Promised Land

At one time we had heroes only to see the development of anti-heroes, people who wound doing good only incidentally for their own gain or revenge. At one time we had patriots only to see the development of anti-patriots, people who wound doing good only incidentally for their own gain or revenge. Matt Damon is such an anti-patriot.

Matt Damon has, in part, written and stars in a new movie, “Promised Land” that does what liberals do best, prey on people’s fears, the same way the oil drillers prey on people’s greed.

So far I have only seen the trailer, but I can guess pretty much which way it’s bigotry lies – bad oil companies taking advantage of innocent farmers to line their own pockets – pretty much the same way Matt Damon is taking advantage if people who go to see the movie to line his pockets.

What do I know about all this? I am part of having signed a lease to drill on family farm land. In Illinois, all members of a trust are entitled to proceeds that diminish the future value of the trust, so I am a signatory.

From what I have read, the issue is about what fracking will do to the land. But there are two types of fracking, one used for liquid oil deposits and one for hard rock shale oil deposits. Of the two, the liquid oil fracking has been use since the 30’s. The shale oil fracking is relatively new and what you read about in news reports.

Matt Damon and company would have you believe that they are one and the same. Easy enough with the names. He would have you believe that oil companies using the safe method will leave your town a burnt out husk and the land desolated. It doesn’t happen that way and, in the case of Illinois, they have strict laws and control over how the drilling process is done from start to finish.

But that doesn’t mean the oil companies are goody two shoes, they aren’t. They lead you on with promises of riches that are unlikely to happen. In Illinois, 95% of the wells drilled are only pumping 1 to 2 barrels a day. And of whatever comes up in the first place, that will be reduced by 90% within a year, year after year till you’re down to the 1-2 barrels and a noisy oil pumping rig in your field you can’t get rid of till it quits pumping oil (that’s written into the oil lease)

But the oil companies don’t get a free ride. It costs a minimum of half-a-million dollars to drill and can be as much as one million dollars, of which the land owner gets 12.5%. I know of one person that had a strike on their property and there was over 12 million dollars in oil pumped the first year. So that property owner, a family trust, made over a million dollars but that had to be split between members of the family trust so no one became a millionaire. Back east family trusts for farm land is common.

So what do the land owners get? Hope. Hope that they can continue their disappearing way of life for another generation. The children that grow up on farms don’t want to stay and generation after generation have fled to the big cities taking the life blood of the small towns with them because there are no jobs in small towns anymore. And as those kids leave there are even fewer jobs and less reason to stay and this has been going on for over 50 years.

The people of the small towns are desperate for a way to keep their way of life alive and even see it flourish again and so they believe the promises of oil drillers. But it is also greed; the people of these small towns need the money for new roofs and to fix things up.

Now you have some well meaning east coast intellectual elitest come in and tell these people you can’t survive, you have to preserve things exactly as they are for that east coast crowd to enjoy. You are to be no more then exhibits in an open air museum. Matt Damon has his and has the luxury of the elitest attitude. When he was coming up in te entertainment business, he sold his soul for money and success and now he’s saying that people who don’t have what he does can’t have that. Their way of life has to die so his can flourish.

Matt Damon, by killing small towns, only increases global warming. People still live in small towns but drive 30 miles to a job in the big city, which encourages the type of global warming Matt Damon believes in. But it’s not

Global warming is not in the air, it’s at our feet. We have all these big cities that are heat islands and altering weather patterns. We need to spread people out not concentrate them and Matt Damon helps concentrate people into the big cities and make global warming worse.

Like a lot of liberals, Matt Damon has good intentions, and we know where that path leads. It is because they fail to think things through and do more damage then good.

Let Matt Damon spend his life on a farm, making 30k a year, and see how fast he signs an oil lease


Keystone XL critics now calling for more indepth climate change study

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My take on this:

The environmentalists trying to stop the pipeline because of possible carbon dioxide increase will lose one way or another. If the oil doesn’t get piped to the US, it will get piped to Vancouver and shipped to China. One way or another, the oil is going to be extracted and the Canadian government has signed off on the project because the country needs the money.

The tar sands project is not going to be stopped. All that changes is who benefits – the US or China. And if it’s China, that’s tax money lost to the US government.

