or decades, are nothing to a country that has seen much upheaval in 5000 years and they know, assume really, that China’s turn will come as the U.S. bleeds itself dry as Europe, as any empire, has done.

All China has to do is stay strong and concentrate on it’s own affairs and the world will lay at China’s feet . . . .or so China hopes.

The problem is all those countries, especially Russia, that abide by the other set of rules. WWIII is coming and China will get caught up in for no better reason then Russia can’t be trusted. Russia and China, for all the appearances they put up now, are adversaries for far east resources. And once the war starts, and then ends, if the world isn’t totally devastated, a new political order will emerge that bypasses all the old world powers, including China.

China will always be the bridesmaid and never the bride because fate only gives one chance at the wheel of empire and China had it’s when it was the Middle Kingdom. I’m sure Confucius had something to say about it. Even if he didn’t, a study of history shows there are no second chances at world dominion.


“For those of you who have ever seen (the movie) ‘Blazing Saddles,’ it is the scene of the sheriff putting the gun to his head in order to establish law and order,” Panetta said in a speech at Georgetown University. “That is sequestration.”

Panetta can’t even get it right about the movie and uses the reference to bolster his viewpoint – to his detriment. The scene in question is where the sheriff is about to be lynched and puts his gun to his head to confuse the people about to lynch him to save his own butt. Perhaps the correct version accurately describes the politics of sequestration – everyone is just trying to save their own butts

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Win at all costs? Suicide of computer whiz prompts look at federal prosecutors’ tactics

The case of computer whiz Aaron Swartz — who committed suicide after federal prosecutors charged him with 13 felony fraud counts — has become, for some, emblematic of how overzealous prosecutors are going too far in pursuit of a win.

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If you read about when someone is charged with a crime, and prosecutors (ALL prosecutors) want to be sure of a conviction, they not only charge the defendant with what seems reasonable, but with anything and everything that seems likely. Then the defense and the court have to go through the rigamarole of whittling down the charges to what is genuine and accurate. All that does is drag out the whole procedure and ties up the legal system. Then prosecutors come back and blame defense lawyers for the delays.

And while all this time is being wasted, people who can’t afford bail are sitting in jail. And if you don’t have a good lawyer, you could go to jail for crimes you didn’t commit just so the prosecutor can rack up a win. Then there is the cloud that hangs over a person, as in this case of Aaron Swartz who essentially stole library books (and published freely in other places) that he could’ve bought for a small fee, of going to jail for 35 years.

It’s not about justice anymore, it’s about revenge. It’s about making life simple for judges by saying there is a zero-tolerance. That way the question of morality and ethics don’t have to get in the way and keep judges awake at night worrying how they must rule or sentence.

I believe in a simpler law system, one that is both the letter of the law and the spirit of the law – but especially the spirit. If you know it’s wrong then it is wrong and then you work out the punishment. The legal system has become so complex that if police and prosecutors wanted, they could find you in violation of something, just anything, and lock you away.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but neither is making it so complex you don’t understand it.