Romney and the Right

There were two groups that got Pres Obama re-elected – the people that voted for him and the people that didn’t vote for Mitt Romney. This may seem like the same people but they aren’t. 

One statistic that stood out after the election was that Obama had more of his supporters vote the what should’ve for Romney. These people that didn’t turn out for Romney were the right-wing that wrung their hands over Romney not being “their kind of” candidate. He just wasn’t extreme enough for them.

The people that didn’t vote for Romney only have themselves to blame for Obama being re-elected. Rather then get out and vote they hung back and said I can’t vote for Romney in good conscious, which is BS. They put their own good over the common good and passed on the last chance to elect a moderate and turn back the tide of extremism. The Republican Party has learned their lesson, they have to be just like the left-wing. 

Right-wing, left-wing they are all the same, all they want to do is tell people how to run their lives but just have different views about how people should act. If these people are so good at running other people’s lives, why is it their lives are so screwed up?


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