Newtown CT

Much has been said about the heinous murders in Newtown CT. Killing adults is one thing, but to kill children makes me regret the “cruel and unusual” punishment section of the Bill of Rights, even if the killer wasn’t already dead. Wild horses – or some Wyoming pickup trucks – and four directions come to mind.

The news reports have said so far that there is no motive known. If you take in to account what would be senseless murder of children, and that the killer’s mother taught K level, some things make sense to me. My guess is before killing his mother, the killer taunted her that he was going to go to the school and kill the same kind of kids she taught. That he was going to take the most valuable thing from her, the way she took “something” from him, something he valued a great deal.

Sound surprising? Obviously he was unbalanced (I can’t think of a worthy epithet) but so were other kids who felt they have been deprived of something they thought they should have. Those same kids “punished” their parents with some form of violence, including murder, but it was all direct. Those kids didn’t go out and kill friends of their parents. This is a whole new level of violence.

Kids these days have unrealistic expectations, they expect to be given what their grandparents had to earn. I’m not looking to cast blame because in all cases, we, as parents, have tried to provide a better life for our children so they didn’t have to go through what we did as kids. But without the struggle we wouldn’t have developed character.

Society made these kids the way they are, society has to fix it by lowering expectations back to earning what you got along with morals and ethics. Would that have stopped this heinous crime in Newtown? I doubt it, but the effort has to be made, otherwise a lot of people will be killed for no better reason then wanting their children to have a better life.

There’s always enough time

About a year ago I started withdrawing from life in order to take a look at myself and see what needed to be fixed to become the person I think I should’ve been rather then who I was made into as a child. Perhaps withdrawal is the wrong word – think Aussie walkabout.

You hear many times that’s it’s the parents fault – it’s not. The responsibility lies with all preceding generations because each succeeding generation only passes along what they were taught. Most people don’t have the luxury of opening up their childhood and dealings with all the crazy shit that happened as a child, but I did. I was able to place the dominoes that fell to bring me to this point in life and what steps I had taken to fix mis-fallen dominoes. It was this place I reached when I withdrew.

I still had some stuff to overcome – fear of death, anger and what is the value of life.

I learned that it is the energy of people that makes life valuable. That the more people you add increase energy and chaos – and life is certainly chaotic. It is controlling that energy and chaos that makes life worth living and it worthwhile to have people around.

My fear of death is as much claustrophobia as anything else. Burial was out, cremation was unappealing and what I wanted was to be left out in the desert on a raise bier till I rotted in the sun. That was out as it spreads disease. So I have opted for cremation and my ashes scattered over some mountains that mark home for me.

My anger I dealt with by extending mercy to some and crushing others.

What all this means is I achieve the equilibrium I was denied when I was growing. I have achieved a peace I never thought would be mine. I have achieved wholeness and I am ready to re-enter society. That will take time, of course. What I don’t know is what will happen with blog. It was anger driven to vent and measure myself. Now that that is past I don’t know what I’ll be posting. I have reached the edge of the world; terra incognito. But I know I can hack it.

The Obama Style

It’s not covered very much by the media that Pres Obama is a basketball nut, not as a spectator, but as a player. I suppose the media thinks it’s just a sidelight to the weightier issues, but I think not. I think it is central to who Obama is and how he deals with his, to him, opposition. It’s not enough to be good or to win, he has to jam the ball through the hoop in the other guy’s face to prove his worth. To me that proves just how pitiful his self-esteem is and how we all suffer for it. 

It’s flat out immature and there will never be a compromise of the “fiscal cliff”. It’s Obama’s way or no way regardless of what he has said in the past. It’s the only way Obama can feel good about himself . . . . jamming the ball in the other guy’s face.

Global warming

Regardless of the best intentions of environmentalists, global warming is not in the skies, it is at our feet. As the population increases we cover over more land and create larger and larger heat islands. It is these heat sinks that create global warming and the disruption of weather patterns and it will only get worse no matter how clean the atmosphere is. And short of a massive event that kills BILLIONS of people, there is nothing we can do to stop it. So rather then reacting, we must act and even be proactive and see the problem for what it is and prepare for the disasters and mega-disasters with fore-thought and prudence. That starts with being prepared with tent cities to house the victims.

We have the ability, the time and the resources. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity to get ahead of the problem because whoever is prepared, whether it be a community or a nation, survives and the rest not only die but their nation falls. A nation that feels safe, prospers. Ones that don’t, don’t. This is a basic building block to restoring the confidence of America.