FoxNews Bias Alert

The FowNews web site has a nearly continuous posting regarding what they regard as bias against Mitt Romney. But the latest is about the secondary layer of media outlets politicizing both Romney’s AND Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy. These are the ones that criticized Obama for trying to look leader-like and the ones that criticized Romney for his relief efforts.

That’s only to be expected, that’s why that media is secondary, like remora leaching off a shark. Their very extremism is what draws people to them so they get the attention they want and money from ads. Virtuous is not the word to describe this media level. Bias and extremism is their bread and butter

That’s just now, about the secondary media. But FoxNews Bias Alert has gone after first line news media like CNN and MSNBC big time, and rightly so, but more rightly so MSNBC. CNN as been trying to lean as left as possible without appearing to do so except for people like Soledad O’Brien. But MSNBC, and Chris Matthews with his reverse Klan-like remarks, is outright offensive. MSNBC has adopted the motto, “Lean Forward” as a play on the “Forward” motto of the Obama campaign committee. But to me it is “Lean Backwards” to a time of bigotry, no civil rights, race baiting and whipping up hatred. As I said, Klan-like techniques used by the left against the right.

CNN does walk a line and leans right on occasion. But what CNN does seems to be to be able to show their balance. But reading it long-term you get the sense of the reporting not being balanced. What CNN is doing is worse then MSNBC in terms of integrity. MSNBC hangs a sign that says, “warning, rabid dog, enter at your own risk”. CNN tries to pull the wool over your eyes and believes in the PT Barnum saying, “there’s a sucker born every minute”

This is unacceptable bias and unreasonable for news media that is suppose to be reporting and letting people form their own opinions instead of giving a person their (you) opinion. But is there acceptable bias? I believe yes.

The Fox Bias Alert has lambasted the NY Times for endorsing and supporting Pres Obama. But that has been the province of newspapers since newspapers began. How many times have you seen a list of endorsements for a candidate and that list includes (or not) a newspaper. The NYT has made their intent clear and you read what they write with that in mind.

The FoxNews Bias Alert needs to learn the difference between bias and bigotry. Bias (and prejudice) means making choices of whom you favor. But bigotry and racism (straight-up or reverse) have no place in our lives.

And to be clear about bias and prejudice, I am both. My family comes first, then friends, then close acquaintances and so on and on. And when I am selecting a candidate to vote for, I think of those people and, hopefully, what serves them best.


there’s a fool born every minute


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