The breakup of Arizona

I live in Arizona and I understand entirely about what this article is about. Pinal County, Tucson really, is tired of playing second fiddle to Phoenix and figures if they go their own way then Tucson will grow as big as Phoenix. Bullshit. Tucson will remain what it is regardless of whether they go their own way. If it wasn’t for defense contractors and the military, Tucson wouldn’t be anything. And there is no place for Tucson to expand to. They are landlocked by the military, indigenous reservations and federal lands set aside as national monuments and forests.

Tucson wants to be the state capital thinking they know what is best for the state (lots of liberals there that can’t run their own lives so they want to run other’s instead). So since they can’t be the capital of AZ, they will set up their own state.

But I have a better idea – give Pinal County back to Mexico. That would make for a nice big buffer zone and eliminate the need for a border fence. 

Secession is a two-way street whether it is local or national and you can never be sure how things will work out. Sometimes it is a smart move, sometimes it isn’t



Awhile back I saw this article online and it was no big surprise. During the Obama administration Pres. Obama has been pushing the supremacy of the federal government over states rights which is the reason the Civil War was fought in the 1860’s. You might think it was about slavery, but it was about one group trying to tell another group how to run their lives and the slavery issue was used to emotionally motivate people.

Slavery is wrong and it is good it was brought to an end, but it’s days were already numbered. Slavery wouldn’t have lasted 10 years more because of the industrial revolution making intense field labor unprofitable and unnecessary. I don’t know how true this is, but I have read where the northern industrial states wanted to make sure the south would not become a rival and to reduce the south, as a whole, to a sort of economic slavery by being put in the position of only providing raw materials, to be bought cheaply by the north, and then having to buy expensive finished goods from the north – which is pretty much what happened during the 50 years after the Civil War. And remember, it was northern industrialists like Rockefeller and the robber barons who unabashedly set up monopolistic enterprises. 

And, to paraphrase, the north is going to do it again.

There is another Civil War brewing and this time it will pit the haves against the have nots – which is a chimera. It’s about power and who will dictate the lives of the people in this country. It will either be the unions or the individuals. The lines are already being drawn by union vs right-to-work states. In the last election, looking at what states went red or blue you can see those lines with a couple exceptions. There are three zones that the country will break up into – rust belt/mid-atlantic/northeast, the west coast and then the rest of the nation.

The presidency is going to be marked by increased polarization – depending on who is president will determine what states want to secede. It will be increasingly emotional talk and one day something will snap and this time there will be no US from sea to shining sea.

And then the states that want to have a socialist economy can have it – and pay for it – and suffer the same fate as Europe. While the other side goes about building a new nation

Aspirin and heart attacks

The following is personal observation only and will probably piss off doctors:

What is it about aspirin that is good for treating the immediate effects of heart attacks . . . and even preventing them? Aspirin is a NSAID, non-steriodial anti-inflammatory drug and what it does is reduce inflammation. But what does this mean? Reducing inflammation in your blood veins allows more blood to flow. And by the very nature of the drug, it thins your blood so more can flow – essentially a two-for-one.

If you check your blood pressure after taking a NSAID, of which aspirin is but one of several, you will see that your blood pressure has dropped but your pulse is higher. That the pulse is up would mean the heart is working harder which I wouldn’t want during a heart attack, so I have no explanation for that. Also, long-term exposure to NSAIDs (5, 10 years) can result in kidney damage.

I don’t take aspirin myself, I take Ibuprofen which works just as well. There is also the Naxprofen series. If one doesn’t work for you, then another should unless you’re unlucky enough to be allergic or already have kidney problems. Before taking anything, talk to your doctor and push for details – and still read the label – doctors don’t always tell you everything. And just because you take an NSAID, if you have high blood pressure, you should still take your blood pressure meds because they do lower blood pressure without affecting your pulse

What the end of the world means

The Mayan calendar, end of the world predictions are making the rounds again since it is a month till the appointed date. Will it happen? We will know soon enough, but it’d be wise to plan beyond Dec 21.

But suppose it does, what would that mean to the average person?

If you’re out of work, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding a job

Obamacare would definitely be eliminated

All the family worries you have would be gone

No worries about taxes going up in January

Semester finals would still be due 🙂

To put it bluntly, no more people and nothing matters. It is only because of people creating problems they worry about that anything matters :))

China and Empire

There is a saying, “empire follows the sun” and if that is the case then it has come full circle . . . . almost. China is attempting to position itself as the next world power. To be the one that replaces the United States. But there are four problems.

