Four Exceptions to ‘No Sex on the First Date’

One of those fun articles that guys like to poke holes in – so since I’m a guy here is my poking (pun intended):

First, and most importantly, it depends on the guy. No matter when the event happens, if the guy isn’t going to hang around he ain’t gonna hang around. He might stay longer with proper inducements, which include sex, but usually such a guy is in it for the “thrill of the kill” and gets bored. Even if for some reason the guy marries, it is only postponing the inevitable departure, which makes it only worse. And using sex to bait a guy is a dangerous thing cause you never know who really controls the hook. Same for playing head games

The article ok’s post-breakup sex which is only transferring the same misery onto someone else. You wanted a relationship and now it’s over and it’s ok to screw whoever you want. But what if the other person is looking for a relationship and you-just-screwed-that-guy-over. Not very nice of you to do the same thing that just happened to you, eh? All I can say is be upfront, but remember to reverse the position and how you wouldn’t believe that you couldn’t make it work. It’s “hey God, I’m different, I can make this work”.

And for when you’re older and you want to get involved with some guy you’re gonna run into a problem. All those feminine wiles and control of sex to hook a guy won’t work. Us older guys know all the tricks now and the lure of kids/family/home is “been there, done that” and the smart guys realize that older women aren’t looking for sex. What they want is security and the women are willing to trade intimacy and affection for it. For the smart “shopper” that is easy to find.

There was a woman who has staked me out as her next husband (she is a widow). She thought if she kept pushing and pushing I would fall into her arms. But she wan’t paying attention since I didn’t even want to date her. I tried to let her down easy but she was determined and refused to believe. Finally I had to just dump on her and tell her to leave me alone. The moral of this is never take anything for granted, especially your own illusions. Just because you believe something to be true doesn’t make it so.


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