1) The “sun” has yet to make a full rotation. If the Pacific nations can find a way to unify they could could be the next world power because of all the seabed they control with the associated mineral rights. A lot of the islands that several Asian nations are contesting would fall to this potential nation as well as control of the sea routes that are essential to those same Asian nations.

2) The days of geopolitical empires are coming to an end and have been since the end of the industrial age in the 1990’s when the world started become the information age. The future will be alliances based on knowledge instead of how much land or how many people you have. It won’t be access to material resources, or the lack of access that matters. It will be access, or lack of, to information that will matter. Information is the ultimate power.

3) A fusion economy. When fusion reactors come online the days of not enough to go around will end. Fusion reactors will make all nations independent of one another which is both good and bad. The world economy will be turned upside-down and the established order will end. There will be no empires based on manufacturing ability or scarcity. There will be a kind of global civil war of the old order fighting the new.

4) The stability of the US. If the US falls into civil war, which looks increasingly likely, but not soon, the US will be busy with it’s own affairs and not look out for world peace. That would seem like a good thing for China with an opening to supplant the US. But it actually be the worse because all the nations that seek to become empires will be free to pursue their goals leading to WW III. You can see that is all the nations trying to position themselves – Europe, Russia, China, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, India and Islam as a whole. China is bounded on three sides by rivals, Russia, India and Islam and all three have nuclear weapons.

China’s course into the future could be the move from communism to community, from adversary to friendly competitor. But would the PLA allow it? I doubt it. A military thrives on fear and to paraphrase, “you cannot simultaneously be afraid and confident”. How to do that? The information is out there.


Sun Tzu gave China the Art of War and now it needs something more, someone like Marshall McLuhan to see the information age, not as a medium, but to stay relevant and be meaningful rather then insular. Otherwise China will need the Art of War as the US collapses in civil war and a new dark age engulfs the whole planet much as when the Roman Empire fell

The future is a gift. But for China that gift could be ashes, the ashes of a world at war, unless it finds a different way, a way the world as a whole wants to follow as it has the US. China cannot follow the example of the US, China is too old of a culture for that. But because China is so old it may have forgotten that it was once like the US and evolved to what it is now. That energy needs to found again.

Why electing Mitt Romney was important

Mitt Romney, for all the posturing for the right is a moderate. He was the last chance to turn back the clock on partisan extremist ideology, or even to undo it, which is unlikely. And now, unfortunately, the failure will advance extremist ideology. I doubt the Republican Party will ever support any but an extremist, just as the Democrats have. 

Politics have become like an old clock with the pendulum swinging back and forth and with each swing the movement becomes more pronounced until, eventually, the pendulum swings so wildly that the clock breaks. And when the clock breaks, it will be civil war.

Civil War would be devastating enough but the side effects would be worse. If the US was tied up in a civil war, the nation’s interest would be turned inward and cease trying to keep world peace. All the countries that have been, and want to be again, an empire would start going at one another. Europe, Russia, China, Iran, Egypt and Islam as a whole would go at it in a multi cornered world war that could see nukes being tossed around and end with nuclear winter.

So when you voted, or didn’t vote, once again, since the days of the Cold War, the future hung in the balance and having a future was voted down. A lot of us won’t see that future but our children and their children will. All because someone wasn’t “their” kind of candidate. The only winner of the 2012 election was hate and the common good lost.

Unions and Collective Bargaining

I firmly believe in collective bargaining. And employer can ignore one person, but they can’t ignore all their employees speaking with one voice.

I firmly believe in unions – as a necessary evil – because if an employer isn’t taking care of the employees then the employees only choice is to band together and strike, if necessary.

What I don’t believe in is unions so powerful, so lacking in common sense, that they can put a company out of business like Hostess. Also I don’t believe in unions that won’t accept responsibility for driving jobs out of the country by their incessant drive for higher wages and larger benefits.

The Occupy movement talked about the one percent, unions are part of that one percent. The people that want low prices at stores and high wages at work. You pay for what you get and for the unions, that means shrinking membership and union members out of jobs.

Unions have become as bad as the federal government about the centralization of power and corruption.